GL Best Lines Tuesday 9/20/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 9/20/05

by Laura

Jonathan: Hey. Sorry, I didn't see you there. I don't see Sandy anywhere. Wish I could have been there when you told him about the fact that we found his tomb a few towns away.

Tammy: Um, actually, I haven't brought it up yet.

Jonathan: Are you curious? I mean, Sandy Foster is dead and buried. Who's been sleeping in your bed?


Marina: All right. I am ready to go make the first trip when you are.

Danny: That's it? Are you serious?

Marina: It's my important stuff.

Danny: This is your important stuff? Your stuffed animals?

Marina: Hey, listen to you, these guys have gotten me through some really tough times before there ever was a Danny Santos, okay? You don't think that I could really just leave them behind and move in with you. Come on, look at him. You made him sad.

Danny: I made him sad?

Marina: Tell him you're sorry.

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