GL Best Lines Friday 9/16/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 9/16/05

by Laura

Harley: Then let me be the first to hug the new C.E.O. Of Spaulding Enterprises.

Gus: Well don't hug me too long. I mean nobody's voted yet, so...

Harley: Yeah, but it's between you and the guy in the sanitarium for killing his own son, so I think you got a shot at this.


Alan: You're obviously upset about Phillip.

India: Upset? I'm upset when I exceed my credit limit. You killed the one man I ever loved... who loved me back.

Alan: Oh, please. Phillip never loved you, he ditched you as fast as he could say, Beth.

India: Oh, right. Beth. The fair-haired simpleton.

Alan: Careful. You're talking about Mrs. Alan Spaulding.

India: Oh, I'm supposed to be impressed by that? Didn't waste any time brainwashing the little twit. But then again, she always was malleable.


Harley: Yes. Gus would not want to you vote without hearing more about what he plans to accomplish here. I mean let's face it. There's nothing exciting happening here. Nothing new. And no offense, but when I think of Spaulding Enterprises I think starchy. I think yesterday's news. We have to redefine ourselves for the generation to come. We have to really look how we portray ourselves in a digital age. I can't believe I actually just said that, but it's true. I mean honestly, when people think Spaulding Enterprises, they think corporate greed. They think old boys' network. They think selfish, nasty people who care about nothing except power and control. There are other things. There's honesty, there's decency. The company will continue to move forward with those things. People will want to be associated with the Spaulding name. They will trust in Spaulding. Take a risk, tell your shareholders that you plan to do the right thing. This company is capable of making a difference in the world in people's lives. And not just ours. But generations to come. Gus thanks you.

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