GL Best Lines Tuesday 9/13/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 9/13/05

by Laura

Harley: I just think that you don't want to face reality, Mr. Aitoro.

Gus: No, I don't want to face reality. I don't like reality. It's scary.



Mallet: Uncle Frank wanted to hire two undercover detectives to keep an eye on you two lovebirds, but good, old Grandpa over here nixed the idea.

Gus: Grandpa didn't have anything to worry about. We're fine. We ate, we drank, we slept late.

Harley: Yes.

Gus: We did some unmentionables. We spent a little time together. I'm just saying that we got closer, we got time together.

Harley: Yeah, we did. We sure did.

Gus: That we needed. ( Laughter )

Zach: You guys, stop kissing so much.

Buzz: Ew. ( Laughter ) That's disgusting.


Jonathan: We made a deal. I said you could work two jobs as long as Outskirts came first. So ditch the glass slipper, Cinderella. Your pumpkin is double-parked.


Gus: Yeah, I know. The honeymoon is over, right?

Harley: No. No, that you're not CEO of this company. Not yet.

Gus: Well, yeah, I know. But when they vote, I will be.

Harley: But not tonight. Because tonight, you're still just, you know, an average newlywed schmo. And this is a really big table. ( Laughs )

Gus: ( Laughs ) Honey, I'm getting... I mean, are you trying to distract me, because I'm trying to get... prepared with the thing. I'm getting distracted.

Harley: Is it working?

Gus: Yeah, it's working.

Harley: ( Laughs )

Gus: And this meeting is in session.

Harley: ( Laughs )


Olivia: Because marriage is about trust, and if I act jealous then I'm just going to push him away.

Buzz: No, because any man who looked elsewhere and had you at home would be either stupid or blind.

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