GL Best Lines Monday 9/12/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 9/12/05

by Laura

Lizzie: I know him. He is going to be here. Don't worry.
Alexandra: There's a little time problem, however. I think the minister said he had other appointments.
Lizzie: How long does a wedding take? "I do," "I do," it's done.

Jeffrey: Miss me?
Cassie: I didn't have a chance to miss you.
Jeffrey: Well I missed... I missed the baby. Where's the baby?
Cassie: Wow. What has happened to you, OíNeill?
Jeffrey: Well, you told me to go out and have some fun. My idea of having fun is actually to be right here with you and the baby and the kids, okay? Itís... it's sad, isn't it?
Cassie: It's pathetic, really.
Jeffrey: It is, isn't it?
Cassie: Yeah, it is. But it's extremely sexy.

Harley: Lizzie, do you really think your mother would rig some tires to fall and break a gas pipe?
Lizzie: Okay, I know it sounds crazy, but...
Gus: It doesn't sound like something that your mother would do.
Harley: No.
Lizzie: Well, neither does marrying my crazy granddad who's also a murderer. But hey, she did it.
Harley: What? What?

Gus: There's going to be fallout with the Beth and Alan thing.
Harley: I can take her.
Gus: We'll take them together because we're a team. Who's together?
Harley: We're together.
Gus: You know why?
Harley: Because we're still on our honeymoon.
Gus: You we're still in our honeymoon. How do you feel about bucket seats?
Harley: Ooh!

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