GL Best Lines Wednesday 9/7/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 9/7/05

by Laura

Ava: You're being really nice to me. Why?

Bill: I'm Bill Lewis. It's my nature. It's what I do.

Ava: You don't like Jonathan?

Bill: I don't like Jonathan. Great guy. Great guy, yeah.

Ava: That bad, eh?



Coop: Yeah. Yeah, I did. Well, what if I told you that I'm actually dying? What? Will I get more than just a kiss?

Lizzie: Oh, you're such a dork.



Billy: Just keeping an eye on my investment. Jonathan and I are partners.

Olivia: In a bar. What a novel concept. I suppose you're like the Alcohol Consultant.



Olivia: Your dad doesn’t... we're just having fun all right.

Bill: Oh, having fun. And what else do you do for fun? Kick each other in the shins?



Beth: They don't know what they're feeling. It certainly isn't love.

Buzz: Who are we to say that? You heard them.

Beth: I heard them trying to run a scam on us. Come on, you didn't buy that nonsense.

Buzz: This from the woman who married Alan Spaulding.

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