GL Best Lines Tuesday 9/6/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 9/6/05

by Laura

Edmund: Let's see. Are you a Fiona? Ella? Isabella? No. Cassie, none of them quite fit.

Cassie: ( Laughs ) Tell us. Tell us what we should name you.

Edmund: She says she's a miracle baby.

Cassie: Miracle Winslow?


Cassie: Isn't she incredible?

Jeffrey: Yeah, she’s... she's cute, in a wrinkly sort of way.


Dinah: You selfish liar.

Edmund: You might want to rethink that, Dinah, considering I'm your only way out of here.

Dinah: You know, you're also the one who put me in here.

Edmund: Yes. Well, let's not split hairs, shall we? So what do you think of the place? I think I did a damn good job replicating a couple of the rooms of Cassie's farmhouse, especially considering the time crunch. I just wanted you to be comfortable.

Dinah: You're not going to keep me in here.

Edmund: You'll be fine, Dinah. I made sure. I mean, I'm just... look, if you think I'm enjoying this, I'm not! You have to be locked up someplace, don't you? And this isn't that bad, is it? Besides, you've always wanted to live in this house.

Dinah: This isn't the real house, you psycho.

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