GL Best Lines Wednesday 8/31/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 8/31/05

by Laura

Reva: Hey, Billy.

Billy: Look at you. You know, you hear the darndest things at the water cooler. I heard this story about a woman, a beautiful woman, who was practicing her swan-diving over at the Beacon in the elevator instead of the swimming pool.


Billy: Did I ever tell you about the time I got trapped on an elevator with Miss Nude America?

Reva: Oh, Billy, no.

Billy: It's a true story. A true story. By the time that we got unstuck, she had me completely converted. I was down to my skivvies.


Ava: Wait! I don't know how to run this place. I mean, I understand. I understand I have to pay you back, but you know what? But you know what? I really feel like you're just taking advantage of me now.

Jonathan: Oh, yeah, I'm a real sadist. I bail you out, I give you a job, I make you the boss. Oh, the horror. The horror.


Billy: Yeah, this is different.

Josh: After she, you know, finished up that twisted tango thing she had going on with Jonathanís father, she was expecting me to be there waiting for her on the dance floor when she came stumbling off. And of course I was, because that's what I do, you know? But after what she said earlier, I'm starting to ask myself why? Why am I the guy that waits and waits and waits, and then welcomes her with open arms when she comes back and says, "Reva, I'm so glad you came back to me, even though I wasted a big hunk of my life waiting for you to get here"? It doesn't matter how long I wait. She's never going to fully come back to me because I'm not worth coming back to. So, what do you think HB would say about all this?

Billy: He'd definitely say, "Cut her loose."

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