GL Best Lines Tuesday 8/30/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 8/30/05

by Laura

Cassie: A car seat!

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Cassie: Wow. I already have a car seat. You brought it home from my shower, remember?

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, this is for my car.

Cassie: Oh. That is so sweet.

Jeffrey: Yeah, because, you know, I figure that sometimes we'll be, you know, riding around in my car, just the three of us. Right?

Cassie: That's such a great idea, but, um...

Jeffrey: But what?

Cassie: You have a two-seater.

Jeffrey: Oh, yeah. You're right.



Jeffrey: Any chance of getting you away for a while?

Cassie: Um... I don't want to leave Dinah when she's getting ready to deliver.

Jeffrey: I'm not talking about Siberia. I just want to take you over to the car and to show you an idea I had about attaching the baby seat to the sunroof. It's safe, it's attractive, it's economical.

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