GLBest Lines Monday 8/29/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 8/29/05

by Laura

Coop: Lizzie, you asked... you really want us to get married?

Lizzie: Um, yes. But you have to say that word, not me.

Coop: Come on. I mean, we can barely go to the movies without trying to strangle each other.

Lizzie: Or rip each other's clothes off. Do you know what that is? What you said and what I just said? That's love. That's passion. It's like wanting to kill someone, but it's marriage.


Buzz: Olivia? I don't know what I walked in on out here but it looks like you were doing her some good.

Olivia: I can be levelheaded.

Buzz: Don't make it a habit. People will expect that.

Olivia: ( Laughs ) God forbid.

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