GL Best Lines Friday 8/26/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 8/26/05

by Laura

Lizzie: Man, our whole world has just completely turned upside down. It wasn't bad enough that Mom took away the family money, she had to go away and marry Granddad. Do you think she ever thought about how that would make us feel? You know what? We're going to make sure she does.


Coop: Yeah, okay. Please tell me what I just did to deserve that because I will gladly do it again and again and again. ( Laughs )

Lizzie: I just... I want to make sure the chemistry was there before I...

Coop: Before you... before you what? I mean, is this getting back to what you need to tell me?

Lizzie: Kind of like what I've got to ask you.

Coop: Ask me, okay. What's that?

Lizzie: You better sit for this.

Coop: Okay. Sitting.

Lizzie: Right. Well... ( Clears throat ) Henry Cooper Bradshaw, will you marry me?

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