GL Best Lines Wednesday 8/17/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 8/17/05

by Laura

Marina: Nothing is going to go wrong. Today is going to be a perfect day, and Harley is going to be a beautiful bride.

Buzz: So will you, my dear.

Marina: Get lost.



Harley: Because I love you and because I want this to happen so badly...

Gus: I love you, too.

Harley: I want to marry you more than anything else in the world, so having said that, Honey?

Gus: Yeah?

Harley: Hit the bricks.

Gus: Oh.



Buzz: Come on.

Harley: Let's get this show on the road. ( Laughs ) ( Screams )

Gus: ( Laughs )

Harley: Are you crazy? Great. Now we're cursed. It's over. There's no hope.

Gus: Come on, please.

Harley: We are cursed.

Gus: Girl.

Harley: All right, so what the heck. ( Laughs )

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