GL Best Lines Tuesday 8/16/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 8/16/05

by Laura

Frank: Bottles up to Gus, come on, and his first walk down the aisle. To marriage. You know, it's a beautiful word and a fine institution, so say goodbye to your free weekends and hello to your honey--bottomless--to-do list. ( Bottles clink )

Rick: Welcome to the world of marriage, Gus, where men are born, we're wrong and then we die. ( Laughter ) To the world of feelings, Gus. Her feelings, your feelings, her feelings and how you feel about her feelings... ( Talking at once ) Let's not talk... fix the problem, let's talk about the problem.

Frank: Take it easy.

Ross: And here's to the wardrobe you never knew your wife had: Sweatpants from high school and baggy t-shirts. ( Laughter )

Frank: So, what do you say, then, Gus?

Gus: Yeah, bring it. Bring it on. ( Cheering )

Buzz: Life is over. ( Party sounds )

Gus: Well, maybe it's tonight's entertainment.

Buzz: Hey!

Gus: I don't know. The stripper didn't show up. Maybe she sent a tape, I don't know.

Rick: I wonder if Blakeís in it.

Ross: The thought crossed my mind.

Rick: We need to confer. Excuse us just a second, please. Ms. Spaulding is suffering from several symptoms, some of which you may recognize yourself, Doctor. For example, first and foremost, her hands start to shake when she starts to do a task that somebody else can do for her.

Coop: Right.

Rick: Secondly, credit card cancellation.

Coop: Never good.

Rick: It's scary. If you take charge of this case, I would be very grateful.

Coop: But this is my day off. I canít...

Rick: A woman without a credit card is scary for me, Doctor. Please, would you do this for me?

Coop: ( Sighs ) All right.

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