GL Best Lines Monday 8/15/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 8/15/05

by Laura

Jonathan: Why do you hate me so much? ( Breathing heavily )

Nate: Because you just.. you just won't learn. When you were dumped on my doorstep like this pile of dirty laundry, squalling your lungs out, I took one look at you and I realized you were this special kid: You were born to be trodden on.

Jonathan: What?

Nate: The helplessness. God, it came off you like a stink.

Jonathan: I was a baby.

Nate: Yeah. I know. But I knew then that you would be used and abused and beaten up all your life unless someone taught you how to fight, how to rise up, how to hate--hate--the losers of this world. See, Jonnie, a real man, he doesn't just survive. He goes out and he takes what he wants. That's the way to live. But it takes... what does it take? Say it.

Jonathan: Discipline.

Nate: Yes, discipline. The ability to follow orders.

Marina: You're still very distracted.

Danny: No, I'm not. All right, all right, all right. If I have to tell you, I was being a little dirty-minded. I was thinking about how sexy you're going to look in that Maid of Honor dress at the wedding.

Marina: Nice try.

Danny: I know, and it's been great for me and Robbie, but I think maybe we should find a different place-a new place--for us.

Marina: Really?

Danny: Yeah. Why not? This way you can decorate it the way you like, and I can paint and you can cook fantastic meals that I can eat. And I can watch.

Marina: And you can clean the dishes afterwards.

Danny: No. I wasn't thinking that.

Marina: Oh, yeah. But answer me this: What makes you think that I would want to move in with a dork like you?

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