GLBest Lines Monday 8/8/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 8/8/05

by Laura

Harley: I don't have a problem with cemeteries; it's the walking dead.

Mallet: I forgot. Zombies. Well, you don't have anything to worry about, Harley. Zombies eat brains, so I'll be the prime target anyway.
Harley: They're not interested in a hors d'oeuvres. They want a full meal.


Harley: Well, I just, I feel like we should, you know, say something.

Mallet: Are you kidding me?

Harley: No. We're going to open that thing (Phillip's tomb). If we're going to open a... you know, a thing, we should... I feel like it's wrong if we don't say something.

Mallet: Okay. I'll say something.

Harley: Okay.

Mallet: Open sesame.


Mallet: Nothing fazes you. So why are you so freaked out?

Harley: Because I was married to this zombie. Okay? I've got a kid with him. Look, forget it. Just... I'll do it, okay? I'll do it. I'll say something and I'll do it and I'll take care of it, because I have to know. Right or wrong, I've got to know, right? I have to know if Phillip is actually... ( Creaking sound ) Did you hear that?

Mallet: It's your imagination working overtime.

Harley: No, it's not. It's not this time. I swear it's not. Go check it out. Mallet, go!

Mallet: ( Sighs ) Scared out of her mind and still the bossiest woman I know.

Harley: Ssh. ( Creaking sound ) Don't talk. Or you won't hear them sneaking up behind you, fool. Don't do that. Go.

Mallet: Should I take this? Okay. ( Sighs ) Here, zombie, zombie... come out, come out wherever you are. Fresh brains, going cheap. Step right up. Fresh brains, going cheap. Fresh brains! What the hell is that?

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