GL Best Lines Friday 8/5/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 8/5/05

by Laura

Coop: Okay. Well, what happened?
Lizzie: My credit cards got declined. I think my mom turned them off. I couldn't even buy my end-of-summer outfit.
Coop: Oh, my... no. Are you kidding...?

Cassie: A vestige?
Jeffrey: Yeah.
Cassie: Like an appendix? Like the bone in your butt where the tail used to be?

Cassie: Oh, my God. There are so many women in here. You could start a small country.
Jeffrey: Okay, I'm glad you're having fun with all this.
Cassie: What are all these little symbols next to these... this is a rating system. Oh, my gosh. Jeffrey OíNeillís secret sex summary. This is good. "C." Let's look under "C."
Cassie: What? Do I not rate? I'm not even in here. It's got to be under "W."
Jeffrey: You can't compare to those women. What I mean is that, you know, you are off the charts, baby, yeah. Because you set a standard that no one else could possibly live up to.
Cassie: Nice save.
Jeffrey: Thank you.

Mallet: Well, don't just stand there. Let's do this thing before some cop comes along.
Harley: ( Chuckles )
Mallet: What?
Harley: You are a cop.
Mallet: Oh, yeah. Do me a favor, don't remind me. Ready?

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