GL Best Lines Thursday 8/4/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 8/4/05

by Laura

Frank: You know what, Marina? I could tell exactly how this is going to go. I can just see it right now. You're going to move then you're going to get married and then you're going to move again as far away from your father as you possibly can and then you're going to have children. And then I'm going to have to sue to have visitation rights. I can just see it right now.

Marina: Dad. I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself.

Marina: How did your meeting go?

Danny: What meeting? I just wanted to get out of lifting heavy boxes.

Marina: Thanks.

Marina: Maybe I'll get this great apartment with big windows and a terrace.

Danny: There's your terrace.

Marina: Two hot guys living across the hall.

Danny: Oh, yeah. And the jealous boyfriend across town who chases them out of the building with a crowbar.

Marina: Oh, yes, but only then two new guys move in, even hotter than the first.

Danny: Well, clearly I'm going to have to check out the neighbors before I let you move in anywhere

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