GL Best Lines Friday 7/29/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 7/29/05

by Laura

Sandy: Then why the hell are you here? Why can't you stay away from my girlfriend?
Jonathan: You ever think maybe it's you I can't stay away from?

Gus: No, no. I'm not one of those guys. No. Home store, late night, you and me. I promise.
Harley: I can't wait.
Gus: It's sexy.

Harley: A doorbell?
Buzz: It's for your house. You know... sorry I didn't wrap it.
Gus: It's not a fancy one is it? Like... ( Mimics Westminster chimes ) Nothing like that, is it?
Buzz: No, I thought for you, a simple ding-dong.
Gus: Ding-dong. I like those.

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