GL Best Lines Thursday 7/28/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 7/28/05

by Laura

Harley: Did you just say you have to move back into the Spaulding mansion?

Gus: ( Coughs ) Itís... I donít... I donít... I don't want to and I need to. I need to.

Harley: Just like I need to stick my head in a garbage disposal.

Gus: Your head's too big for that, honey.


Gus: Did I tell you that I'm a ghost buster? I am ghost buster. Alan's in jail. He's going go be there for a while. I got to run everything at Spaulding. And I like that. But I got to find all the ghosts, you know. And that's a full-time job.


Harley: No. I cannot wait to walk down the aisle with you. There's going to be a aisle, right?

Gus: Oh, yeah. A long... a long one. I'm going to need binoculars.


Lizzie: I've got news for you, Granddad. There's a family member who never wants you to come home.

Alan: What?

Lizzie: They want you to stay behind bars until you rot and go to hell.

Alan: Tell me who. Tell me which one of my flesh and blood hates me.

Lizzie: I do.

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