GL Best Lines Monday 7/25/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 7/25/05

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by Laura

Lizzie: I'm going to the bathroom. Do not even try to stop me.
Coop: Lizzie... ( Door slams ) Lizzie? You do realize that's the closet, right?
Lizzie: ( Sighs )

Harley: Where is he?
Alan: Phillip is safe. I have been taking care of him. But he is very delusional.
Gus: Oh, well, he's not the only one.

Ross: I mean, boys do have their issues, of course, but you have to watch out for the girls. Beware the girls, Edmund, because they own daddy. And pretty soon you find yourself defending them beyond all reason, taking any kind of a bullet for them. And you know something? You do this even when they're old enough to have children of their own. Beware the girls. Ah, there's my beautiful daughter!

Gus: This thing on? There you go. Nice toasty fire. I was going to throw the real thing in there, but he's in jail.

Jeffrey: You know the last guy that Dinah was nuts about was Hart. And he ripped her heart to shreds. Now he's six feet under. Have a nice night.

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