GL Best Lines Wednesday 6/8/05

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 6/8/05

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Provided by Elizabeth

Gus: I think you should really know by now that I would never quit. That I would never give up on you. And you, my friend, you can be very
negative sometimes, but I know that you wouldn't quit, either. And I
swear I thought that we learned this lesson. I thought we learned this
very hard lesson in a day that... forget it.

Harley: No. No. Out. I want to hear what you have to say. Say it.

Gus: I thought that we learned this lesson about quitting on the day of
our wedding. The day that we were supposed to have our wedding. And we
could have, you know? And things could have been very different if you
were just able to look forward. Would you like to know how it should
have gone? You saw the surveillance tape of Alex and Alan and me the
wine cellar and you confronted me and I... I 'fessed up to it and,
granted, it was after the fact but you were furious. You called me every name in the book and it was over. Well, here's what should have
happened. You shouldn't have bailed on me. You shouldn't have left me.
Because I never left you. So we did get married that day. We got married because we still loved each other. We don't know how not to love each other. And it was rocky, but we did... we did rebuild that trust. And we had ourselves a fantastic year, you and me and Jude and Zach. And that, that's the way it should... that's the way it should have gone.

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