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By Dani 11/22/07

A Recap of 2007 Thus Far

2007 has left GL fans wanting more as favorites have left and are rumored to return. Power couples break up and good turns bad, more than once.

Springfield bad boy Jonathan Randall discovers he is in a fight he canít win, the fight for his daughter. The future looks bright, as he finally rids himself of Lizzie who has been faking post partum depression to keep Jonathan. Jonathan and Tammy marry but Tammy is ripped from Jonathan and Sarahís life only two days after tying the knot. Alan hires a drugged up thug to run Jonathan over . Tammy learns of the plan and jumps in front of Jonathan to save him. Tammy clings to life with Jonathan, Sarah, Reva, and Cassie by her bedside but looses the battle. Jonathan is devastated. A touching funeral is held that results in Jonathan and Sarah driving over a cliff. Their car crashes and burns. Reva and Alan witness the tragic end.

Reva mourns for her son and granddaughter at the bar. In walks Jonathan with Sarah in hand. Itís heart wrenching but Reva understands Jonathanís decision to fake his and Sarahís death. It is the only way to keep Alan away from Sarah. Jonathan and Sarah go on the run. Throughout the year Reva makes contact with Jonathan and helps to save Sarahís life when a medical emergency arises in the Summer.

About the same time Jeffrey and Olivia find out that Jonathan is alive. Jonathan returns to Springfield to comfort his mother when half-brother Dylan is fighting for his life after a car accident. Alan gets word that Jonathan is alive and goes to California to find him. Reva follows and an off camera storyline takes place involving Alan, Reva and a murder. (A book was released titled Jonathanís Story, about what took place in Jonathanís life and when Reva and Alan arrived in CA)

Earlier in the year Alan was blackmailed into marrying Doris. At the wedding he was shot by Ashlee. Alan lay in a coma for months as the mystery unfolded about who shot him. Coop helped his friend through a stint in juvie and the court process. They fell in love. Alan Michael fell in love with Ava and she coldly turned on Coop but decided she wanted Coop back when he fell for Ashlee.

The same week Tammy was killed Daisy returned to town in a big way. She was a passenger in the car that hit Tammy. Gus hides her and tried to clean Daisy up, but she was rebellious and on drugs. Harley was hard on Daisy who only acted out more. She found her only friend in life was Gus, whom she fell in love with. Daisy tried to drug and seduce Gus but ended up catching the hotel on fire. Daisy landed in juvie, rooming with Ashlee. They became best friends. Daisy also met a Hispanic male with a short temper. They fell in love.

Before going to juvenile detention Daisy tracked down Gusí high school love and brought her to town to break Harley and Gus up. It took a while but the plan worked. The sad part was Daisy became close with Harley and no longer wanted to break her and Gus up. Too late. To add to the family drama the boy from juvie, was Nataliaís son and Gusí. The three parents tried to keep the kids apart but it didnít work. Daisy eventually got pregnant and had an abortion. This finally turned Rafe against Daisy, as his family is devout Catholics.

Gus, Harley, Dylan, and Natalia had plenty of their own issues going on. Gus slept with Natalia and Harley couldnít live with it. They separated. But Alan has decided he wants Natalia for himself. Alan has forged a close relationship with Rafe as well.

Alan, after recovering from his coma, got back with Beth, believing that she was pregnant with his child. While Alan was in the coma, Beth was lying to Doris claiming to be pregnant, all along she was sleeping with Rick trying to make the lie real. She did get pregnant and Rick and Alan began to battle for Bethís affection and claim on the baby. Cassie, distraught with grief over the loss of Tammy, changed the DNA results, feeling Alan wasnít worthy of being a father. Rick and Beth married on the fourth of July although she was still in love with Alan and biologically the baby she was carrying was Alanís as well. Rick learned the truth but was too desperate to hold onto Beth.

Josh went to prison for shooting Alan. Everyone believed Cassie had actually shot Alan but Josh feared she couldnít handle going to prison. Cassie was very unstable emotionally until this fall. After Ashlee confessed to shooting Alan Josh was freed and wanted to become a minister.

Reva wasnít over Josh and fought his marriage to Cassie but finally found that she was falling in love with Jeffrey. Jeffrey had love woes of his own earlier in the year. For a long time he and Olivia struggled over their violent past and now the daughter they share. Olivia tried to move beyond her past with Jeffrey and marry Buzz, but on their wedding day Buzz called off the marriage after learning she had just made love to him, then turned around and was kissing Jeffrey. Jeffrey wanted a relationship with Olivia but she didnít. By the time she decided she wanted to be with him as well, Jeffrey had moved on to Reva. Jeffrey and Reva continue to protect Jonathan and Sarah even after Olivia tried to blackmail them when she learned the truth.

Dinah and Mallet got married but his past came back to haunt him when Blake recovered from her coma. The happy couple was plagued by a criminal Mallet used to work for named Griggs. Dinah was determined to save the only man that really loved her and was her entire world. When Mallet and Griggs had a showdown on the docks Dinah jumped in the way of the bullet. She was shot in the head. Dinah survived but suffered great mental inabilities. Her mounting personal problems with her injury and the medical debts began to add up and Dinah felt she was ruining Malletís life. Dinah slept with Matt, who was separated from Vanessa, to run Mallet off. Mallet loves her and wants her back but she is putting on an act for his own good.

Dinah also had a visitor from her past come to Springfield. Cyrus Foley her ex partner when they were robbing the rich in Europe. Cyrus wanted to reignite their past working relationship but ended up in hot water legally. Aside from getting into trouble with the law Cyrus fell head over heels in love with marina cooper who returned the affection. Straight laced cop Marina had trouble with her growing affection but came to terms with it. Planning to run away with Cyrus after he robbed a charity event thrown by his wife Alexandra Spaulding, Marina was kidnapped by none other than Griggs.

2007 marks the 70th year Guiding Light has been in existence. Congratulations to the Emmy winning Outstanding Drama. The cast and crew of Guiding Light has given their time and energies to needy and less fortunate communities across the country for all of 2007. A special thanks and prayer this holiday should go out to everyone they reached out to and those who helped to brighten the lives of others. Guiding Light lives up to its name. You are a true Guiding Light, and I am proud to be a lifelong fan.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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