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'Cadmund' by Jenny 11/29/04

Iím the first to admit, I didnít like Cadmund (Cassie + Edmund) from the start. I didnít like Cadmund when they first got together. I was horrified that the writers would expect us to accept a pairing between Cassie and a guy who locked her in a tower, tried to kill Richard, and was responsible for the death of her baby. I found the premise unbelievable, and to be honest, I still do.

I also wasnít buying Eddieís sudden transformation into Mr. Nice Guy. Letís face it, Eddie had claimed to have turned over a new leaf on numerous occasions before. Every time, he was just bluffing so people would trust him. Why should this time be any different?

Until recently, I absolutely hated the Cadmund pairing. I wanted them to split up Cadmund and put Cassie with somebody else (but not Jeffrey, please!). I thought Edmund should get together with somebody more his villainous style (I thought Alex and Olivia were better choices for him).

HOWEVER Ė after about two years of hating Cadmund Ė I AM ACTUALLY STARTING TO LIKE THIS PAIRING! I hate to say it, but the new writers have finally managed to do what two other writing teams tried and failed to do, something I thought was impossible: They sold me on Cadmund. They even sold me on Edmundís transformation from villain to nice guy.

When did I start liking Cadmund? Honestly, it was Edmundís proposal to Cassie and her (eventual) response. I thought it was so sweet when Edmund told her she could keep Richardís ring and wear his on any other finger she wanted. I also really liked her response, when she took off Richardís ring and put Eddieís on her ring finger. Both characters were so sweet in this scene and the actors did a great job. It was so well written that I actually started to like Cadmund. I even started to like Edmund as something other than a villain. He seemed so sincere and sweet in this scene. I really bought that he regretted every bad thing he ever did and wanted to be a better person and move on with Cassie.

Since then, Iíve liked them more and more. I liked how Edmund was there for Cassie during the mess with Dinah. I thought the miscarriage bit was sloppily written (it seemed like they wrote it in a hurry) and implausible (how did the doctor diagnose a miscarriage with no lab tests?). However, I really want to see Cadmund have a baby together.

I do still have a few issues. I really hope they donít put Jeffrey and Cassie together. I donít want to see a triangle with these three. Give Jeffrey something to do somewhere else.

And I wish Edmund hadnít backtracked to his former self and whacked Jeffrey with that shovel. Wait a minute, no I donít. As bad as it was for Eddieís character development (since heís supposedly reformed and Mr. Nice Guy now), I really enjoyed seeing Jeffrey get whacked with the shovel. Iím sure a lot of you, like me, have been wanting to see that for a really long time J. Hey, Jeffrey had it coming. It was a momentary slip for Edmund, one that should be dealt with more in the future. However, I am still rooting for his transformation into Mr. Nice Guy, even though I was against it for a long time.

Of course, thanks to some liberal rewriting of history, Eddie apparently was never that much of a bad guy. They rewrote Cassie losing her baby to make it much less Eddieís fault. (He never meant for anyone to get hurt, he just didnít want her to leave the island. The accident was an accident, it was only indirectly his fault at best.) The only problem that really remains is the fact that he, ah, tried to kill his nephew. Why not rewrite that too? My suggestion to the writers: Letís have some scenes where Eddie discusses this with someone, maybe Jonathan in one scene and another with Cassie. Eddie says he never wanted Jonathan to be killed, he just wanted to scare Reva so sheíd disappear with Richardís heir (which she did). This would be a much more acceptable story.

One more suggestion for the writers: What ever happened to Cassieís baby who wasnít really dead? I understand if the new writers donít want to proceed with this story, but since it was already mentioned on the show, they need to finish it. Eddie was told that the baby was alive at the hospital in San Cristobel. They need to follow up on that at some point. They could do it quickly, in a week or two, and get back to the main story theyíre trying to tell now. Either Eddie could find out that the baby was dead after all, or they could find the baby and retrieve him. It is unfair to the viewers to bring up a plot point like that and just drop it like a hot potato. Finish this plot point for once and for all and move on.

If they can do these things, and keep Jeffrey far, far away from Cadmund (and as long as Iím making a wish list, far away from Springfield would be great too), I think Cadmund could be a great couple on this show. Iím looking forward to seeing their story play out.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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