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'Tis a Puzzlement by Wagara 10/26/04

Things use to be so much easier. Before recent technology was available, it had to be so much simpler to write a soap. You could always count on a busy signal, a cut phone line, a power outage or even an unexpected storm to add drama to any given situation. These elements often created consequences that rivaled the manipulations of the vilest of villains.

Today, the Guiding Light is infused with modern technology. Phillip is forever waiting for a fax, Sandy has made a career of reading his email in public places, and Bill and Olivia actually achieved the near impossible by stealing files from Alan’s laptop while barely touching it. Across town, both Lizzie and Tammy have conquered the world of phone cameras, and bless their hearts, I truly believe Buzz and Frank will forever regret learning to operate a VCR.

All of this pales in comparison to the biggest technical gadget of all. The dreaded cell phone. Not only have cell phones become the most common prop ever, but they’re driving conversation so often that characters don’t even have to come face to face anymore. Are we hurling toward a soap-world where eye contact will be a thing of the past? Or will they be doing live shots through their phone screens before long? Alex is sitting in a jail cell with a phone literally at her fingertips while Bill is fielding Gus’ calls with four lines to spare. While I may feel that the cell phone is somewhat overused, I can admit that there are times when it drives the story in the right direction. If it makes sense. If things are logical. If I can understand how they did it?

Hence my puzzlement.

Just how does everyone know everyone’s cell phone numbers? How do friends and foes alike know how to contact each other with no assistance? How did Coop call Lizzie to invite her to meet him at Pharley’s? And how did Lizzie know it was Coop on the line? Before she answered the phone?? Does caller ID for cell phones actually exist?, especially if the number wasn’t stored by a prior call?

How did Dinah get Cassie’s cell number for her ‘Blondie’ prank? Don’t their address books have limits? How can they each store EVERYONE’s numbers? When do they have the time to program the contraption? When do the batteries get charged? Why do they get better reception than I do? How can they hold the phone anywhere yet hear and be heard perfectly? I have so many questions!

Most of all, I’d really like to know who’s got the number for the service that provides anyone with anyone’s cell number? I have a few writers I’d like to call one day. Just to pass along a few suggestions.

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