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My Rant on GusH's Current Storyline
by Katie 7/13/04

I'm a huge Gus & Harley fan, and I can't wait for them to get married. It's so great that their current storyline has them on the front burner and planning their wedding. However, I really dislike that Gus is protecting Alexandra and hasn't told Harley.

Gus keeping the secret was ok in the beginning, but now everyone is suspicious of Alexandra and Gus is acting guiltier & guiltier. He's digging himself deeper & deeper, and it's all going to explode in a matter of time. I just can't stand it anymore! I'm ready for it to explode, and I'm ready for everyone to find out, even though Gus & Harley will surely break up over it. Gus should have told Harley the truth already because she might understand. She'd understand that he's only protecting his newfound family, and she probably wouldn't be too angry with him for doing so just as long as he told her the truth. Gus is proving that he's very much a Spaulding by not telling her, which is so bad. Harley's already been with 2 Spaulding men; she doesn't need to go through all the family secrets & lies with the 3rd one. Gus shouldn't even be like his family at all! He's a loving, honest detective raised by Joe & Angela Augustino. He should not be like the Spauldings because it's not his character and it's not the guy Harley fell in love with. Hopefully, this drug secret is as far as it goes with Gus acting like a Spaulding. If only Gus wasn't a Spaulding or if only Gus didn't feel so guilty about it, this story would be a lot less frustrating.

However, it is understandable why Gus feels so guilty. Keeping this secret is totally against his character and morals. He'd throw the book at anyone for any crime committed because he is a loyal detective/cop.

It's no wonder that this secret is killing him. It'll ruin his relationship with Harley too. Until that happens, though, I will enjoy seeing them go through with their wedding, whether it actually happens or not.

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