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Opinion By Anna Banks

Guiding Light Opinion for Week of June 30This week of Guiding Light proved that any boring show can always move on up to entertaining.

I just have to say that the pre-prom scenes were a stroke of genius from the writers at GL. It was hilarious to see Shayne dress up for his parents, and the little jig he did for them was so funny that I was embarrassed for him. I loved the “Simply Irresistible” soundtrack, and the similar scenes between Marina and Lizzie. At the end of the scene when there was a triple-split screen, I thought the notion was very ingenious.

On a related note, is that the way people dance at proms at Springfield? I was a bit appalled at the dancing that Marina, Lizzie, and Shayne resulted to at the prom. To me, it looked like the extras on the scene could dance to a beat better than the three main characters could.

I really can’t believe that we, the viewing audience, are supposed to believe that Ben has some sort of violent, vicious streak in him. Anyone who has been watching GL for an extended period of time knows that not once has Ben Reade ever been shown to be violent or temperamental.

The meeting in which Gus and Jeffrey listened to the young woman say that Ben probably killed her best friend was ridiculous. Everything the young woman said was hearsay, and I can’t believe that Gus and Jeffrey were ready to arrest Ben over hearsay. They mobbed a high school prom looking for Ben over the young woman’s story. It was just stupid, and when they finally found Ben, they couldn’t even arrest him. What was the point?

Then it is found out that the late medical examiner was examining Ben’s girlfriend’s case, and this gives Ben probable cause to kill the late medical examiner. Frankly, I don’t like where this storyline is going. Ben Reade has always been a nice guy, and I fear the GL writers are going to try to make this murder storyline a “good” one by axing off one of the main characters as the murderer. If Ben is revealed to be the murderer, I won’t believe it one bit. When Ben Reade becomes a murderer is the same time that Beth Raines becomes a murderer.

On a related note, why is the D.A. so involved in police investigations? I thought it usually goes that the police do the investigation, and then the D.A. prosecutes. I don’t know why Jeffrey is so involved in what Gus and Frank is doing. It’s pretty odd. Maybe GL should make Jeffrey a cop rather than an attorney.

Friday’s episode was a great one, and I didn’t find myself becoming bored with the show one bit. One thing that irked me was when Lizzie told Olivia she didn’t want anything to happen to her or her baby. The look on the young girl’s face just made me shudder. Lizzie is a girl with serious problems, and if she is wishing harm on an unborn baby, then she is more far-gone than Beth even thinks.

Best scene of the week: Pre-prom scenes featuring Shayne, Marina, and Lizzie.

Honorable mention: Bauer barbeque.

That’s all for this week.

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