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Opinion By Anna Banks

Guiding Light Opinion for Week of June 23

This week of Guiding Light showed that most of the residents in Springfield are lacking in brain capacity.

Michelle is really too much. I could NOT BELIEVE that she kept telling Danny that there was no need for marriage. She seemed to forget that she is not the only person in the relationship – Danny is there too, and she failed to consider his feelings on the subject. She also seemed to forget that she has a son, Robbie, and once Robbie grows up he’s going to wonder why his parents aren’t married. It’s just simply ridiculous.

Josh wasn’t being too smart signing the baseball contract for Shane. Anyone can see that this is going to blow up in his face. I think GL is being stupid by bringing in this storyline, because I read that John Conboy thought, “people can relate to a storyline like this.” I beg to differ. How many people in America have major league baseball prospects in their family? I really hate this storyline. It’s pointless and boring.

Phillip once again showed his ugly true colors. This man hates Alan, but could rival him in the cruel category. Phillip has always been a jerk, but has mellowed somewhat in being with Olivia. Now that he has decided that he doesn’t like her anymore, his idiocy comes out full force. Instead of giving Olivia a chance to explain, he screams at her and proceeds to tell her to leave. Of course, Olivia is devastated, but I wish she would just move on. The Spaulding family is obviously not good for her. She needs a new love interest, because head writer Ellen Weston has ruined the Olivia/Phillip relationship.

Who really thinks Eden is the killer? The murder storyline has dragged on way too long, because now it’s boring. Eden as a character is so annoying. I don’t like the way she speaks or acts like she’s the victim. And since when did Tony want to protect her so much? It’s like he forgot what she did to him. All of a sudden everybody is so eager to protect Eden. I really hope she’s the killer, because I want her gone.

And GL making Ben a suspect in the murders is ridiculous. Anyone who has watched GL for a length of time knows that Ben is not capable of murdering anyone. Just because he looks a little rough around the edges lately doesn’t mean that he’s a murderer.

The only good part of the week was the Cassie/Jeffrey encounters and the Cassie/Edmund encounters. Too bad that GL only gives us a spattering of the most interesting triangle on the soap.

Best scene of the week: Cassie and Jeffrey’s skirmish by the Valet booth.

That’s all for this week.

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