GH Update Wednesday 6/20/18

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/20/18


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Oscar is playing with his food at Charlies’. Joss is distracted. Oscar wonders if she is thinking about Carly. Joss just hates that she is at that place. Joss gets that she needs treatment, but she was supposed to go to a place called Shadybrook. Which is like a rehab. Instead, she went to a place called Ferncliff which looks to be worse than prison. Oscar is sorry. Joss wants to talk about something else. She wonders how Oscar liked staying with Drew. Oscar liked every part aside from knowing that Kim was on a camping trip with Julian.

Kim and Julian are outside of the pub. Julian is glad to be home. Kim thought she did a thorough job of checking him for tics. Julian agrees she did. Julian cannot imagine a better camping partner than Kim. Kim is going to let Oscar know she is back. Julian gets a call from Alexis. She has been trying to contact him. Julian has been out of town. He is at Charlie’s right now. Alexis will be right there.

Alexis goes to the elevator at GH. David walks out. He thinks that she is a site for sore eyes. He sure could use a hero right now. Alexi gives him a dirty look.

Kiki is on her phone. Griffin walks up to her.

On the Quartermaine patio, Nelle is on her computer. Ava walks out o her. She didn’t hear her come in. Ava was hoping that she was catching up on all the work that has been piling up at the gallery. Nelle is looking at an article on Chase.

Michael is sitting at Chase’s desk. Chase walks over and asks what he thinks he is doing. Michael wants to know if he is stalking Nelle. She says he is. Chase asks if that is what Nelle told him. Michael says amongst other things. Chase believes she is a story teller amongst other things.

Nelle admits she was up to something personal. Ava asks if she can hope for her return to work, or is she still recovering from her victory lap with Carly.

Kevin tells Carly in the common room at Ferncliff that the main wing is overcrowded. The only room available is in the supermax wing. Carly was already explained that by Mary Pat. Kevin will be back soon. Kevin notices Jason and whispers to him that this is not a good idea. Mary Pat walks over and tells Kevin that this is their new custodian. She wonders if they are already acquainted.

Kim sits down with Oscar and Joss. She wants to know what he was fed while she was gone. She wonders if he has developed scurvy. Oscar believes that takes more than a few days. Kim thinks that is hardly a reassuring answer. She wonders if he has gotten his final paper done. Oscar wants her to define done. Kim wants him to define being grounded. She wishes he wouldn’t try to be so dramatic to get to the finish line. Kim asks Joss if she sees what she is dealing with here. Joss sees what time it is and realizes she should get going. Joss goes outside and starts crying. Kim runs outside and asks if Joss is ok. Joss explains that Carly gave her the pepper spray. Kim hugs her.

Mary Pat wonders Kevin knows Jason. Jason explains that his last job was at GH. Kevin practices there. Mary Pat guesses it is a small world. Mary Pat doesn’t think that it is possible that Kevin could possibly have time to have a second job. Kevin explains that with Laura in Europe looking after their grandson he has a lot of spare time. Mary Pat doesn’t want him to spread himself to thin.

David feels that it has been to long. They need to catch up. Alexis has somewhere to be. David wants to set something up. He has more than a friendly meeting in mind. He is in a legal jam and wants to hire her services. Alexis asks what kind of jam. David guesses that word is going around that he is the one that Kiki is talking about in her article. Alexis explains that she is the one who is representing Kiki.

Griffin asks if he can join her. Kiki says sure. Griffin sits down next to her at the Floating Rib. He is glad to see her out and about. Griffin cannot imagine it is easy to have your photo on the front page of the paper. Kiki admits the trolls are coming for her online. No one has confronted her in person. Kiki would like if someone else would come forward. She wonders if she is the only one though.

Nelle doesn’t want Ava to pretend she is worried about Carly. She is reaping plenty of reward herself. Ava thinks that this is all on Nelle. She wouldn’t wish Ferncliff on her worst enemy. Nelle points out that Carly happens to be that. Nelle thinks that she should be thanking her. She gets to enjoy the fruits of her labor without having to lift a finger. Ava doesn’t want her to get to cocky. Her scheme could unravel at any time. Just in the same way that a homemade baby blanket could.

Michael didn’t ask for his opinion on Nelle. He just wants him to leave her alone. Chase has kept his distance. They were bound to run into each other eventually. Chase asks how much he knows about Zach’s drowning. Michael thinks it was accidental. Chase says the case is cold it isn’t down. Dante walks over and asks what case that is. Michael explains that Chase is looking into Nelle because of her ex-fiancé’s death. Nelle claims he is stalking her. Michael wonders why Dante hasn’t mentioned that Chase has a history with Nelle. Michael assumes that he didn’t tell him. Dante asks if this is true. Chase is here for the same reason he was in Maine. The same reason he went to Florida. Michael thought that the PCPD frowns on officers sleeping with suspects. Chase can just imagine the sob story that Nelle fed him. Michael thinks that she was taken advantage of her. Chase felt sorry for Nelle. He went to Florida to help and then she got him to go to bed with her and he was reprimanded. His career was derailed. The case dried up like Nelle intended.

Nelle asks why she would bring up the baby blanket. Ava points out that it is out there. She is not as brilliant as she thinks she is. Ava wishes she hadn’t stole that picture she took. Nelle doesn’t think that she wants Griffin to know about the picture. Ava thinks it is the thing about such photos. It doesn’t mean they are aren’t somewhere else. She would have no way of knowing if the photo is deleted. Nelle thinks that it is just her word. Ava will hold on to her security blanket for the time being. Nelle will hold on to the photo then.

Kiki really doesn’t want someone to have been harassed by David. She does need someone to come forward. Kiki is no exactly a saint if this goes to court. She wonders if this was a big mistake.

Joss admits that Carly gave her this pepper spray. She wonders who will protect Carly now that she is locked up. Kim knows it is scary. There are a lot of misconceptions about mental homes. Kim did a rotation once in a mental ward. She promises that Carly will get her help and come home. Joss hates that she wasn’t able to say goodbye.

Julian shows Oscar an arrowhead. Oscar thinks that this looks like a stone to him. It is good for skipping but not hunting. Oscar asks if Julian has a hickey. Julian says it is a mosquito bite. He doesn’t know how he handles them. Oscar doesn’t have them. He thinks some people were born campers and some should just stay home.

David is shocked that she is representing Kiki. He thought they were friends. Alexis is her lawyer now. David points out that the hospital already looked into Kiki’s claims. They found them without merit. Alexis thinks it is in the hospitals best interest to not find fault. David thought she knew him. Alexis has been wrong about a lot of people. In this case she is right. She wishes that she wasn’t though. Alexis leaves.

Julian admits he grew up in the city. He never thought he would go camping. Oscar doesn’t think he ever has to go again. Julian is not going to run away that easily. Alexis and Kim walk in. Alexis asks if Julian and Oscar don’t get along. Kim says that they have never really been tested. Kim explains that Julian and her went camping. Alexis is shocked.

Griffin is willing to keep his distance. He just wonders why she would deprive herself of a friend. Kiki knows that Ava has always been jealous of their friendship. She does want him here but it isn’t right.

Mary Pat thinks that the rest of them consider this a full-time job. They see all that goes on while he is away. Mary Pat’s minion tries to tell Carly she needs to go and rest. Kevin wants a minute with Carly. Mary Pat wants the patients on a strict schedule. Some order for their disordered mind. Kevin has the best handle on Carly. Mary Pat says that he will have to handle Jason. Kevin guesses if he must. Mary Pat leaves. Kevin tells Carly and Jason that he cannot stay.

Nelle ask if she came over to tell her about the blanket again. Ava asks if she saw the news. Kiki was being harassed at GH. Nelle missed it. Ava knows that Kiki had a bright future. Now it is uncertain. Ava knows that Carly’s absence suits them both. If anything remains that could set her free, she needs to get rid of it. Nelle takes out Morgan’s cologne from her purse. She remembers spraying it at Morgan’s grave. Joss walks in. She came to talk with her. Nelle asks what is up. Joss explains that Morgan once spent time in a place for people who need help. She visited him once. It wasn’t scary but it was sad. She asks what it was like for Nelle. Nelle asks if she wonders because of Carly.

Michael asks if Chase really slept with a murder suspect. He got reprimanded and then started over with the Boston PD and now is back on Nelle’s case. Chase only wants a confession from Nelle. Michael asks what evidence he has that Nelle killed Zach. Michael suggests that he develop his case far away from Nelle. Chase thinks that he should take the advice to never go boating with Nelle ever.

Ava shows up at GH. She walks over to David. She thinks that he is a hard man to find. She asks if he didn’t get her messages. Ava found some pieces for his office that would really suit his taste. David cannot patronize her business. Ava asks why. David suggests that she ask her daughter. Ava realizes he is the one who has been harassing her daughter.

Kim asks how things are going. Oscar explain that Julian has been showing him his arrowhead. Alexis wonders if it isn’t just a rock. Julian takes Alexis aside. Alexis needs his help with something. She needs him to go to therapy with her. Kim hopes that Oscar wasn’t giving Julian a hard time. Oscar asks how much of a hard time he could give him.

Nelle admits it was scary. She got used to it. She was sick. She needed help and she couldn’t get better on her own. She got the help she needed. It helped she was in control. She could go somewhere else. Nelle thinks a good doctor will be able to help control her life. Michael walks in and tells Nelle a package came for hr. Nelle opens a box and it is a shirt that is a shirt from a bar she went to in Florida. She thinks that it is from Chase.

Dante asks why Chase is stalking the woman who is carrying his brother’s child. Chase is not stalking Nelle. He had to learn the hard way how t deal with Nelle. Chase told Jordan all about this. Dante doubts he mentioned that it was Nelle. Chase asks how he could have trusted him then.

Jason asks why Kevin never mentioned he was working here. Kevin thought that Carly would have been sent to Shadybrook. Kevin needs Jason to quit today.

Nelle guesses that Chase is sending a message. Nelle sees that there is a note. Michael can handle this. Joss thinks that there is something going on. She has to go. Joss wants Nelle to give her niece or nephew a hug from her

Chase thinks that this is not his case. He trust’s his brother to be safe. Chase assumes that Carly thought the same thing.

Kevin understands that Jason’s presence is a comfort to her. He is in a good position to watch Carly. Jason gained access to this place under a presumed name. if he is found out then things could be worth.

Ava demands that David admit what he did. David had no idea that Kiki would take things that far. Ava realizes that this is why David went to see her. David was concerned that Kiki was struggling and would make up lies. David will be suing Kiki for slander. David asks what kind of mother teaches a daughter to use her body to get what she wants. Ava slap David, hard.  Griffin pulls Ava away from David as he keeps threatening her. Kiki is with him. Griffin tells David to leave.

Alexis explains that this is therapy for her. It is her therapy only. He would only be a guest star. Alexis has issues. A therapist suggested she work through her issues. Alexis knows this will be a disaster. Alexis is asking her to do this. Julian needs to think about this. Julian has made it clear they are living separate lives. Alexis thinks that this is strictly about the past. Julian asks if they really want to rehash everything.

Ava cannot believe she didn’t see anything bad right away with David. Ava asks if she is suing David. Kiki needs more evidence. Ava wants to come up with an alternate solution. Griffin asks such as. Ava asks what Victor would do if he found out that his granddaughter was being cohered. Kiki reminds her that Victor is dead, and she doesn’t need anyone fighting her battles.

Michael talked with Chase. It is clear that he is obsessed with her. He made it clear that he is up against two of the most influential families in PC. He wants her to go and relax. Nelle needs to talk about Joss. She is worked up about Carly. Nelle wonders what happened to her bottle of perfume. Nelle cannot imagine it walked off by herself.

Joss looks at the bottle.

Nelle knows she had it. Michael suggests the staff could have put it away. Michael asks why it is a big deal. Nelle knows it isn’t. She goes to take a bath. Michael goes to get his laptop.

Dante asks if Nelle got Carly put in Ferncliff. Chase knows that Nelle has been trying to get Michael for a while. Carly’s illness makes no sense out of nowhere. The longer Nelle is on the loose, the greater danger she is to his family.

Michael tells Spinelli, that Nelle deletes her browser history every day. She looked up Chase. He sees an order form for a t-shirt. He guesses she had it sent to herself.

Carly thinks that Mary Pat treats this place like her kingdom. Kevin thinks she is very protective of it. Kevin thinks one misstep and Jason will be out. If he is removed then she could be held here indefinitely in a lot of medication. Jason tells Carly this is her call. Carly wants Jason here. Jason is staying.

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