GH Update Wednesday 4/17/19

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/17/19


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Finn walks down stairs and opens the door to find Chase. He wonders how it went. He gives him a bottle of wine for the future doctor and wife. Finn slams the door on him.

Cam texts Elizabeth that he is at community service. Elizabeth calls Franco and tells him that they need to work on things as a family.

Franco shows up at Crimson. He wonders how it was totally great to be selfish and self-centered. Nina wonders what brings him by. Franco thinks they need to talk about their step-kids.

Michael knows that Willow did all she could to protect her baby and then she lost it. Willow admits she has been lying to him. Her baby didn’t die. Michael doesn’t understand. They met in grief counseling. Willow wasn’t there because her baby died. She was there because she gave him up for adoption.

Margaux finds Sonny sipping coffee amongst the rest of them. Sonny thought they had an understanding. Margaux thought they did. She would love to prosecute. Sonny doesn’t want to hold her breath. Margaux wonders if he is admitting that he has something to hide. Sonny thinks they all have something.

Brad is filling out information for a DOD class. Jason has more to discuss. Jason sees the DOD page up. He wonders if Brad is a member of DOD.

Shiloh tells Sam that he checked GH and Mercy. He thinks that Kristina was kidnapped by Jason. Shiloh has proof it was Jason. Sam asks how. Shiloh says that there is evidence that Jason broke in and got Kristina while they were at the Floating Rib.

Nina knows that he got married. Nina knows that he wanted to talk about his kids. Franco means Charlotte and Aiden. Franco thinks it was Charlotte’s fault the moment that she started bullying Aiden.

Chase thinks that door slam was a cry for help. Finn tells him to come in. Finn hasn’t gotten a chance to ask her. The timing wasn’t right. Chase thinks they need to talk with one another. Finn was going to. He was going to get down on one knee and make a fool out of himself. Her attention was decided to her estranged son. Anna was focused on him. Robert isn’t the issue. He might be able to help Anna find the truth. There is something in her past. Chase cannot imagine how complicated her past might be. Chase thinks he is talking to the wrong man.

Willow feels terrible that she made him think that they both lost a child. Willow shouldn’t have been there. Michael is glad that she chose the group. They might not have known each otherwise. He doesn’t regret this. He is so glad that her child is alive. He is so happy about that. Michael cannot imagine knowing your child is out there and not knowing where he is. Willow says he is still here in PC. Michael asks if the adoptive family lets her see her son. Willow knows her child is being adopted by a loving family. She has regret in having to give him up.

Sonny thinks while she is waiting for him to have a fatal mistake, she needs to find Ryan. Margaux says it is out of her jurisdiction. Sonny thinks they deserve justice. Margaux wonders if he is serious about this. Margaux thinks that revenge is neat but it leaves you hungry and it is hard. It is bitter at times and fills your life with purpose. These are words to live by.

Brad has taken a seminar at DOD. His hands are not shaking so there must be something to it. Lucas tells Brad that he needs to cancel on DOD tonight. Jason tells Brad to give him the cup. Jason wonders if Lucas is into DOD. Lucas explains that it is helping Brad. He should look into it.

Sam thinks this is her fault. Shiloh thinks the only person who is to blame is Jason himself. Sam thinks that this is exactly where she is supposed to be. Shiloh doesn’t think that helps them find Kristina though.

Lucas runs into Elizabeth in the hallway. Elizabeth just has a lot on her mind right now. She is fine. Lucas asks how she really is. Elizabeth is not great. She is making a mess of parenting.

Nina thinks her beautiful and brilliant step-daughter who speaks French is not a bully. Franco thinks she made Aiden cry. Nina knows she said unkind things to Aiden. She said she was sorry. The unkind behavior has stopped. Franco knows it hasn’t.

Sonny takes care of his own even when the authorities drop the ball. Margaux thinks when he takes action outside the law he is a criminal. Jason shows up. Margaux was just telling them about the law. She hopes that Jason learned from Shiloh’s act of kindness.

Shiloh thinks that Jason is a dangerous man. Sam guesses they should call the cops. Shiloh doesn’t think the proof will hold up in court. They have Sam though so they don’t have to worry.

Finn thought that Chase and Willow were dealing with the ex. Chase says they are and things have never been better. Chase thinks that they went skating and they laughed about it. Her ex has a hold on her. He is the one not letting go.

Willow doesn’t see anyway that Shiloh could track down the baby. She would be happy to help Kristina though. She wants to do anything she can to help. Willow explains that Shiloh has information on Kristina now. It means that they willingly give Shiloh a sword to hold over your head forever.

Margaux thinks that Jason got lucky last time. Sonny thinks they are too busy to deal with self-help gurus. Jason wonders if Sonny is reading the book. Sonny explains that Neal wanted them all to understand what Kristina was going through. Sonny says that Margaux said something before he got here about revenge being sweet and leaving you hungry. She is quoting Shiloh. That makes her dangerous.

Shiloh thinks that Jason was taking orders. Shiloh wonders if Jason has ever done anything that Sonny didn’t approve of.

Elizabeth explains that Aiden was the only one not to be invited to a party in his class. The party was for his best friend Bianca. It was the parents that excluded him. Then there was a bully in Cam’s school. He stood up to him but he was angry and wanted Aiden to be less gay. Franco freaked out. She knows that Cam meant well technically. She gave him zero credit.

Franco thinks that this has spiraled all out of control. They are calling him fairy boy. Nina is shocked that children are doing this still. She thought that people were supposed to be woke. Nina wonders if he can ride it out. Franco asks if she really wants him to do that. Nina thinks she was being stupid. Franco wants to help Aiden.

Willow explains that you have to prove your loyalty. You have to tell him something that would destroy you. Michael guesses that she already gave the pledge. She could make her secret public,. Willow gave the pledge. Michael asks why she hasn’t used it. Willow assumes that he wants her to come back still. Michael tells her that his family might have taken Kristina and it might be kidnapping. He doesn’t want her to get involved in that.

Jason tells Sonny that Brad is part of DOD. Sonny is going to have to call Brick then.

Shiloh asks if Sam knows where Jason could have taken Kristina. Sam thinks that if they knew anything they wouldn’t tell her. Shiloh guesses that means she could be anywhere. Shiloh doesn’t think that is an issue for her,

Chase thinks they are going to crack the bottle right now. Finn is never going to propose to Anna with this hanging over her head. Chase thinks they can drink to them then. They have gone from wanting nothing to do with one another to being brothers. Finn guesses they don’t want this to go to waste then. Chase says to brotherhood.

Elizabeth knows her boys are all so happy. Lucas knows that Jake is a few years from puberty and Aiden can know that it is good to be different. Elizabeth wonders about Cam. Lucas thinks that bringing up every bigot is not the best thing to do. Elizabeth thanks him. This helped. Lucas wants to come to dinner then. Elizabeth thinks that works.

Nina would love for Aiden and Charlotte to be friends but she cannot choose her friends for her. Franco thinks that if Charlotte shows the kids in the class she is friends with Aiden then they would come around. Nina will try to do this. Franco thanks her. He guesses all they can do is try.

Willow assumes that Michael has done this before. Michael is not saying that this was a kidnapping but this might be Kristina’s third. A few years ago Kristina was kidnapped by a Joe Scully. This is for Kristina’s own good. Willow thinks she needs to help. Michael knows she is just trying to protect herself and her baby. Willow wants to do it.

Sam doesn’t think that he understands that when Sonny and Jason hide someone then they stay hidden. Sam asks if he is asking her to work a con to find where Jason has hidden Kristina.

Franco reached out to Nina. Elizabeth hopes they can make things better for the boys.

Nina calls Charlotte on the phone. She knows she is busy but wonders if she could clear her schedule to make a play date for her and a friend.

Lucas tells Brad that he wants to skip out on the DOD thing. He just wants to go home and have a nice evening with their son and see what they can learn from that. Brad guesses he talked him into it.

Shiloh would never ask her to do things she did in the past. He is not judging. The woman that is in front of him now is a truth seeker. Sam assumes he wants her to look into her sister going missing. Shiloh begs Sam to help her bring Kristina back.

Finn tells Chase that he has a different relationship with their father and he hopes that he respects that. Chase tells him to save some bubbles for when Anna gets home. Chase tells Finn to keep Anna’s past in the past. She is his present. Chase goes outside and gets on the phone. He calls Willow. He offers to go to dinner with her. Willow has to take a rain check. Her friend has a problem and she promised to help out. Willow will hold him to the raincheck.

Michael walks into the Metro Court. He asks how Kristina is. Sonny says that Neal wants them to talk with her. Michael explains that Shiloh has an insurance policy for people who try leaving DOD. Jason guesses he has leverage, It could be one of them.

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