GH Update Tuesday 5/22/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/22/18


Written by Anthony

Kiki sits on the Metro Court stage and is drinking. Michael assumes he missed the show. Kiki thinks it was quite the party. She imagines it is still raging on somewhere.

Ava and Griffin walk into his hotel room. Griffin wants to know how Ava turned a charity event into a weapon.

Spinelli attempts to get into the hospital files. Sam reminds him that he is the Jackal. Spinelli knows, but he is afraid of the raff of Epiphany. Sam thinks she is at home putting her feet up after the Nurses Ball. They are just trying to get Maxie’s room number. Maxie walks out unbalanced wondering where her baby is.

Lulu is at home and wonders if Dante will be home soon. Dante is not sure. Robert took Valentin into custody and isn’t sure he has grounds for arrest. Dante asks Robert for a word.

Nina shows up at Lulu’s for Charlotte to have a sleep over with her.

Finn shows up at the station. Dante tells Robert that he cannot just arrest someone. Robert tells him that he was drugged and kidnapped. Dante doesn’t doubt it. Robert thinks he might do the same to Anna. Finn asks what he did to Anna. Robert doesn’t know but he does know that she is going to walk into Faison’s trap.

Peter assumes that Anna is pretending to be his mother. Anna needs him to understand something. Peter tells her no and takes out a gun. Anna begs him not to do that. Peter wants her to say hello to his father for him. Jason walks up behind him and thinks he can do that himself.

Sam and Spinelli walk into Maxie’s room. Sam looks at the livestream of the baby. Maxie is shocked she just gave birth. She was lucky that Peter was there. Maxie has no clue where Peter went.

Lulu didn’t think that she would get to see Charlotte tonight. Charlotte guesses Nina thought it be fun to see her tonight. Lulu will be right up to read her a bedtime story. Lulu wants to know what is going on. Dante is at the station with Valentin and Robert. Nina admits that Valentin knows who Henrik is and always did.

Robert just wants five minutes alone with Valentin. Dante cannot let him do that even if it is Valentin. Robert reminds him that he is about to let him kill Anna. Robert gets on his phone and gives Finn his number. He needs to go and check and see if Anna is at the hospital. Finn walks out.

Anna begs Jason to drop the gun. Peter threatens to kill Anna. Anna wonders how Jason is here. Jason says Sam found Faison’s lighter in Henrik’s office. Anna guesses that proved useful. Anna thinks that he can put his gun down now. Jason doesn’t think so. Jason thinks that he has been hiding in plane sight and hurting people like Maxie. Anna knows what he took from him and wants revenge. Jason wants to contain a threat. Jason tells Peter they need to go. Anna takes out her gun and tells Jason he is not taking him.

Maxie hopes that she didn’t steal Spinelli’s spotlight. Spinelli actually didn’t make it to the stage. Maxie realizes that Obrecht and Nina don’t know that she had the baby. She has to tell them. Sam wants Maxie to just take it easy right now. Maxie doesn’t seem to have a choice.

Lulu is shocked that Valentin knows Henrik. Lulu guesses yet another secret. Lulu asks if he happened to say Henrik’s name he has been using. Nina is not sure. It must have been worth more than her brother’s life. Lulu is sorry. Nina would have been sorrier if she had let him take her and Charlotte away. Lulu is glad that Robert stopped him. Nina thinks that Valentin is going to notice that they are not home and this is the first place he will come.

Robert demands that Valentin admit everything he knows about Henrik. Valentin wants to make charges against Robert.

Ava cannot believe that Griffin would call her performance a weapon. Ava wanted to get the crowds attention. Griffin thought it was manipulative to Sonny and his family.

Sam needs to go to Jason. She needs him to stay with Maxie. Spinelli cannot let her go. Finn hears this.

Anna begs Jason to let him go. Anna will shoot him if she has to. Jason wants to know why she is protecting him. Anna thinks it is the whole reason for all of this. Anna admits she is his real mother. Peter knows she is playing him. Anna tells him it is the truth. She is his real mother. Peter thinks she tells so many lies. Jason thinks it all makes sense. Anna couldn’t tell him. She was so afraid that it would play out like that. Anna needs Jason to let it go. He is her son.

Spinelli cannot allow Sam to put herself in harms ways. Sam is going to make him pass out if he doesn’t let her go. Spinelli tells her to be careful.

Robert is not going to let Valentin walk out of here after he drugged him and kept him prisoner. Robert guesses he won’t press any charges provided that the information that he gives them gets Anna back safely. Valentin wants that in writing. Dante doesn’t think that there is time. Robert demands to know who Henrik is.

Ava realizes that she hasn’t achieved his high moral standards and hasn’t become a saint. Griffin would have taken some simple decency. Every note she sang could be at someone. Ava was singing to Griffin. Griffin asks what she wants. Ava wants three simple words. All he had to say was that he loved her. She knows he has lost interest. She is no longer in need of rescue but Kiki is.

Kiki points out that the ball started hours ago. Michael wanted to be with Nelle. Nelle is making a full recovery right now. Michael asks why she is here by herself. Kiki doesn’t want to go home. Michael asks why not. Kiki doesn’t want to lay in bed dreading going to work tomorrow.

Dante asks Lulu on the phone if everything is alright there. Lulu explains that Nina is there with Charlotte. Valentin was planning to take them on an extended trip. Dante wonders if Peter has contacted her. Lulu says no. Dante doesn’t want her to go anywhere. Nina gets a call from Spinelli. Sam gave him her number. She needs to get to GH. Maxie had the baby. Nina wonders if they are ok. Spinelli thinks that mother and child are in good condition. Nina asks Lulu to stay with Charlotte. Lulu tells her that they shouldn’t leave. Nina admits that Maxie had the baby.

Anna needs to ask a favor of Jason. She would be very grateful. She wants to be able to prove who she says she is. Anna tells him the day she gave birth to him and gives his birth name. He was given to a loving couple that was raised as their own. Someone else put him with Faison. She wanted to find him and tell him so she could tell him about Huntington’s. She lied to everyone she loved and cannot lie anymore. He is her son. Finn is listening around the corner. Jason thinks that Peter manipulated all of them. Anna reminds Jason that this is his child. Finn tells them both to put their guns down.

Dante thinks about Lulu telling him that Peter encourages her. Dante walks in and asks where Nina is. Lulu says that Maxie gave birth so Nina is at the hospital. Dante admits that Valentin gave them Henrik’s alias. The guy has been under their noses the whole time. Peter.

Griffin isn’t sure where Ava is getting this from. Ava saw him with her daughter backstage. Griffin was trying to comfort her. Ava thinks that he liked being able to comfort her. She thinks that he is moving on. Griffin thinks that he is in this. Griffin thinks that if he tells her what she wants to hear it is a lie. Ava wants more than he is capable of giving.

Robert wonders where Henrik is now. Valentin guesses he is going after Anna. Robert is shocked that he didn’t warn her. Valentin tried to keep them apart from months. He was out of options. Robert thinks he had two. He chose Faison’s son. Robert’s phone rings. Finn has texted him where they are. Robert leaves.

Anna tells Finn to get out of here. Finn is not going anywhere. Robert is on his way. He suggests they not be pointing guns when this happens. Sam shows up. Jason needs to shoot him for Robin and Emma. He could kill him. Anna is willing to take the risk. He is her son. Peter doesn’t think she is his mother. Just the bitch who gave birth to him.

Nina wonders how Maxie is. Maxie says the baby is a boy. Nina asks where the baby is. Spinelli says he is resting and well. Nina cannot believe that her brother had a boy. Maxie shows Nina the baby on the webcam. Nina thinks that he is beautiful. Nina is sorry she wasn’t there for her. Maxie says that Peter delivered the baby like a pro.

Lulu doesn’t think that Peter can be Henrik. Dante says that Valentin told him that he was. Lulu points out that Valentin lies about everything. Faison wasn’t going to Crimson to see Maxie. He was going to Aurora to see Henrik. Lulu guesses that he has been tricking her all along. Lulu wonders why he stayed in PC. Lulu realizes it was because of Maxie.

Kiki says at first it was just little things like comments and hugs that landed wrong. There were also some incidents that happened away from the hospital. Michael asks if she reported this. Kiki thinks that this isn’t that serious. Kiki doesn’t need him saying anything. She is just going to stay out of his way and hopefully it will blow over.

Ava thinks it is pretty damn clear how he feels or doesn’t feel. Ava thinks they are incompatible. He will never make her feel how she deserves. Life is short so why wait. Ava might not be perfect but she is worthy of love. He cannot give it to her. She walks out.

An officer says that Robert is on his way to the docks. Valentin points out hat as of right now nothing has been reported against him. Valentin says that they are in breech of his civil rights. He thinks that they can agree the law falls on his side. He as to be released.

Sam points out that there are to many witnesses. Peter doesn’t think that Jason will ever let him live. She will have to kill him first. Peter tells Jason to kill her as well. The police sirens get closer. Robert shows up with an office. Robert tells the officer to take him into custody. His rights are read. Robert says that Peter is property of the WSB. Robert wonders if Peter is coming. Anna will be along in a minute. Peter doesn’t want Mommy Dearest to be long Sam tells Jason they should go. Jason stays back. Anna thinks they can talk about this another time. Jason is sorry. Anna is as well. He leaves.

Ava knocks on Griffin’s door. She says it is her. She begs him to open the door. She is sorry for what she said. She was wrong to walk away. She begs him for another chance. Ava walks away.

Griffin asks Kiki if the seat is taken. Kiki says it is all his.

Nina guesses that Peter delivered the baby. Maxie wants to honor the baby somehow. Spinelli suggests that there are cards. Maxie suggests giving her baby Peter for a middle name. Nina gets a call from Valentin.

Lulu thinks they have to tell Maxie. Charlotte walks downstairs. She wants to call Valentin so they can say goodnight. Lulu is not sure that they can get a hold of him. Dante gets a call. It’s Nina. She wonders where Lulu is. Dante says that she is with Charlotte. Dante has news for her. Peter is Henrik. Valentin has known about it the entire time. Nina looks in on Maxie. Nina has to call him back. Valentin is at the door for his wife and daughter.

Anna admits that everyone could have died. Finn admits it isn’t to watch people try to hurt each other. Anna doesn’t blame Jason for wanting to kill him. Anna admits the truth came out about her son and her. Finn walks closer to her. He wipes her tears. Finn hugs her.

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