GH Update Tuesday 2/20/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/20/18


Written by Anthony

Curtis feels that the attack on Stella was due to her being opposed to the reconstruction of Charles Street. Jordan knows that a lot of deep pockets want to see that go down. Julian guesses as soon as Alexis is in office, this will all be done with. Alexis practices her speech across the room when Molly gets an alert. Alexis asks what is wrong. Molly shows her the article that says she got Julian out of jail. Julian asks if she is alright. She shows Julian.

Olivia tries to justify why taxes are what makes a city great. They pay for the road maintenance and what have you. Ned tells her to stop. He thinks they did this all wrong. She should have been mayor. Olivia thinks making a city better is what makes things good. Olivia honestly believes he will get the chance. Olivia gets an alert and is shocked. She shows Ned the article. Monica walks in with Michael and explains that the polls are still open. Michael admits that even though they have differences, he was proud to vote for Ned whether or not he wins tonight. Ned thinks his odds are better by the minute.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she is going over to Charlies to represent the nurses who support Alexis. She thinks it will be a long night. Franco could cancel his session and come with her. Elizabeth thinks that is to important and he has to go through with it. She wants him to have a good session. Kim walks over to Elizabeth. She has never walked down the aisle but seeing Elizabeth’s face, makes her want to reconsider. Elizabeth has been down the aisle a few times, but this times a charm.

TJ and Stella show up at Charlies. Stella feels that now that she has gotten everyone to the polls, she just wants to put her feet up and get a glass of champagne. TJ wonders what is going on here. Molly walks over and shows him the article. Stella asks where Alexis is. Stella wants to tell her what they are saying about her. Curtis doesn’t think that is a good idea. Finn walks over to Alexis. He is here to support her. Alexis doesn’t think that there may be any triumph today on Charles Street.

Franco walks into Kevin’s office. Kevin tells him to have a seat, he will be right with him. He asks where his brain in the jar is. Kevin explains that Faison’s brain is being biopsied. Franco guesses that means he can occupy his time with a mind that is even worse. Kevin wonders if he really thinks that he is worse than Faison. Franco doesn’t think that he was ever a childhood killer. He wishes he could say the same

Sam walks over to Alexis and wonders what is going on. Molly wants her to ask Julian. Julian tell Scott on the phone that there has to be something he can do. He hangs up. He informs Alexis that there is nothing they can do. Julian knows that this is all his fault. Molly reads that Alexis visited Nora right before the press conference that resulted in Julian’s release.

Michael reads the article and it questions if Alexis is really trying to save Charles Street or if she is just trying to save Julian’s pub. A possible front for mob related activity. Monica cannot believe for one minute that Alexis would be protecting organized crime. Olivia doesn’t care. She has been acting all high and mighty this entire time, but she was pulling strings to get Julian released from prison. If that costs her the election, then that might be what she deserves.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she is going over to Charlie’s to watch the election results. She wonders if she wants to come. Kim does but she has to go to the Quartermaine’s tonight. Oscar was invited. It’s a good chance for him to spend some time with his family. Elizabeth understands.

Kevin wants to do some word association. He wants to know what the first word to come to mind is when he hears the word family. Franco isn’t sure he wants to really ask him that. He thought that he could figure it all out for him. Kevin thinks that this isn’t a normal patient thing. He is here to help him with his research. He asks what he thinks about when he says family. Franco says feathers. Kevin asks why feathers. Franco knows that Betsy would constantly be dusting. She would compulsively clean up. It was as if she was constantly cleaning up after him. She was all on her own. He asks if he ever was punished. Franco thinks she was a total pushover. She let him get away with murder.

Monica is on the phone with no comment right now. Olivia says the same on the phone. Monica says that the local news has picked up on this. Everyone, wants a reaction to this. Ned would rather stick with no comment right now. Michael agrees. Whether this is true or false, it is up to Alexis to state something. Michael goes to answer the door and it is Nelle. Monica walks over. She is so glad she can make it. Her timing is perfect.

Sam guesses that once again Alexis pays the price for being involved with Julian. Molly wants Alexis to deny this. Call Diane and sue. Alexis is afraid that she cannot do that. While, the mob might not have been involved, everything else though involving the article is true. Elizabeth walks over. She just heard. No one will believe them. Alexis admits that she did go to Nora to get Julian off. Julian thinks that she has said enough. Alexis was trying to seek justice for someone far from perfect, but also wrongly convicted. He was acting under duress and that was a fact. He was beat up and he was trying to seek his release. She went to Nora and Julian was released based on the facts of the case. Stella admires her honesty. She believes that others will understand. She is going back to the polls. Molly is all for a little damage control right now. Alexis tells Molly she is sorry she disappointed her again. Molly thinks they can talk about this later. She has to go tell everyone how great she is and how great she will be for the city. Jordan thinks it is a amazing that Alexis would do that. Julian thinks that this was sabotage, and someone will pay for this.

Nelle thanks Monica for including her in this. Michael wants Nelle to go in with the family. He needs a word with her. Kim and Oscar show up. Monica wonders what happened to his eye. Kim says he bumped into something. Monica thinks he has to be careful with those somethings. Kim heard that the election is to close to call. Monica isn’t so sure that it will be that way for long. Michael says hi to Kim. Ned thinks this article might not help anything. Olivia thinks that it might be the favor of the century.

Alexis thanks people and Jim walks over. He thinks that if the election goes her way, he hopes they can overcome their differences. Julian walks over asking what he is doing here. Jordan informs them all the polls are closed. Jim just came by to get a drink. Jim asks if it was something he said. Julian informs him that the invader ran a hatch job on Alexis. Curtis doesn’t think that the election is over yet. Finn thinks that she still has a chance. Curtis thinks this is bull. Drew needs to talk to him about something serious. It is about him and Franco.

Kevin wants to be clear that he didn’t commit murder as a child. Franco knows but he was not successful at it. Kevin assumes he is referring to the alleged throwing Drew down stairs. Franco doesn’t think that there was anything alleged about it. Betsy send Andy to an orphanage to get him away. Kevin thinks that Franco will believe the worst about himself.

Ned admits that he is gaining support in Alexis’ districts. Including, Charles Street. Olivia hopes they all voted Q tonight. Kim admits that she was against the Charles Street redevelopment, but she appreciates being invited tonight. Olivia thinks that is fine. Kim just feels bad. Olivia feels bad, but Alexis was getting Julian released from prison without even thinking about what it would mean for Leo. Kim asks what Julian has to do with her son. Olivia admits that Julian is Leo’s father. Kim admits she is friends with Julian. Olivia tells her to nip that friendship in the butt. The doorbell is ringing and he Ned is willing to give a statement. Julian walks in and calls him a bastard. Ned didn’t make the story. Michael thinks he is trespassing and assaulted a political candidate. He can leave now or be thrown back in prison where he belongs. Kim tells Julian that he needs to back off for Leo’s sake.

Alexis needs some air. Finn wants Sam to let her go. She knows what she needs. Drew asks Curtis if he sees the guy behind him. Curtis knows who Jim is. He is a big money dude. He is trying to pump fear. The problem is that one of the residents is Stella. He doesn’t like the money. Drew guesses that he dated Betsy as a child. He thinks it s a hell of a coincidence that he is here now.

Franco wants to forget all of this. He is not even listening to him. He is just giving him a hard time. Kevin is trying to separate imagination from fear. He asks if the time he pushed Andy the only time he pushed him down the stairs. Franco is not sure. Kevin wants him to think back to when he was Bobby. He asks what he and is brother liked to do. Franco liked to play hide and seek with him. Franco remembers playing hide and seek as a child and Drew hiding in a trunk. He locked him in a chest. Kevin asks where he went. He wonders what he remembered.

Kim reminds them all that the press will be here any minute. He wonders if they really want the next article to be about the two of them. Ned suggests that Julian leave. He knows the way to the door. Oscar tells Kim it is ok as he walks back into the other room. Kim tells Julian to wait.

Finn tells Alexis that he could really use a drink right now. Alexis thinks that for someone who doesn’t like speaking at meetings, he sure knows what to say to her. Finn guesses it is a gift. Alexis thinks a vodka martini would be great right now. Straight up with an olive. Finn thinks two olives. Alexis also likes good red wine. Alexis thinks it be great to numb the world. Finn thinks it be nice for a couple hours. Alexis figures she is going to lose. She didn’t even know she wanted this job until Laura asked her to stand in for her. Alexis would have made a great mayor. She believed that. Alexis knows that Julian was a ticking time bomb for her. Finn suggests she should have made a full disclosure earlier. Alexis knows that the definition of insanity is to expect a different outcome. She cannot let go or move on. Finn hugs her.

Julian supposes he should thank her. He knows it would have been the wrong thing to do with punching Ned in the face. He guesses that Kim knows who he is now. Kim doesn’t think he made a secret of it. Julian thought this was his last chance to get it right. He was trying to make things right with his kids and show them that he had changed. The article showed that he is trapped in his past. Kim thinks that they will take her car because she is driving. She will get her coat

Curtis thinks that Jim is arrogant and smug. He is in this for the money. Drew definitely thinks that there is more going on. There is an angle here that he is just not seeing. Curtis wonders what is up with him and Franco. Drew explains that Franco is carrying around a rabbit’s foot and it apparently means something to him. Curtis cannot wait to take down Jim. Drew thinks that this should be fun.

Franco explains that Elizabeth is a big Alexis Davis fan and he doesn’t like to see Elizabeth upset ever. He starts to get emotional. Kevin wants him to not lock whatever he has inside stuck in him. Franco asks if he knows the story Pandora’s box. The moral of that story is you do not open the box. Kevin reminds him the box also contains hope.

Michael explains to Monica that he appreciates her making an effort with Nelle, but they are not a couple and they are not going to be. What, she might consider as being inclusive, Nelle might think of as having a chance. Olivia screams that they are going to announce the winner.

Curtis thinks that Alexis could still pull this off. Finn reminds Alexis she has to be proud regardless of what happened. The press state that they can now declare a winner.

Ned is elected mayor of Port Charles. Nelle is so proud to be a member of the family. Now their baby is a member of the family too. Oscar guesses he is related to he mayor and this was way cooler than what they teach them in civics class.

Jim finds Franco outside and informs him that he will be sticking around PC for a while. Franco walks inside and asks what happened. Elizabeth says that Ned won and Charles Street lost two times over. Julian should leave. Kim reminds him this is his place. He belongs here. Drew spots Franco. Franco thinks about locking Drew in the trunk.

Curtis finds Jim outside. He thinks it is bad to smoke. His aunt got mugged recently and it bothers him. He thinks that if he were him he would watch his step.

Ned is deeply grateful for all the support he has had with his friend and family. It wouldn’t have been possible without Olivia though. Ned is humbled and honored by their faith. He will not let them down. A city is a living thing and their city is better when they come together to improve it.

Molly cannot watch this. Alexis thinks that it is about how many times you stand up. She wants Molly and TJ to go to Alexis’ house and take down all the balloons and streamers. Jordan agrees. Stella thanks her for baking her up.

Ned intends to implement measure A.

Curtis thinks that article came in at the right time. He wishes him good luck with that smoking thing.

Ned assures Laura that his commitment to Charles Street is no less than her own.

Kevin takes out his tape recorder. He thinks that Franco has a fear of his childhood. This belief he was born bad, and murder is in his DNA is not normal. He wonders if Franco is still Bobby. A child playing hide and seek with himself.

Franco freaks out for a moment but claims it to being pre-wedding jitters. Elizabeth tells him they should go home.

Ned introduces the city to Olivia. He tells everyone that they have to come together as citizens and neighbors. They have much more that unites them than divides them. The dream goes on.

Sam is so sorry. Alexis will be fine. She wants Drew to take Sam home and let her know if they need anything. Finn tells Alexis that she has been a trooper to he end. Julian guesses there is nothing he can say or do. Kim can make him a drink. Alexis thinks what she wants more than a drink is to get out of here. Finn can do that. The two of them leave. Alexis thanks him. They leave.

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