GH Update Tuesday 10/15/19

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/15/19


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Jason asks if Sam is ok. Diane tells him that they have bad news. Sam is being transferred to prison tonight.

Carly sees Jax at the hospital and asks what she is doing here. Jax brought her flowers. Jax wonders why she is dressed. Carly explains that she is being discharged. Sonny is picking her up but she thinks that Sonny made a stop somewhere.

Sonny stands over Morgan’s grave and is sad that he is not here.

Trina asks why they are carving pumpkins if Halloween is not for two weeks. Cam thinks that they will be rotten by then. Joss wants to do this because Avery is excited and she wants to make it fun for her. Dev walks in and asks what they are doing. Dev wanted to borrow Sonny’s car. He will just borrow it. Joss asks if he knows what happened when her brother took a car with him in it. It exploded with him in it.

Finn thinks that Alexis has a new trainer and outlook. Alexis is a new version of herself. Finn is happy. He is keeping it on a low simmer until Anna gets home. He thinks that it can get frustrating not knowing where she is. Finn admits he is miserable. Alexis wonders what they will do about that.

Peter tells Obrecht that leaving town is not a good idea. He asks if she is trying to avoid Sasha’s identity getting out.

Nina shows up at Wyndemere. Nina guesses that he is running away. Valentin could explain what he did but he won’t even try to defend it.

Alexis wonders what is wrong with Finn. Finn thinks that Hayden is lying to him.

Peter wonders why Obrecht wants to leave. Obrecht thinks that the masses will assume the worse. She will be railroaded straight to Pentonville.

Carly is afraid to leave Donna here alone. Jax thinks that it might not be what is best for her. Carly thinks it be selfish of her to take Donna home now. Jax doesn’t think she is a selfish mother. Carly would love to believe that about herself but knows that it is not true. Carly knows that if she had not gone to Sonny then maybe Morgan would be alive.

Sonny knows he shouldn’t dwell on things but he gets so angry thinking that he is gone. Sonny lives his life and for the most part he succeeds. He knows that he misses him. He misses Morgan so much every day.

Cam is sure that Dev didn’t mean it like that. Joss tells him that her brother died three years ago today. It is not the best time to joke about taking Sonny’s car. Cam asks if he should go after her. Trina says no.

Jason knows that Sam can do this. He will get her out as soon as possible. Sam guesses she can do this. The guard takes her away. Jason tells Diane that he asks how they are going to get her out. Diane doesn’t think it will be easy.

Nina thinks they need to start with something simple. Valentin is taking Charlotte home to Greece. He doesn’t want her in the same town with her if they are not going to be together. Valentin won’t do that. Nina hates asking this but Charlotte will get hurt not seeing Lulu. Valentin doesn’t think that Charlotte loves Lulu in the same way she loves Nina. Nina thinks that he does love Charlotte. He cannot let her love when it is based on a lie. Valentin admits it was the only way he could get her back.

Carly admits that today is the anniversary of Morgan’s death. Jax knows. They put flowers on the grave this afternoon. Carly thanks him. She knows that he made sure that Morgan had a happy childhood. There was so much love and laughter. Jax thinks that watching those boys is what made him want a child with her. Jax is glad that they made Joss. Carly is too. Jax thinks what happened with Morgan was the result of a lot of problems not just hers. Carly knows. He thinks that she loved him the best that she could. Jax thinks she loved him the best she could. Carly thanks him. Jax asks if she can give her a ride. Carly has to go somehere and she needs to do it alone.

Dev really knows nothing about Morgan. Trina explains that he was super nice. Trina thinks it was obvious how much Joss loved him. Dev imagines that she must miss him a lot. Cam cannot believe he forgot what day it was.

Obrecht might be across the world but she will be watching him. If he even for once tries doing anything she will make sure that he loses everything.

Valentin thought that using a child for revenge crossed a line. He knows what he did was awful. He hates what he did but when she left them he felt that he had become the new focus for her anger. This was a problem he could solve. He could see that there was a seven month record. Madeline admitted that she did have a baby girl. Nina thought they could have looked for her daughter together and all of this would look different.

Diane thinks that this is getting ridicules. Some of these priors are federal crimes. Diane thinks that he is also a big suspect in things. In the eyes of the law he is guilty. Jason guesses this is his fault then.

Carly thought she would find him here. Carly misses him too.

Hayden asks Jax if Nina and Valentin’s wedding was as bad as it sounds. Jax wouldn’t know. Nina was leaving the church when he left. Hayden thinks that Jax could become distracted. He wants to focus on the task at hand. Hayden thinks they need to find this right no. Jax assumes Finn.

Finn explains that the dogs name is Honey bun. Then there is this whole thing with Aiden. He had no idea what he was talking about. He has no idea what is going on. Finn wonders if he wants her to be lying. He thinks he is looking for things where there is none. Finn wonders if Hayden never miscarried and she had the baby.

Valentin wonders all the time why he didn’t just come forward with the information. He had to be certain of the information that he had. He went through endless adoption records and hit a dead end. His grand plan was a failure. Valentin wonders if he should have left it there. Nina asks what he did.

Alexis doesn’t think that a child would be kept from a parent. Finn doesn’t know if she would be so heartless to keep a child from her. Finn would like two know the truth though. Finn thinks it is the worst thing that you can accuse someone of. This is not him. It took a long time but he finally moved on. Alexis wonders what if she did move on.

Hayden had to make up a dog. She doctored a photo of her and a dog.

Peter wonders why Obrecht wants him with Maxie. Obrecht doesn’t. He makes Maxie happy. Maxie has lost enough. Bad people can make good people happy. Obrecht thinks that so long as he does the right thing they won;t have an issue. Above all else, Nathan would want Maxie’s happiness.

Diane wants to use the facts of the case. The prosecution doesn’t have much to go on. Shiloh had so many crimes against him. The only evidence they have is based on hearsay. Sam needs to be held in county lockup as apposed to prison.

Carly realizes that Morgan was born and died in October. She remembers him giving all his candy to Joss. Sonny knows he was like that about a lot of things. Sonny thinks next year Donna will be old enough to dress up. Carly doesn’t think that she will be old enough to understand her brother. When she is she will know everything.

Joss knows she ran out of here like a toddler having a tantrum. She doesn’t want to take out her pain on her friends. She hopes she is forgiven. Trina thinks that there is nothing to be forgiven but they are awesome.

Valentin got drunk. He drank a lot but he couldn’t drink it away. He would go back to the evidence over and over again. Valentin can never fail Nina. He would be failing them. So, he turned to Curtis and he found a lawyer in NYC. He came back with a name. Sasha Gilmore her daughter or so he thought. He didn’t realize that this was a trail of breadcrumbs. He thought that she was the answer to his prayers. He didn’t know how she was manipulated but he does believe that it was good. Nina asks why Valentin is sorry if he didnt do anything wrong. Valentin had a million chances to stop this and he didn’t. He will never be able to fix this. Valentin cannot undo what has been done to her. Valentin only ever wanted to love her. That is all he ever wanted. He starts to walk away. Nina asks if he is sad about his part in all this. She believes him.

Alexis asks what she can do to help. Finn thinks that she is being a good friend. Alexis thinks that he needs his life partner back. If he thinks he is a father then he needs to find out.

Jax thinks as a father what she is doing is terrible. He wouldn’t be ok with that and Finn shouldn’t be either. She has robbed him of years with his child. Jax thinks these are years that neither of them will get back because of her choices.

Diane wants Jason to breathe. Diane thinks that the feds are only doing what they are doing because of what Sam did. Diane thinks that they understood what was going on when they chose their life. They can only get her out of this if they realize the realities of what is going on. Jason thinks that there is no one better than her. Sam walks back in. Diane tells them that she is going to give them privacy. Sam thinks that this is really bad. Jason admits it is pretty bad but they do have good options. Jason thinks that this could be over soon. Sam can handle this. Sam knows that he can handle it. She wonders about the kids though.

Nina does believe him. Valentin is glad. Nina tells him to hold on. She gets it. She hates the way this ended but she was on the urge of being the happiest she has ever been. She thinks this is on Sasha and her mother not his own. Nina thinks that the only thing that would make finding out that Sasha wasn’t his real daughter is if he lost him and Charlotte so she forgives him. Valentin asks if she is sure. Nina doesn’t want him to leave. She loves him too.

Finn calls Anna. He needs her to come home.

Valentin thinks that this is real life. They are making huge choices for two people in the dark. Jax thinks that Finn will figure this out. Hayden needs to figure things out quickly.

Obrecht thinks that things will be easy if she just leaves. Valentin calls her and tells her that they are in the clear. Obrecht tells Peter she has the best news.

Joss will carve new pumpkins if she has to. Sonny thanks her for the flowers for Morgan. Carly thinks that Morgan would be happy for his new baby sister.

Jason promises that she will be ok. Sam tells him to make sure the kids know she loves them. Jason thinks it will be ok. Sam loves him. Jason does too.

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