GH Update Thursday 5/25/17

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/25/17


Written by Anthony

A reporter informs the audience that there are more acts and plenty of surprises at this years Nurse’s Ball.

Jason tells Griffin that this is a Chimera. This cannot be a coincidence. This has to mean something.

Dillon tells Deanna that he needs Kiki. There is no way he can do this alone. Deanna is sorry that they didn’t get a chance to sing together again. Deanna has to go put on her customer. Dillon gets a text.

Kiki reads his response. She wishes she was there too.

Nina is searching for Valentin and asks herself where he is.

Anna asks what Valentin was thinking by giving Helena the Chimera.

Charlotte wonders why the Chimera is doing that. Emma suggests they could ask Jake. Charlotte suggests the blue light means that it can be open.

Lucy walks over to Ava. She needs her backstage right now. Ava wonders why. Lucy needs her to present the large donation she blackmailed out of her for her silence between her and Morgan.

Carly asks what Sonny means that he has answers about Morgan. Sonny knows why he went out of control. Someone tampered with his medication.

Olivia and Ned show up at the Nurses Ball. Olivia feels they should have been here hours ago. Ned asks if she is saying that this is his fault. Olivia kept trying to put her dress on and he kept taking it off of her. Olivia believes that if they go in there now it will highlight how late they are. Ned isn’t leaving. He thinks she has stage fright. Olivia asks if he can blame her. He brings the house down. She asks what happens if she cannot. Ned thinks that she is her star.

Curtis and Jordan toast to them spending time together. He is glad he planned a head. He got a room for them upstairs tonight.

Ava already told Lucy that she isn’t making the donation in Morgan’s name. Lucy feels that is to darn bad. Jake already canceled his magic act and she has a ton of dead air to fill. Ava really doesn’t want to cause attention to herself.

Carly doesn’t understand. She thought the pills were fine. Sonny says that Morgan’s pills were 600 mg. The pills in the bottle were 300. Carly asks if the lower dosage caused the breakdown. Sonny doesn’t think so. He was taking placebo pills. Morgan wasn’t getting his pills.

Valentin didn’t have the luxury of good judgement. He was running for his life. He stole classified material from her. He means her sister. He needed money and lots of it. Valentin admits that he got satisfaction knowing that Helena would be giving him the money and paying for his transformation. Anna reminds him in exchange for a deadly weapon. Valentin points out she is dead and she never used it.

Charlotte needs to figure out how to get the Chimera to open. Jake runs over and asks what they are doing.

Lucy is so excited. They have a special treat for them. Ned and Olivia. Everyone cheers. Ava looks scared. Ned and Olivia are dressed up as people from the 50’s. Afterwards Dillon congratulates them. He thinks they did an awesome job. Olivia was terrified. Dillon is glad they are here. He was starting to feel like the new kid in the cafeteria. Ned asks where Kiki is.

Someone tells Kiki she is wanted in the supervisor’s office.

Curtis needs help with this. He asks what is wrong. Jordan points out he booked a room on their very first real date. They haven’t even discussed what they are yet. Curtis could cancel the room. Jordan doesn’t think that is the point. Curtis thinks that she is under the impression that he still isn’t good enough for her.

Anna wants to know why he didn’t warn the WSB. Valentin doesn’t trust them. Anna thinks that he could have told them anonymously. Valentin believes that once Helena died it became irrelevant. Anna doesn’t think something like that just becomes irrelevant. Valentin gives her permission to search Cassadine Island and destroy the Chimera Project. He needs to go see his wife. He leaves.

Jake told them not to touch it. Charlotte wanted to do the act for him. Jake tells her that no one is doing his act. Nina walks backstage and asks if Charlotte is ok. She wonders what is going on here.

Anna leaves Robert a message. She needs him to call her back. She has a feeling she knows where the Chimera is.

Emma tells Nina that Jake pushed her. Jake doesn’t think that Charlotte should have touched the Chimera Project. He walks off. He puts the Chimera away. Lulu walks in asking what is going on.

Anna walks over to Andre and wonders if she can speak to him in private. He wonders what is wrong. Anna needs to know how much he knows about the Chimera Project. Elizabeth over hears and wonders if Anna just said Chimera.

Carly is shocked that someone replaced Morgan’s drugs. That means that he wasn’t medicated. That is why he died. She doesn’t understand how his pill bottles could have changed things. Sonny wants to know if Ava is involved because she was there the night they found the pill bottle. Carly gets up to confront Ava. Sonny tells her not to do anything until they are sure.

Curtis thought that things had changed. He guesses that there is no real way to prove himself. Jordan doesn’t think that this is about his past. It is about her past. Curtis asks what she means. Jordan sees his brother every time she looks in his eyes. It feels like she is betraying him all over again.

Jason walks over to Anna with Griffin. He asks Anna if the neckless is hers. Anna confirms it is. Jason needs to know what the significance is. Elizabeth asks what is going on. Anna cannot say anything because no one here has clearance other than Andre. Jason tells her that his son drew a picture that looks just like that and then he found something on Cassadine island that looks identical to that. Now she has a neckless of one. He needs to know what is going on. Andre feels they have a right to know. Anna explains that the Chimera Project was a biotoxin created a long time ago. It was illegally sold to Helena. She didn’t use it but she wonders if it is possible that Jake saw the symbol when he was there. Jason asks where the biotoxin is now. Anna is trying to determine that now. So they can secure it.

Lulu asks what is going on. Nina says that the children were having a disagreement and it upset Charlotte. Lulu wants Charlotte to come to hr. Nina doesn’t think it is a good idea. Lulu doesn’t think it is her call. Valentin walks over. Charlotte feels that Jake is being mean and doesn’t want to do the magic act anymore. Valentin asks if she would like a slice of chocolate cake. Charlotte and Emma lave. Lulu asks if Jake is ok. She thinks that Elizabeth is looking for her. Valentin asks if Lulu has a problem. Lulu claims she has no problem at all. Valentin asks if Lulu was being horrible to Nina. Nina doesn’t think she was any different than usual. Nina was looking for him. The song he sang meant the world to him. Valentin thinks it was worth it.

Sonny and Carly confront Lucy. They need to talk right now. Lucy needs to get back to the stage. Sonny asks what Lucy was doing the night of the robbery. Carly knows she was there with Ava and they want to know why. Lucy was hoping that they would never have to find this out. Lucy is so sorry. Ava and Morgan were sleeping together again right before the accident. That is how Ava ended up with Morgan’s pills. Lucy saw her and saw her throwing something out in a trashcan in an alley. She looked in the trashcan and saw his pills. It was in October. She confronted Ava and she confirmed that she was sleeping with Morgan. She kept thinking she should tell her. She didn’t know what to do though. Sonny doesn’t think this is her fault. Lucy is so sorry. She walks off. Carly guesses this was Ava all along. Scott over hears this.

Ava tries to practice her speech backstage. Scott runs over and tells her that she needs to get out of here. Sonny knows everything.

Felix tells Dillon he needs to get out there. Kiki walks over. They go out on stage and they start to perform.

Nina didn’t know that Valentin could sing. Valentin only did for her. He wants her to know that she can trust him again. Nina thinks they can see how the night goes and take it from there. They walk away. Kiki and Dillon walk out. Dillon asks what she is doing here. He thought she had to work. Kiki did but then Deanna covered for her for an hour so they could perform. Kiki is glad she could be here. The two start to kiss.

Curtis understands if she cannot get together with him but just in case he gives her the keycard. They don’t have a rush but if she isn’t there by ten then he will assume she isn’t ready to accept them.

Carly can see Ava messing with Sonny’s pills. She asks why Morgan though. She doesn’t get it. Kiki and Dillon walk past. Carly says Ava is an evil bitch. She wanted Morgan away from Kiki. Sonny thinks that because of that Morgan had his breakdown.

Scott tells Ava that Sonny and Carly know the pills were switched. Sonny also knows about the night of the robbery. She has got to get out of town fast.

Carly and Sonny walk back into the ballroom. Lucy is on stage. She thanks everyone for their donations tonight. Each donation is crucial. She needs to call out someone who made a huge donation. That person is Ava. They all cheer. Lucy calls for her again. Sonny tells Carly that Ava knows. Lucy guesses that the check will clear regardless.

Sonny and Carly walk backstage. Sonny finds Scott and demands to know where Ava is.

Outside Kiki runs into Ava. Ava asks what she is doing here. Kiki asks if she didn’t see them perform. Ava is sorry but she didn’t. She has a minor emergency at the gallery. Ava couldn’t be more proud of the woman she is becoming. She is glad that she is happy. Kiki thinks she is talking like she will never see her again. The two hug each other. Ava loves her so much.

Jake puts the Chimera back into the box. Helena tells Jake that she is disappointed in him. He didn’t keep his end of the bargain.

Curtis is sitting in his hotel room. He sees that it is past ten. He guesses she isn’t coming. He isn’t going to sit up her by himself. Curtis walks over to the door and opens it. Jordan is about to knock outside.

Sonny is strangling Scott. He demands to know where Ava is. Scott wants him to take it easy. He asks what he wants with her. Sonny thinks she killed Morgan. Scott feels that was her crazy sister. Carly tells him that she messed with Morgan’s pills. She caused the episode that lead to his death. Carly wants to get Bobbie in here. He can look her in the fact and explain how he is covering for the woman who caused her grandsons death. Scott knows that Ava doesn’t want trouble. Ava will disappear for good.

Ava gets stuck in a dead-end. She gets out a flashlight.

Elizabeth suggests to Jason that Jake’s scars with Helena could last the rest of his life. Jason will not let that happen. He doesn’t think any of them will.

Jake informs Helena that Elizabeth said he didn’t have to perform his act if he doesn’t want too. Helena believes that if it wasn’t for her, he would be dead. Helena thinks he knows what he has to do. He needs to perform his magic trick. She needs him to make all of Port Charles disappear.

Ava starts to move a trunk and finds a bag. She has her passport and a wad of cash.

Scott walks over to Dante. He wants to file a complaint. Sonny attacked him. Dante thinks he seems fine to him. Laura asks why Sonny would attack him. Scott says it is personal reasons. On stage Lucy tells them that it is time for the finale. She wants to thank their talented performers and Bert’s Bees. She wants to thank all the people who show up and show support for a cause they all believe in. Lucy wants to welcome back the GH nurse’s and a very special guest. Robin appears on the screen of a TV. She is sorry she couldn’t be there tonight. She had to sit this one out because she is expecting her second child. She guesses that is how far they have come. Over twenty years ago she was diagnosed with HIV. She didn’t think she would be able to have a child let alone two. She didn’t think she would be alive today and yet here she is. It is thanks to research and the generosity from people like them. She knows that there is no cure for HIV and AID’s. She is living proof that it is a fight they can win sometime soon.

Curtis picks up Jordan and takes her to the bed.

Ava takes out a gun and packs it. She starts to leave and Carly and Sonny show up.

People at the Ball start to light candles. They are all standing as they sing Hallelujah on stage. Jake walks out. He tells Elizabeth that he is ready to do his magic trick now.

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