GH Update Monday 9/18/17

General Hospital Update Monday 9/18/17


Written by Anthony

In Russia at the clinic, Ava walks into the sitting room. She is quiet and sneaks in. Patient six is sitting by the window. Ava says hello to him. She wonders if he has been here all night. Ava explains she only got four hours of sleep. She was told not to get close enough so he could reach her. She hears he is supposed to be very dangerous. She admits that there was a time she enjoyed flirting with danger. Then there was the fire and she was burned.

At the Nurses station, Griffin is speaking with another doctor. Griffin wants to know the possibility is for recovery to be restored for Ava. The doctor explains that it is impossible. Griffin asks if he is sure because she went to a clinic in Russia. The doctor says that there might be a breakthrough but since they haven’t publicized it would be concerning.

Anna shows Finn everything that proves that Finn went overseas with Sonny. Finn took a vacation. He asks why it matters. Anna says that on this vacation he bought pills that he then snuck back into the country. Finn wants her to prove it. Anna thinks that according to this Finn is a drug trafficker.

Curtis explains to Sonny that Jason is a friend. If he needs any help he is here for him. If he needs any help then he wants to help keep Jason safe. Sonny might have to take him up on the offer. Sonny admits that things are dicey. He feels that Curtis’s help might back a difference.

Scott tells Elizabeth that he was just telling a buyer that this was Franco’s struggle on the changing of technology. Scott made it up. Elizabeth reminds Scott that the twin painting is not for sale. Scott feels that this is special. This painting gives him the willy’s. Scott thinks that the tumor gave him the urge to paint. If he gets to crazy now then Elizabeth will reel him in. Elizabeth doesn’t think that they have to worry about that. Franco doesn’t get rattled like he used to.

Franco would ask Betsy about the blonde child but he has already seen pictures of Jason. He wants to know why he is next to him. Betsy thinks that it is time she gives him the truth. Franco asks if that is Jason Quartermaine. Betsy wants Franco to be careful what he asks for. He might be happier not knowing the answer.

Sam is on the phone explaining that Spinelli is taking good care of her. He went to the hotel to get some rest. She is going to stick around the hospital a little longer. Jason’s pinky moves as she is on the phone saying that Jason is having no change.

Finn finds it odd that Anna is accusing him of drug smuggling because he took a ride on Sonny’s private plane. Anna says that the FBI takes a special interest on Sonny. They log every trip that Sonny takes. There is also the drug dealer that the WSB talked with about Finn. Anna explains that the WSB could misplace this information but Anna will make sure it ends up in the right hands if Finn says no. Finn believes that Anna is blackmailing him. Anna thinks she is bargaining.

Curtis wonders how Sonny is fixed for security. Sonny has his men. Curtis guesses that he is covered then. Curtis says that if he needs some guys then he knows some ex-cops. Jordan walks over. Curtis thought he was meeting her at Perks. Jordan thought so too, but she didn’t see him so she walked back over. Curtis explains that he got to talking with Sonny. Sonny has to go to the hospital. Jordan wants to know what the hell he was doing with Sonny.

Ava understands that his family placed him here. She assumes they don’t miss him. She doesn’t think that anyone at home misses her. She thought she met someone that she could spend time with. He was about as interested in her as the patient seems to be though. Marissa storms in. She tells Ava that she was warned not to approach the man. She drags her away. Marissa says that any distraction could set them off. Ava’s phone starts ringing. Ava asks who is calling her.

Griffin begs Ava to pick up her phone.

Scott wants to have a little chat with Elizabeth. He asks what her intentions are for Franco. He knows that she just moved in with Franco. Elizabeth explains that everything she does is to have stability for her children. She wouldn’t have invited Franco into her home if she didn’t think it was for the long haul. Scott is glad that Elizabeth has given this thought. He isn’t so sure that Franco has though. Elizabeth thinks that Franco loves her boys. Scott has no doubt about that. Franco can be impulsive though. He doesn’t always think about his actions. Elizabeth wonders if they are still discussing him moving in. Scott asks what else they could be discussing.

Franco realizes that Betsy has always been protective. Betsy doesn’t want him to upset himself. He is making art again. Plus, he is in love with a wonderful woman. He has a family. Elizabeth walks over and asks what she has missed.

Sam knows that it will take some time but Jason will come back to her. She hangs up. Sam is so sorry. She knows that it is so annoying only hearing one side of the conversation. It was Alexis though. She wants her to go home and get some rest. She is not going anywhere though. She just needs for Jason to get better. Jason moves his hand again. Sam says his name.

Finn guesses that this is how Anna operates. Finn asks what part of his conscience is involved here. Anna wonders if it is ok for him to lie to people at GH but not to use his position to bring a criminal to justice. Anna wants him to feel empathy for people who suffer. Cassandra profits from other people’s misery. Anna is not going to say sorry for this. Finn wonders what part of this is for Cassandra and the other part is for Valentin. Anna says that this operation is going forward. He can either be part of her solution or problem. Anna asks which is it.

Curtis promises that he and Sonny were having a totally innocent talk. Jordan didn’t say otherwise. Curtis doesn’t want her to. He knows the look of disapproval. Jordan guesses they don’t have something to worry about. She wonders if they do though. Curtis explains that Sonny’s best friend who just so happens to be his friend is in a coma. He was just offering his sympathy. Curtis offered his services.

Marissa hangs up on Ava. Marissa tells Ava that she can talk to whoever it was when she is discharged. She needs to focus on her procedure. Ava would love to but she hasn’t been told anything about it. She hasn’t even met her doctor. The doctor walks in saying that there is no time like the present. He introduces himself as Doctor Bronski. The man who will be restoring her face.

Elizabeth wonders if she is interrupting anything. Betsy doesn’t think so. They were just talking about how happy she and her children have made Franco. Betsy was a little worried since she has children. She has to imagine that it was a big adjustment for them and the boy’s father. Betsy asks if he has been understanding. Elizabeth explains the situation was a little complicated. Her middle son Jake’s father had some issues at first but she thinks that Jason has come around a little. Betsy asks if she is talking about Jason Morgan. Betsy asks if he is raising Jason’s son.

Griffin leaves Ava a message. He doesn’t mean to be obnoxious. He knows she is in Russia. He is worried about her. He will go through with this with her. He wants to offer her moral support. Sonny finds Griffin. He asks if he wants to talk to him about something. Sam runs out. She is glad that Sonny is here. She tells them that Jason is waking up.

Finn thinks that this is crazy. He has to assume that the WSB has someone more qualified than him. Anna thinks it would take time to get them up to speed where as they have him right now. Finn doesn’t know how. Anna already told him everything about Cassandra. Anna thinks he is making more of this than he needs to. He just needs to meet her. Anna will make sure that all his records from France disappear. Finn says that she wins. Anna thought she would.

Curtis only said he was available to Sonny if he needed him. Curtis suggests that if Sonny needed help investigating something. He didn’t need to give detail. Jordan suggests he might want to. She wonders how long before Sonny needs to make compromises. She asks what will happen if he asks for something against the laws. She wonders if he will work with him then or turn his ass in.

Sam was just standing there and then all of a sudden Jason squeezed his hand. Griffin walks back out. Sonny says that Sam just told him that Jason was able to squeeze his hand. Griffin is sorry but this doesn’t mean he is waking up.

Elizabeth promises Betsy that Franco would never try to replace Jason. Jake is lucky to have a few adults in his life that love him. Jason and Franco have a history but things are fine. Elizabeth knows that the two of them can make things work. Betsy would love to meet Jake. Elizabeth wonders how long she will be in town. Betsy says a little while. She wants to have some quality time with Franco. She congratulates Franco. She says that she needs to call it a night. She thinks that his show is wonderful. She thinks that he should be very proud. Franco wants to make sure that Betsy is alright. Franco asks her privately if that boy in the photo is Jason. Betsy will tell him but not here. She thinks that it is better that no one else hears this. She tells him to meet her in her hotel room.

Ava guesses they meet at last. Ava was wondering when he would get along to meeting her. He explains that his services are in high demands but he has rearranged his schedule in order to accommodate her stay here. Ava has been told her scars are permanent. He can fix her face. He informs Ava that if she doesn’t want to be here then she can leave. There are plenty of people who would be eager to take her place. Ava guesses he wants her to shut up and be grateful. He wonders if he is treating her or not. Ava is willing to take the risk if he is. She knows this face will be hard to fix. The doctor knows that Valentin warned him that it would be a challenge but he can handle it. Ava knows he does love his melodrama. The doctor feels it is so like a Cassadine. Patient six makes a fist after hearing Valentin and Cassadine.

Franco texts Betsy. Elizabeth tells Franco that it was so nice of Betsy to come to the show. Franco really appreciates that she showed up. Franco knows she can be a little out there. Franco thinks that she is sweet. Elizabeth wonders if he is ok. She knows it is the first show in years. Franco forgot how much he hated kissing up to gallery people. Elizabeth thinks that they can do this together. Franco feels that the whole point is to make money. Franco wants them to split up to get all the potential buyers covered. Elizabeth goes to mingle and Franco leaves.

Curtis doesn’t plan to snitch on Sonny. He doesn’t plan to do anything illegal. He didn’t do anything illegal with Olivia Jerome. Jordan doesn’t think that Sonny is stupid. He will see how good Curtis is and then open up the doors to career advancement. Curtis guesses that she thinks that he will get caught up in illegal activity. Jordan feels that Sonny will pull him in little by little until he cannot pull himself out. Jordan thinks that working for Sonny means that you are stupid or you are leveraging your position. Which in this case is being the police commissioner’s boyfriend.

Griffin understands why Sam thought that Jason was waking up. Squeezing her hand doesn’t mean that he is waking up. It is an involuntary muscle spasm. Sam knows that Jason heard her. Griffin doesn’t think that this will be the last time Jason does this. Griffin wants Sam to keep talking to him. He doesn’t know what he is fighting for. He wants Sam to take care. He walks away. Sonny thinks that they have to keep talking. Sam doesn’t think that any of the doctors know anything. She was so close to sending Jason away. She is not doing it. She is taking him home.

Jordan asks if Curtis even thought about the department. Jordan is responsible for people’s lives. She wonders how it looks if she is dating a rising star in the Corinthos organization. Curtis asks why she should care what they think. Jordan asks if Curtis even thought about how she feels about him offering to work for the Godfather of Port Charles the day after saying he loves her. If she didn’t know him better, then she would think he planned this. Curtis thinks that this is about Jordan. Curtis thought that she wasn’t going to look for problems anymore. Jordan did but now she has one in her face and she is not going to ignore it.

Sonny thinks that if she thinks that Sonny has the best shot at recovery at home they can do it. They need to make sure they have the right equipment. Sonny reminds her about the children. Sam says that Danny knows Jason is sick. They will see him in bed and be scared. Sam will explain it to Danny. They are going to have to be comfortable with all the people in the house all day long. Sonny knows she doesn’t want to think about this but it could take a while for Jason to get better. He knows she doesn’t want to think about this but it could take a while for Jason to get better. His opinion is that she needs to sit Danny down and be clear with him that Jason might not wake up for a while. He is telling her because he went through this with Michael. It makes children grow up really fast. He asks if she is sure that this is what she wants.

Someone rings Anna’s doorbell. It is Griffin. Griffin wonders if she found out any of the information on the clinic. Anna hasn’t but it will take some time. Robert is looking into it. Griffin is not sure if he can wait. He just watched Sam and Sonny be in so much pain. Griffin cannot stop hearing voices say that Ava could end up like Jason. Anna promises that he will hear as soon as she does. Griffin thanks her. Anna says she is going on a trip tonight.

Ava assumes the doctor has had other dealings with Cassadine’s. He believes that they are infamous. Ava does know of their reputation. She became close with one of the Cassadine’s who is no longer with them. He was the exception to the rule.

Scott tells Elizabeth that the paintings are selling like hot cakes. Scott feels that Franco has a lot to be proud of. Elizabeth is glad that Franco has parents to be proud of. Scott wonders what Elizabeth thinks about Betsy. Elizabeth feels that she seems a little fragile. She is sweet though. She obviously loves him. She already went back to the Metro Court. Scott asks where Franco is. Elizabeth hasn’t seen him in a while.

Franco walks into Betsy’s rom. He says it is him. No one answers him.

Curtis wonders if he cannot work with Sonny then. Jordan is not going to tell Curtis what he can and cannot do. Curtis thinks it sounds like that. Jordan feels that he is going to have to learn to prioritize things. Either he wants a relationship with Sonny or her. He cannot have both.

Sam assumes that Sonny doesn’t think that Jason should come home with her. Sonny doesn’t think it matters what he thinks. He thinks that it is what Jason would want. Sonny believes that Jason would want to come home with her and the children. He is not going to be able to move or talk though. Sam knows that Spinelli said the same thing. Sam guesses that she is just supposed to surrender him to strangers. Sonny thinks that she is surrendering to faith. She will allow herself to let go. She will believe he will come back to her. Sam says ok. She asks if this can be close by. Sonny thinks no question. Sonny will visit him always. The two hug each other.

Someone puts a sold sticker on the imaginary friend picture. Elizabeth tells a woman it is not for sale. The woman says that Scott says it was and said ok to the purchase price. Elizabeth needs to tell the buyer it was a mistake.

Scott finds Franco. He wonders how it went with Betsy. Franco says it didn’t. Housekeeping was cleaning up the room. She checked out.

Griffin is shocked that Anna is leaving town tonight. Anna is not abandoning the search. She can monitor the search from the fields. Someone rings the bell and it is Finn. Finn didn’t know what to bring so he brought everything. Griffin asks if Finn is going with her. Anna tells him to wait in her car. Anna will be in touch with Griffin. She can get him the documentation. She begs him not to take matters in his own hands. If he is right about this then he could be in danger as well.

Ava wonders when her procedure could start. The doctor needs to perform a detailed evaluation. Ava is ready when he is. The doctor tells Marissa to have exam room one prepared. The doctor says the most he can offer her is pity. Ava wonders what else she can expect. The doctor cannot repair her soul. She will have to find happiness elsewhere. Ava thinks that is fine. Ava ask about patient six. She asks why he is here. The doctor says that she cannot ask about other patients. Ava is sorry. He thinks that patient six is dangerous. She needs to leave him alone.

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