GH Update Monday 8/20/18

General Hospital Update Monday 8/20/18


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

In the prison visiting room, Madeline admits to Valentin that she thought he would be taller. Valentin assumes she has been following his press. Madeline hears things. She cannot fathom a reason why he would be here. Valentin knows she has information that he can use.

Nina is confused. She wants to know how he can buy the Invader. Peter plans to change the content. Maxie wonders how he could afford it. Peter is not entirely without resources. Nina guesses enough to spread sensationalistic gossip about the latest athlete who married the popstar. Maxie notices the headlines by her building. Peter promises they will be readers soon enough.

Outside, Drew finds Margaux. He wants to know why she kissed him and then ran off.

Alexis tells Julian she has to go. They are waiting for them. At Charlies, Julian can come back and watch Wiley. Alexis thinks that Bobbie has Wiley. Lucas and Brad need a lawyer. She needs him to take care of himself. Sam walks over and asks if that was Julian. Alexis explains that he is pretty upset. Sam knows of two other people who are even more upset.

In her living room Carly gets off the phone with Bobbie. She loves her. Michael is there. He asks if she needs a hand with the baby. Carly thinks she has it under control. Sonny wonders how Michael is holding up. Michael wants them to have a good ending.

Brad wants to know why they haven’t heard anything. Lucas thinks they will be terrified together. Alexis is sorry to have delivered this news to them during this ill-fitted celebration. Lucas wants to know if they are about to lose their soon.

Lulu is working at The Floating Rib and Chase walks over to the bar. Lulu walks over and asks if he had a long day. Chase wanted to work another shift but Jordan made him go home. Lulu is working on a new story about bars. She asks why he is here all alone. Chase thinks that he could have either gone home or stayed here alone. The ghosts stay with him either way.

Carly thinks that they don’t know what will happen with Brad and Lucas. They might be able to keep Wiley. Michael is really hopeful that she is right. Michael has to get going. Sonny suggests he stick around. Michael loves them both but he needs to clear his head. He promises that he is fine. He wants them to call if anything comes up. Michael walks out.

Alexis explains that Wiley’s custody has yet to be decided. Alexis tells them that there are protections in place for the adoption contract. Sam wonders what kind. Alexis tells them that the judge will need to hear a petition from both sides. Lucas wonders what the chances are of them getting custody over the birth mother.

Margaux knows it was a kiss. It doesn’t need to be so complicated. Drew thinks that she is trying to seduce him into helping her.

Nina knows that Peter was good at running Aurora. She would think that running a rag mag like the Invader is a stepdown for him. Peter wants to change the brand. He wants to keep page five the gossip. Maxie guesses the Invaders standards will not be completely changed. Peter wants her to join him. Nina promotes Maxie has been promoted at work. Peter congratulates her.

Madeline can see why her daughter was drawn to him. Valentin asks if she is familiar with Nora Buchannan. Madeline thinks that the name sounds familiar. Valentin explains that she is a great defense lawyer. She is great at arguing over the poral boards. Madeline lacks the funds to hire her. Valentin doesn’t. Valentin wants to know what really happened during Nina’s coma. Madeline thinks that he should know, that Nina would frown upon this meeting. Valentin promises Nina will never know. Madeline guesses they can consider it a deal. Madeline asks what he wants to know. Valentin wants to know everything. He wants to know about her medical records. Valentin knows she gave her drugs that put her in a coma and created a miscarriage. Valentin doesn’t think that is what happened. Valentin thinks that she put her in a coma but he thinks that Nina had the baby and it survived.

Maxie wants to take an everyday woman and put her in a makeover. Nina wants to go to the office to celebrate the promotion. She calls for Julian. Julian walks over. Maxie asks what is going on. Julian explains that Lucas and Brad might lose their son.

Alexis doesn’t have any ideas with this case. Alexis knows the amount of times the judge has decided on the adoptive parents. It would be the first. Brad walks out. He cannot be here.

Sonny wonders how Avery is doing. Carly says she is down for the count. Carly is doing everything she can to distract herself from the funeral. Carly cannot stand the thought of Michael being alone. Carly knows he will not open up to anyone. The walls keep going back up. Carly thinks this is all just an act. An armor against the pain. Sonny knows that they will be here for Michael when he needs them.

Chase cannot stop thinking about the people who die when he tried to save them. Chase feels the doubts and regrets catch up. Michael walks over and asks if this seat is taken. Lulu is so sorry for his loss. She hugs him.

Margaux cannot remember the last time she has been so insulted. Drew would be labeled a harasser if he had done that to her. Margaux is not working an agenda. She kissed him because she liked him. Drew asks what that was based on. Margaux thought he was worth getting to know. She thinks he is a paranoid egomaniac. She thinks he is so messed up he cannot even realize that a woman is attracted to him.

Sonny suggests they try to get some sleep. Carly heard that Julian showed up making accusations against him. Sonny doesn’t want her to worry. Carly thinks it is to late.

Julian leaves Kim a message. He could use a friend right now. Brad shows up. He needs Julian’s help.

Lucas tells Sam and Alexis that Brad is still not answering. Alexis wants to give him time. Sam needs to track him down. Lucas will pass along the info for him. Alexis will do everything in her power to keep his son. Lucas knows that Brad was so positive about the baby. Brad wishes he could tell Brad the baby will be alright. Alexis doesn’t have any easy answers.

Lulu knows that Dante would be here if he could. Michael wants him to stay safe. Lulu needs him to tell her if he needs anything. She tells Chase not to over due it. Her couch is closed for business. She goes to sit down. Peter is there. He thanks her for meeting with him. Lulu asks how he heard the Invader was sold. Peter didn’t hear it. He bought it. He thinks the story is hers if she writes it for him. Lulu writes for the press. Peter is poaching her.

Maxie reads that Bobbie says the baby is fine. Nina doesn’t really knows them but her heart is breaking for them. Maxie knows they have been waiting for a baby for so long. It has been taken for them. Nina never stops missing her child.

Madeline feels that he has spent to much time with Nina. He has picked up her bad habit of wishful thinking. Valentin thinks his theory is correct. Madeline thinks that there is no baby. Valentin thinks that Nina had a daughter. Madeline has had enough of this. Valentin reminds her that she had Nina in a coma for twenty years. The medical records show she wasn’t there the entire time. Eight months. That number is relevant. Madeline has no idea what he is talking about. Valentin asks if Nina had a daughter and if the girl survived. Madeline confirms she did.

Peter promises Lulu she gets to pick her own assignments. No more human interest pieces unless she wants them to be. She can go wherever she wants. Lulu reminds him that the Invader doesn’t seek out truth. Peter is revamping. Lulu cannot see it taking a respectable place. Peter is not going to disrupt his readers so long as they are reading truth. Peter shows her a preview of tomorrow front page. He shows her Drew and Margaux kissing.

Drew knows she said she liked him. Margaux did not anymore. Drew doesn’t even remember the relationship he had with the mother of his son and he just divorced the mother of his daughter. He might possibly like her so it is hard for him to admit it. Margaux suggests working on his technique. Drew knows he could do better.

Nina thought for a minute that Madeline wanted to connect. Nina knows she wanted to use her or James. Nina is smart and a business woman. She is professional. Maxie knows she has a nephew that will adore him. Nina has everything but a child of her own. Nina should get over it. She does find herself and trying to find a way to have a child. Maxie had no idea she was still in so much pain. Nina just feels so bad, as well for Michael. She feels bad. She knows everyone has pain. She can say with certainty that there is nothing worse than losing a child no matter how it happens.

Valentin tells Madeline to tell him everything. Madeline thinks he knows it. Madeline got the dosage wrong. The baby held on. Madeline wouldn’t have tried again. She hired a very discrete nurse and she looked after Nina while she delivered. Madeline is not exactly the grandmotherly type so she got rid of her.

Sonny did a job for Scully and it was a problem. He got rid of the evidence in Croton. He didn’t know that Mike followed him. He figured if the cops found out they would go to PC. Carly asks if this incriminating body is at Charlies. Sonny says that Julian is trying to remodel.

Maxie thinks that it sounds like Nina never really got to mourn the loss of her baby. Nina asks how she grieves for something that never existed. At least Brad and Lucas got to hold their child. Her child was taken away before she ever could. Maxie thinks she needs to grieve for her baby. Nina thinks that Maxie forgot to mention her as a highlight in her life. She is lucky to have her in her life.

Madeline couldn’t have the girl be part of her family. She gave the child up for adoption. Madeline didn’t have a traditional adoption. She didn’t want to be identified. Valentin asks if she really has no way of tracking down Nina’s daughter. Madeline has the power, but not until she is released.

Sonny says that Julian cannot get a decent contractor. Carly knows sooner or later Julian will find a way. Sonny thinks he could sell to him first. Carly asks if the body can be tied back to her. Sonny thinks it might be.

Chase woke up on Lulu’s couch. Rocco was asking if he wanted pancakes. The women at a table behind them buy them drinks. Michael is not so sure how much fun he would be tonight. Michael is burying his son tomorrow.

Lucas asks how long they have with Wiley. Alexis says they have days. Sam asks if they can use the fact the birth mother waited until the last minute. Alexis will show the court that Wiley is in a safe home. Lucas has to go and get Brad at Charlies. He will call them.

Julian thought that Brad was with Alexis. Brad is going to lose Wiley. They were almost in the clear. Julian thinks they could get the baby. Brad is not going to lose Wiley to his birthmother. Wiley is not her son to take.

Lulu has a good thing going at the press. Peter thinks she has page one stories for being in the right place at the right time. Lulu asks if this is how she is wooed. Peter thinks that the press has a lot of other people in senior positions. Lulu thinks he makes a good sales pitch. Lulu thinks that things are to good to be true normally are. Peter thinks if Lulu doesn’t show up on Friday he will assume she was not interested. He expects her to drive a hard bargain.

Nina and Maxie look at pictures of Mac giving James a bath. Maxie wants Nina to come home with her tonight they can watch movies.

Madeline wants Nora to contact her as soon as possible. Madeline thinks that Nina would be upset about finding out that Valentin was here. Valentin is not sure how many years would be added on for an illegal adoption. Madeline thinks that he will never find Nina’s daughter. Valentin gets the satisfaction of knowing she will rot in here.

Sonny knows that the guy will know that he worked for Scully. Sonny thinks the gun is the issue. He buried it with the body. It wasn’t in the grave. If his dad buried the gun they could get prints. All they need is a trace. The new DA will be all over it. She would love to put him away for murder.

Drew will not talk about Jason or Sonny. Just two people trying to get to know each other. Margaux wants him to try acting like a normal person. Drew agrees. Drew gets on his phone. He needs a full background check on Margaux.

Chase asks why Michael doesn’t hate him. Michael thinks he is doing a good job of that himself. Michael is sorry he ever met Nelle. He is sorry he has no plans to make. The last nine months that is all he did. Tomorrow, his only plan is burying the child he never got a chance to have. After that there is nothing to think about. Other than what he would do if his child lived.

Brad keeps trying to figure out how this got to this point. Brad thought that he and Lucas would finally be happy. They will go to prison. Lucas walks in.

Alexis thanks Sam for the tea. Sam wonders what the chances are. Alexis thinks there is always hope just not much.

Brad is sorry for running out. He couldn’t breathe or think straight. Julian thinks that Lucas needs looking after as much as Brad does. Lucas knows they will deal with this together. The two walk out.

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