GH Update Monday 12/10/18

General Hospital Update Monday 12/10/18


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Julian finds an outfit for Ava to wear. Julian informs her that it is time. Ava just cannot let her go.

Ryan runs into Jordan at the church. Jordan thinks that Kiki was a strong person. Jordan needs to see if the killer will show up to enjoy his handywork.

Nina and Sasha find Franco inside. Nina tells him it looks beautiful. Franco doesn’t think it compares to all the beauty that she brought to this world.

Margaux tells Drew that she is offering him to be able to have his true self again. She begs him to take it. Drew wants a future for his children. Unless, she has a cure for cancer in her pocket she needs to back off.

Jason shows up at Oscar’s room. Oscar asks if Alexis talked to him about his will. Jason is honored that he would ask him. Jason cannot do it though.

Marcus is sorry to drop by like this but they need to keep Mike away from his wife. Marcus just needs them to understand that Mike is endangering Yvonne’s health.

Alexis finds Griffin outside the church. Griffin doesn’t think he should be here. He wonders how she could be gone.

Julian tells Ava she needs to get ready. She will regret not going to Kiki’s service. Ava thinks if she steps into that church then it will be real. Her daughter will be buried in a box. Someone knocks on the door. Ava only wants to see her daughter on the other side of the door. Julian goes to open it and it is Michael with Avery. Avery hugs Ava. Michael explains that Avery needs to know what happened and they all thought that she needed to know from her. Avery asks if Kiki will be here soon. Ava wonders if Avery knows that Kiki loves her very much. Her favorite thing in the world was to be with her. She wished that Kiki could be with them. There was a terrible accident though and Kiki was hurt very badly. Avery asks if Kiki is ok. Ava looks at Michael. Michael nods. Ava admits that Kiki was hurt so badly that no one was able to make her better again. She can’t be with them anymore. Avery wants her. Ava does as well. Ava wants her so badly.

Jason understands that he is upset at his parents but he doesn’t want to further that. Oscar thinks that if he asks either of his parents for help with the will then it will destroy them. Jason thinks it sounds like he expects to die.

Margaux is really sorry that Oscar is sick. Drew knows she wants something back if she gives him that. Margaux wonders if he really thinks she is incapable of a meaningful gesture. Margaux tells him that everything he wants is on this. She wonders why he is so afraid to take it.

Marcus is expecting his wife. Marcus means no disrespect. He has been married for thirty years. Yvonne is still his wife. The disease has not destroyed that. Carly doesn’t think anyone has

Jordan would really like Ryan’s take on this murder case. Ryan is definitely concerned about the well-being of the community. Jordan thinks they will be in touch. She finds TJ and Molly. Jordan promises to find out who did this. Lulu is shocked to see Kevin here. She doesn’t even recognize him anymore. Sasha finds Griffin. She knows they haven’t spoken since Ava drugged her. Griffin knows that Kiki felt bad that Ava was responsible for pushing them apart. Griffin thinks it was impossible not to love Kiki. Elizabeth asks Franco if she can get him anything. Elizabeth promises that she is here and he is not alone. Franco just wants to stay here with Kiki for a little bit. Elizabeth hugs him.

Ava thanks Avery for coming over. She loves her very much. Michael suggests that Avery go with Julian and wait by the elevator. Julian takes her. Ava thanks him for bringing her over. Michael knows that Kiki would want them to put their differences aside. He is sorry for her loss. Michael leaves. Ava looks in the mirror. Julian walks back in. Julian is sorry she has to go through this. Ava knows what she needs to do.

Drew made peace with the way things are. He is not going to go chasing his past. Margaux has a feeling that one day he will want to know what is on the hard drive. She thinks he knows where they are now.

Oscar needs someone who won’t fall apart if he tells him things. Jason will see if he can do it.

Molly thinks this feels so wrong. Kiki taken like this. It was unfair. They were taught to fight injustice. She hates feeling useless. Alexis does as well.

Scott asks if Ryan has become a cop. Ryan is helping the police on the insight of the killer. Ryan does know how a killer thinks.

Oscar was taken around PC to see all the things that the Quartermaine’s were given. Oscar wants to establish something for kids that are sick. He wants something picked out for all of the people important. He wants everything else gotten rid of. He doesn’t want his room turned into a shrine. Jason can respect that he wants to do what he does with the stock but he shouldn’t be upset with other things. Jason will honor his wishes on one condition. When he beats this, he gets Alexis to draft up a new will with a new executor.

Carly thinks that Yvonne and Mike are good company for each other. Sonny is sure they will see each other again. Sonny gets that it is hard for him. Carly does as well. She thinks that Yvonne and Mike’s friendship is a good thing. Sonny is just grateful that Mike can have one bit of happiness no matter how he finds it.

TJ tells Epiphany and Lulu that the med students started a go-fund-me about teaching sexual harassment.

Sasha thinks she should go. Nina thinks if she stays she will get to know her a little better. Nina needs her daughter by her side.

Elizabeth wonders if Griffin is ok. Griffin thinks she deserved so much more. Elizabeth admits that Kiki was hopeful for the two of them. He made her really happy. Griffin never should have left her that day. Elizabeth knows she died because a sick person chose to take her from them. Ava shows up with Julian. Ryan finds her. Julian thanks Kevin for coming. Ryan wants her to lean on him.

Drew tell Jason he can have the flash drive. Margaux had it the whole time. Drew wonders what they even do with this now.

The priest asks them to all take their seats. They are all here to celebrate the life of Kiki. Franco is asked to speak. Franco was not Kiki’s biological father but Kiki didn’t care at all. She continued to choose him and she allowed and insisted that he remain her father figure. He loves Kiki very much. Franco is certain that Kiki had no idea how much he loved her. He wonders if he took that for granted. Kiki would be happy that she got them all in the same room. They could all be kind to one another for a moment. Kiki loved sunflowers. It is so resilient. Kiki was not perfect. Kiki couldn’t tell a joke. She put ketchup on her eggs. He though that was wrong. She wouldn’t change her mind. He for one knows how stubborn she was because she wouldn’t give up on him. Any of them in this room. They all better people because of Kiki. She was the best. Griffin walks to the front of the room. Ava demands that he be stopped. Griffin explains that he would never lose his faith. That was in a world with Kiki. He doesn’t know if he has it without her. He wants to honor her today but his soul is empty. He knows she loved them all very much. Epiphany sings a song.

Dew doesn’t know what to do with it. Drew doesn’t want to have Jason’s memories but he doesn’t want to lose the ones that are not his. Jason suggests one day he might be able to use it without losing anything.

Carly goes to see Morgan. Sonny is left alone for a minute.

Ava is at the grave. Ava knows what they are thinking. How could she produce a good child. She can see it in their faces. She didn’t deserve Kiki and she wanted her to die. She knows that they all want to say it.

Alexis suggests that they stay with her. TJ suggests coming over for dinner tomorrow. Alexis loves them both. Epiphany finds Alexis and they hug. Alexis thinks it is good to see her. Jason finds Alexis and asks if she is alright. Jason saw Oscar. He agreed to it. Alexis thinks that is comforting for him. Jason hopes he doesn’t have to step up.

Drew watches Oscar. He puts a blanket on him. He holds him.

Sonny lights a candle. He begs God that Kiki be given an easy package. They need the comfort of knowing that Kiki and Morgan are together. His faith falls short. He needs help trusting God’s mercy. He asks him for the grace to believe again.

Jordan tells Margaux that she cannot tell of anyone who could have killed Kiki.

Ava asks if any of them has the courage to say what they are thinking. She wants them all to admit that this is what she deserves. Ava asks if Carly thinks otherwise. &# 9;

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