GH Update Monday 7/24/17

General Hospital Update Monday 7/24/17


Written by Anthony

Dante tells an officer to take another officer named Andy with him to go on the search for Spencer. He hands him posters with Spencer’s name on them. The officer leaves. Nathan screams at someone on the phone to bring in footage they supposedly have. He slams the phone on them. Dante turns around and asks if he has been here all night. Nathan admits he has. He is to riled up to sleep. Spencer is still missing and Valentin is out on bail thanks to his sister. Dante thinks that he could be a little nicer to the people who are trying to help them. He also might want to go home and get some sleep. Nathan isn’t feeling the empty apartment. Dante needs fresh eyes on this case. He has this covered. Nathan says he will be back. Oscar shows up and says he has information on Spencer.

Joss walks over to her front door when Carly walks over and wonders if she is heading out. Joss admits she wants to help out with the volunteer service. Carly knows she is worried but every resource is being used. So, in the meant time the search is going to go on without them. Carly reminds her she is still grounded. Joss wonders how she can forget. Carly reminds her that they were just discussing why she is grounded. Joss was going to text her when she got there. Carly wants to know about Oscar. She thought she would meet him today. Joss doesn’t think that Oscar is like how she thinks. He is a nice guy. Carly is glad. She can meet him then.

Sonny gets a text with a picture of Spencer in the basement. He wants to know what son of a bitch would do this to him.

Jason pours a bucket of water on Valentin to wake him up. Valentin is tied to a chair. He assumes that he wants to ask him a question.

Sonny texts the person back asking what they want in exchange for his nephew.

Jason sees that Valentin missed a text. He might be missing a few more. Valentin suggests that Jason ask him what he wants to know. Jason wants to know where Spencer Cassadine is.

Mac is eating at the Floating Rib when a bag he has on the table falls over. It reveals lingerie. Nathan who is at the bar thinks those are a little pretty for him. Mac guesses he is a comedian now. Nathan suggests that if those are for Felicia he might need to gouge out his eyes. If they aren’t then he didn’t see anything. Mac says of course they are for Felicia. Mac wants to make his wife feel like the special woman she is. Mac asks if there is any news on Spencer. Nathan was told to get some food and rest. Mac feels that is good advice. Mac knows that sometimes it is good to be occupied. Nathan needs to recharge for the investigation. He just doesn’t want to go home and think about Maxie.

Dante looks at two evidence bags and asks if Oscar found them. Oscar did. He didn’t touch them or anything. He didn’t want to contaminate the scene. Dante wonders what makes him think that they belonged to Spencer. Oscar explains that there is a game the councilors play with the campers that involves historical figures. The kid that is it has to ask questions until they guess the name. They played that game the morning Spencer disappeared. Oscar knows that they are Spencer’s because he was there when the councilor gave it to him. They also have a partial footprint. Dante wonders where they found this. The officer says that it was an old shed by the parking lot. Dante thanks Oscar and asks him to leave his name with the desk clerk when he leaves in case they need to talk with him. Oscar hopes he finds him. Spencer is really important to a friend of his.

Joss already told Carly. Oscar cannot come over. He is busy. Carly wants to know what he is doing if there is no camp. Joss says he is with the volunteers looking for Spencer. Carly knows that is where she was headed before she stopped her. Joss really wants to help. Carly doesn’t think that this is her fault. She couldn’t have stopped it. Carly is not happy with her behavior lately. She doesn’t know if it is because of this boy or her. It is really affecting her ability to trust her. Joss’s phone goes off. Carly picks it up. Joss reminds her that is her phone. Carly knows. She bought it for her and pays the monthly fee. It’s from Oscar. He has some information and would like to hang out with her. Carly tell her to invite him over. She wants to meet him.

Valentin would like to know if Laura was his diversion or if he was able to capitalize off her hysteria when he strangled him. Jason saw a woman begging for information on her kidnapped grandchild. So here they are. Valentin didn’t take that boy. Jason is betting he will get his memory of where Spencer is one way or the other. He can promise him that. Jason takes out a knife.

Sonny gets a text. They wonder if Sonny looked long enough. Sonny wants to know what they want. They text back saying they want 20,000 dollars with no cops or associates or the kid dies.

Mac was thinking about canceling poker night but maybe Nathan needs the company. Mac is surprising Felicia. Nathan asks if this is a birthday or anniversary. Mac says no and he isn’t making up for anything either. He just wants to go out of his way for her and put her needs before his. He needs to put a little something back into their marriage.

The doorbell rings and Carly yells to Joss that it is. Joss says she has it. She opens the door and finds Oscar who is wearing a tie and holding two sets of flowers. He wonders if it is too much. Joss doesn’t think so. She thinks he looks great. They walk into the living room. Carly says hello to him. She has heard so much about him. She introduces herself. Oscar shakes her hand. Carly wonders if the flowers are for her. Oscar explains that he didn’t know what her favorite flowers were so he thought he would cover the basis. Carly thinks that he went all out. Carly wonders who scared him into making a good impression. Joss or Sonny. Oscar claims neither. He just wanted her to know that he is cool in a good way. Carly will go put these in water. Carly would offer him a tour, but since he already attended a party here he already knows what it looks like. While everyone was outside in the hot tub, he was here inside alone with Joss drinking illegally. She walks out of the room.

Valerie and Dante are looking over the evidence. Dante assumes that it looks like this from all the rain. Dante finds security footage from the parking lot. He needs Valerie to find officers who live in the area. Dante is going over every second of footage.

Jason tells Valentin if he wants to see Charlotte, he will tell him where he can find Spencer. Valentin wishes he could help him. So, he tells Jason to do what he wants to do. It won’t do any good though because he didn’t take Spencer. He doesn’t know where he is. Every minute that he wastes with him is a minute they could be looking for him.

Sonny shows up at the location with the money. He says he is here. He calls out wondering what is wrong. He asks if they are afraid to meet him face to face. Someone shoots a gun off and hits Sonny. He falls to the ground.

Valerie wonders if Dante sees anything. Dante thinks the quality is terrible. He sees no one dragging a kid into a car. Dante finds something. This is a half hour before Spencer went missing. A car parks at an angle that the cameras cannot pick up. Dante doesn’t think that this is a coincidence. Valerie sees a male driver but they cannot see his face. Dante sees him again. Dante can tell he is nervous. He is leaving the parking lot. Valerie says that there are cameras at a cottage and two banks and ATM machines. She will get additional footage.

Mac needs to keep things fresh in a marriage. He is giving him good advice. Mac suggests that Nathan order Maxie’s favorite. A volcano burger. Nathan needs something normal. He has been eating nothing but junk lately. Mac suggests they hit the gym then and he can give him some pointers. Nathan doesn’t think he needs pointers. He is in good shape Mac could step up his game. Nathan remembers giving advice to someone during his Man Landers interview that sounds like Mac in his head. Mac thinks he is a lucky man and Felicia is a smoking hot gal. He needs to show her that he is still pretty good too.

Carly doesn’t know if Joss told Oscar that she isn’t much of a cook. Snacks she can make though. Oscar thinks that they are delicious. Oscar is really sorry about the drinking. He isn’t an alcoholic or anything. Joss has said sorry a zillion times. Oscar feels really bad. He read once that you only get one chance to make a first impression. He is sorry he blew his. Carly feels that is very true. Oscar wants to make it up to her. Carly wants to know where he got the drinks. Oscar says that another guy there had his cousin buy for them. He was over 21. He knows that doesn’t excuse him for drinking it. Carly has a few problems here. If one of these kids had gotten injured or left here she could have been sued. They shouldn’t be drinking because they are underage and Joss really cannot drink because she only has one kidney. When Joss is old enough to drink she will have to have that conversation with her doctor to find out what is safe. Oscar had no idea. Joss doesn’t think this is his fault. Carly also doesn’t think that this was an isolated incident for him and his friends. Which leads her to believe that he has previous experience drinking. Oscar really doesn’t. It was just here so he had a little. Carly asks if it was just that once in her house. Oscar admits it wasn’t just this one.

A man walks up to Sonny who is passed out. He kicks his body and Sonny quickly turns over shooting at him. It is revealed to be Garvey. Sonny wants to know what he is doing here. Sonny thought he got rid of him in Puerto Ricco. Sonny informs him that if he doesn’t tell him where Spencer is he is going to finish the job.

Jason puts the knife on Valentin’s leg. He assumes that this is the part where he claims he would never hurt a child. Valentin thinks it is true. He is a father and he knows what that means. Valentin once gave Jason help with his own son. He told him how much it means to him to have a child in his life. Jason feels it sounds like he would kill for his daughter. Valentin would have killed him a long time ago if he wanted to. Spencer is a brat and not worth all that matters to him.

Oscar won’t lie. He has had beer a couple of times. He did it to be cool. He knows it was peer pressure and he doesn’t even like beer that much. He wanted to fit in and get along. That is dumb too he guesses. The whole popular crowed thing isn’t really him. He wouldn’t do it ever again if it cost him his friendship with Joss. She is the only real friend she has. The other kids in town are not really into the stuff he is into. Carly asks what kind of stuff he is into. Oscar likes music. Carly wonders what kind of music. Oscar likes classical mostly. He plays the piano. Oscar knows she is an amazing soccer player. He knows that Joss is smart and funny. She is special. Carly agrees. So naturally she will do whatever she has to do to protect her. Oscar thinks that is cool in a good way. He promises nothing stupid will ever happen again. Carly wonders where he is from. Oscar is from Ohio. His mother got transferred. Carly wonders about his father. Oscar never really knew him and his mom doesn’t really like talking about him. Carly would love to hear more about the piano. She wants to know how old he was when he started playing.

Valerie spoke with the security companies and they are emailing over the footage now. Dante says that he just got one. He has the time and intersection. He wants to get a plate. It still is not good enough to get a plate but they are in a residential area. Valerie is going to look for convicts and sex offenders in the area. Dante thinks that this is good. They are on to something and might be getting closer here.

Valentin sure wouldn’t have taken Spencer in a public part in broad daylight. Jason suggests he hired people. Valentin just got off of doing life. He sure isn’t going to ruin that. He sure as hell isn’t going to ruin his chance with Charlotte by kidnapping her annoying cousin. Jason believes him. Valentin is glad. He asks if he can get out of these restraints.

Sonny stands up and demands to know where Spencer is. He demands to know now. Garvey admits he is in an abandoned structure. Sonny wants to know how he is still alive. Garvey is going to get his phone. He has a camera on him at all times. Sonny wants to know when this was taken. Garvey has the time and date on the ground. Sonny explains that as much as he wants to kill him he is going to call the cops. Sam shows up. Sonny tells him to stay right there. Sonny looks confused while looking at Sam.

Nathan is starting to crash. He will eat later. They can do the gym but they will do it later. Nathan wonders if he has been reading a lot of self-help books. Mac is going to tell him something but he has to swear to not tell another soul. Mac thinks sometimes stuff just clicks. He wrote to this advice guy online. He asks if he knows Ask Man landers.

Dante gets off the phone. There are no sex offenders of convicts in the neighborhood. Dante feels that is good news. He found an abandoned house. He is going to go check it out. Dante feels she was a huge help today. Valerie admits that much of the credit goes to that kid Oscar.

Joss asks if Oscar really found Spencer’s post-it-notes. She thinks that is amazing. Oscar recognized them from the game they played yesterday morning. Dante told him… Joss explains that he is her step-brother. Carly says that he is Sonny’s oldest son. Oscar thought he was really decent to him. Carly says that they are all over. Oscar didn’t mean anything. Carly is just kidding. Dante appreciated his help/ Joss thinks that Oscar might have broken the case. Carly thinks he should be proud of himself. Oscar gets a text from his mom. He has to get going. Carly thinks that is ok. Oscar says he will see Joss later he hopes. He says goodbye to Carly. He leaves. Joss asks if Oscar really needed to know about her kidney. She doesn’t tell everyone that. Carly knows but he didn’t seem to mind. They can keep being friends and she likes him. Joss thanks her. She is the best. The two hug each other.

Jason will let him go. If he makes a move against him he will take him down. Valentin suggests whoever took Spencer might just want leverage or revenge.

Sonny tells Garvey if he moves then he dies. Sonny wants to know what Sam is doing here. She came for him. He wasn’t very careful. Sonny tells her to call Jason and let him know that Garvey has Spencer stashed in a house. Garvey tries to move and Sonny shoots him again. Sonny guesses they can call Jason in a car. Sam pulls a gun on him. She tells him they are not going anywhere.

Mac is glad that Nathan decided to order takeout after all. He wants Nathan to get some rest. He will cancel poker for tonight and then grab some flowers for his special lady. Nathan thinks it sounds like a plan. Nathan calls Amy and wonders how her brother is. Nathan says they have a problem. Things just got really weird. Maxie walks in saying she couldn’t agree more.

Dante walks into the basement with back up screaming for Spencer. He finds Spencer’s glasses broken on the floor.

Valentin is free. He sees a text from Charlotte asking where he is. He leaves Charlotte a message saying he loves her.

Joss tells Oscar he is sorry about Carly. She hopes he is ok. Oscar is fine. His mom is taking him to lunch right now. He doesn’t get to spend much time with her so he doesn’t mind. It looks like he is in a strip club. Joss says that Carly might like him. Oscar guesses they can hang out. He cannot believe this day. His life is on the upswing. She might be a terrible friend. Oscar doubts it. Joss would love to go paddle boating. Joss mentions water skiing. Sonny has a boat. Oscar feels this will be the best summer ever.

Carly walks into Sonny’s house and calls for Sonny. She says she met Oscar. Jason is sitting at his desk. Carly wonders what he is doing here. She knows he is helping Sonny and asks if he found anything. Jason spoke to Valentin and he didn’t do it. Sonny isn’t here.

Sam demands he toss the gun. Sam screams that he drops it. Jason isn’t coming to help him ever again. Now he can die.

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