GH Update Monday 2/19/18

General Hospital Update Monday 2/19/18


Written by Anthony

Curtis walks over to Julian. He thinks that Charles Street is lit right now. You have people campaigning for both Alexis and Ned. He thinks that the future of the neighborhood rests in the future of the vote.

Alexis and Ned cast their votes and take a picture together.

Molly is on the phone doing campaigning and walks into Charlie’s. She asks for two Julian’s girlfriend coffees to go. Curtis wonders where this drink came from. Julian explains his new friend helped him make it. He isn’t sure what Molly likes more. The drink or the fact he has a new friend.

Griffin asked Mike earlier to repeat three words. He asks if he remembers what they were. Mike says that there was light, and he cannot remember what other words there are. Griffin says that he is doing great. He wants to switch over to showing pictures. He asks what the first picture is. Mike says cat, but it is a lion. Mike says cow, but it is a rhino. Sonny doesn’t want him to rush. He is doing great. Mike thinks he knows what a cow looks like.

Peter knows that it is no thanks to him that his death has left a hole in Maxie’s life. In his baby’s life. He never intended him to get hurt. He never imagined he would end up like this and yet here they are. He should leave PC and take their twisted father’s legacy with him. That won’t bring him back though. Maxie walks over and thinks he has done enough.

Sam thinks this is another one of Faison’s mind games. Anna knows they were always designed to cause the maximum amount of destruction. Even from his grave he is pitting the two of them against each other. Sam thinks that there is no proof he left any answers. He just wants them to destroy each other. Anna guesses if Faison could get satisfaction in hell this would be one way to do it.

Griffin is going to say three numbers and he wants Mike to repeat them back in reverse. Griffin says 7-4-2. Mike screws up. He asks for water. Sonny is going to go get some bottled water and wonders if either of them want anything.

Jordan cannot believe how busy the polling place was. TJ was helping and escorting the elderly. Curtis thinks democracy in action is nothing but great. Jordan wanted to give Alexis a little last-minute support from the police union. Curtis has not seen her.

Alexis is going over her speech outside. Julian heard that it was to close to call. Julian knows that she gets all worst-case scenario. Alexis is working on both her speeches. Julian knows she always wanted to win both sides of every argument. Alexis doesn’t think she can be faulted.

Olivia and Ned walk into the Quartermaine foyer. Ned thinks they should have gone right back to headquarters. He cannot hide out here forever. Olivia thinks he needs a place to hide out for a minute. Olivia knows that Ned had nothing to do with that mudsling ad, but it didn’t help anything. Ned thinks that Alexis is getting the sympathy vote. He could lose.

Maxie looks a Nathan’s grave. She only wishes she had said this sooner, but she thanks Peter. He saved her, and Nathan would have thanked him too. Peter is so sorry. Maxie knows he is. Maxie thinks she should feel honored with all the flowers but instead she is annoyed. Maxie comes here to be closer to Nathan, but it doesn’t help. Looking at his grave doesn’t make her feel closer. She just wants to go home but he is not there either. She keeps trying to think that if she goes home he will be there. She knows he is dead but then she doesn’t. Peter feels that grief is a hard thing to deal with. Maxie thanks him for not trying to make her feel better. Peter cannot make her feel better. Maxie knows. She thinks that only Nathan could make her feel better. Maxie wonders how she does this without Nathan. She realizes coming here was a mistake. Peter offers to take her home.

Drew and Jason ask to listen to the will reading again. Diane reads it once again and explains that Jason has been left Henrik’s last known alias as well as Drew’s memories. Sam thinks that Andre made one copy that is lost. Anna knows that Faison liked people to search for answers even if it wasn’t the truth.

Alexis assumes that Molly is inside. Julian knows that she came in earlier. Julian doesn’t want Alexis to forget all that she has done. Alexis doesn’t think that it is that big of a deal. Julian thinks that it is. He is really proud of her too. Alexis thanks him. Julian will miss having her next door.

Sonny walks back in and asks how it is going. Griffin thinks it is good. He has to go check on something. Mike asks Sonny if he can agree that these tests are pointless. Having to repeat words and numbers backwards. He doesn’t care if he misses a few things. It is expected at this age. Mike is doing this because Robin asked him. Mike assumes that Sonny has things to do. Sonny wants to be here for both of them. He will take him to the Cuban place. Mike needs scotch. Griffin walks back in. Mike assumes they are done here.

Maxie tells Peter he can come in. She wouldn’t mind someone to talk to. Peter walks in and notices the flag the gave Maxie for Nathan. Maxie assumes that Peter can feel Nathan here. Peter can tell that she had a happy life here with him. Maxie agrees.

Drew assumes that there is a contact for them to go after. Diane guesses that the bank claims there is no one to contact. Diane guesses someone was left in place but there was no indication as to who it would be. Diane thinks they can move on to the next request Faison left a statue to Anna.

Jordan wonders if there has been anymore updates. Molly explains that people are still lined up at the polls. Molly just knows they are going to win. Jordan wants her to listen to her daughter. It will spoon be official that she is mayor.

Ned practices his victory speech. Olivia walks in with Jim. Jim just came by to speak with the candidate. Ned reminds him that he is not the winner yet. Olivia feels that Ned’s votes are great here even if they are not on Charles Street.

Griffin tells Mike that the tests are done. Mike assumes he needs to just stay active. Griffin would like to get him a scan. Mike thinks that he can do it another day. Sonny wants to wrap things up right now. Mike will do it then if this is put to bed. Sonny will be right back.

Sonny wants Griffin to tell him what is wrong with Mike. Griffin explains that he cannot give him any details without Mike’s permission. Sonny understands but wants to have an idea on what is going on. Griffin tells him that the scan will do a lot. He thinks that Sonny was correct in being concerned though.

Maxie realizes that Peter has a unique connection to Nathan. He was there when he got shot. Maxie thinks that she knew then that Nathan was dying right in front of them. She doesn’t even know why Peter was there that day.

Diane explains that the statue is of the Norse God, Freya. Anna thinks this is a classic reminder of Faison’s sick mind games. Diane thinks at the very least she should get it appraised. Anna guesses they can sell it and give it to charity. Diane tells her to name the charity and she will facilitate. Anna asks if there is anything else. So, far Faison has insulted Brit, played mind games with Jason and Drew, and given her a token she wants nothing to do with. She wonders if they are done here. Diane explains almost. The remainder of Faison’s estate is to be left to his son.

Carter did some additional digging into the guy who mugged Stella. He found some interesting answers. Two equal and sizable amounts were put into his account the day before and after. Jordan wonders why someone would pay someone to mug Stella. Curtis has a theory.

Sonny asks what Griffin is looking for. Griffin thinks that hypothetically it could tell them if he had any mini strokes. Sonny really doesn’t know of his medical history. He knows that he has a lady friend who hasn’t mentioned anything. Sonny knows that Mike has had a rough life and there were some Russian’s that beat him up badly. Mike walks over and asks Sonny if he can hold his watch. He doesn’t trust that it won’t just disappear. Sonny can do it. Mike explains that his mother gave him the watch. He could never pawn it. Sonny will make sure that nothing happens to it. He knows his mother deserved better than him and so did Sonny. Mike decides they should get the tests done.

Peter was working on the latest changes to the budget. She had been fighting him to the nail on the cuts. That is when Faison showed up. Maxie thinks that if he hadn’t shown up, Faison would have kidnapped her. Maxie remembers Nathan lying there needing. Faison grabbed her and but then he took off because of Peter. Peter admits he doesn’t know what he was doing. Maxie thinks that is what a hero is. You find a way to do the right thing. Nathan was a hero, but training can only get you so far. She thanks Peter for being a hero.

Jason asks what the will says about Henrik. Anna reminds them that they know that Faison had two sons. She asks which one is specified. Diane guesses neither. Anna asks if the estate goes to Maxie. Diane knows Maxie would have a claim over it but it could also technically go to Henrik, but he would have to come out of hiding to claim it. Anna is going to see Maxie today. She wonders if she can talk to her about this. Diane guesses so.

Curtis thinks a guy who gets paid to mug Stella and then just skips town. That is some big guns going after his little aunt. He asks where Stella was when they last saw her. Jordan knows she was at the polls. Jordan guesses she wasn’t the main target. Molly walks in telling Alexis that a lot of voters plan to go after work, so Alexis should expect a huge boost for her. Julian tells Curtis that this must be about throwing the election.

Ned thanks Jim, but there is supposed to be a last-minute surge for Alexis. Apparently, a lot of his supporters already voted and the people in line are for her. Jim thinks that last hour makes all the difference. Ned needs to find a way to be gracious in victory and defeat. Jim thinks that Ned is a winner. He leaves and goes on to the porch. He gets out his phone and says to run it.

Jason shows up at GH and finds Sonny. He asks how Mike is. Sonny tells him they don’t have a whole picture yet, but they are doing tests and he was in there with him. Sonny thinks it is clear that his mind or brain is off. They won’t know what is wrong though until they have the CT scan. He spent years trying to not be like Mike and then Mike came into his life and he tried so hard. Then they finally came to terms. As adults and not as father and son. Which was fine for him because it was good enough. Sonny thinks that is like because of their history he doesn’t know if he can be the son that he needs him to be.

Maxie thanks Peter. She hasn’t been able to talk about Nathan with anyone else but he is really easy to talk with. He is a good man just like Nathan was. Maybe when this baby is old enough, he can help her tell the baby how brave he was that day. Peter would be honored. Anna shows up. She asks if she is disturbing her. Robin wanted to bring her a gift. Peter decides he needs to leave. Maxie thinks that today meant a lot to her. She hopes they get a chance to talk again. Peter would like that.

Drew admits that he is so tired of being so close to nothing. There’s feeling she gets like he is going to have a memory. Then he is back in no-mans land. Sam tells Drew that he is not going to kill his brother. Drew knows. Sam thinks that this is what Faison wants. Him to be frustrated and angry. Sam thinks that both Drew and Jason are to smart to play Faison’s game.

Curtis thinks that the attack on Stella had to do with the apposition crew. Jordan knows a lot of people want that to go through. Julian thinks that once Alexis gets into office and Charles street is gone, it will all be for nothing.

Molly shows Alexis comments on who they voted for. Alexis is not calling herself mayor until the results are tallied.

Ned wants Olivia to know that she is one hell of a campaigner. She really thinks he can still win this. He has been honest with who he is and what he wants to do for PC. Taxes pay for the schools and parks and road maintenance. Ned thinks she could have run for mayor. Olivia wants to make the city better. That is why they got into this. Olivia honestly believes that he will get a chance to do that. Olivia gets an alert and says oh my god.

Alexis practices her speech and Molly says no. Molly shows her an article that reports that Alexis went to Nora Buchannan to get Julian out of jail.

Sam knows the Christmas ornament is still out there. They can use their resources to find this. Drew knows they have the resources. They will do everything in their power to get things done.

Jason will help Sonny in anyway he can. Sonny knows he will. Sonny asks what is going on with Faison’s will. Jason guesses that Henrik’s identity and Drew’s memories are locked in a safe somewhere. The only way that either of them are going to get what they want is if the other is dead. He is not going to play Faison’s game. He has another option. Faison left his entire estate to his son, Henrik gets the inheritance. Jason will be waiting.

Anna explains that Robin and Patrick donated money in Nathan’s name to the PC police fund. Maxie knows that Nathan would love that. She wants her to tell her thank you for her. Anna is here with some not so pleasant news. They read Faison’s will today, he left his estate to his son. Maxie thinks that nothing tainted by that murderer comes into that house. Anna understands but Faison was pretty wealthy. Maxie doesn’t need his blood money. Anna guesses that the missing son could try to claim the estate. Maxie thinks that he can have all of it.

Peter shows up at the law office. He has been doing some soul searching and he wants to stick around for a while.

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