GH Update Monday 11/20/17

General Hospital Update Monday 11/20/17


Written by Anthony

Jason six walks over to Sonny at the Metro Court. He wonders how the meeting was. Sonny thinks it is going slow. It is going to take a lot to rebuild. They cannot just throw money at it. Sonny was able to buy a generator less than a year ago. He is not going to make any money. Sonny thinks it is good but they are not going to do this over night. Jason six thinks it shows how thankful they are. Sonny tells Jason six that he is going to come with them for Thanksgiving. Jason six needs to see someone first.

In the Quartermaine living room, Ned asks Michael if Monica is going to cry foul over this fowl. Ned wonders what a Quartermaine thanksgiving is without a few feathers flying. Michael wonders where Olivia is. Ned says that she was looking for more Thanksgiving decorations. Michael guesses that she is going to cover every in of this place. Michael thinks that Olivia is an excellent Quartermaine. Ned feels they need to have a little chat about Jason and his twin and the future of ELQ.

Chet is using the punching bat the gym. Finn finds him and is impressed to see him out of bed.

Amy walks into Nathan and Maxie’s apartment. She wonders if they still have debtors prisons. Nathan doesn’t think that is going to happen. Amy read an article saying that they gave the best seller list a bad name. Maxie thinks that it talks about overdoing it. Amy is worried about being sued for fraud. Maxie guesses she should have worried more about this when she used Nathan’s photo on her blog. Amy doesn’t think that this would have happened if someone didn’t leak it to the invader. Maxie asks if she is accusing her.

At Anna’s, Felicia has brought several dishes. Anna thanks them so much. She is not used to hosting. Anna is not as short handed as they think. Mac and Felicia try guesses. Robin walks out and Mac and Felicia hug her. Felicia thinks it is so good to see her. She wonders where Patrick is. Mac wants to see Emma and Noah. Robin explains that Patrick is working and Emma is playing with a friend right now. Noah is sleeping. They cannot dare wake the baby. Mac hopes that they are staying for a while. Robin tells them for the holiday. Mac guesses a long or short visit is still good. Robin wanted to meet Anna’s new boyfriend.

Finn doesn’t think he has yet to meet the force that can hold down Amy. Chet wonders if he doesn’t have a troubled big brother. Finn had troubles of his own. He has been seven months sober. Chet explains this is his first Thanksgiving sober. Finn doesn’t think that it is to late to get clean. Chet is not sure how to fix things. Finn suggests by not running away from Amy.

Maxie thinks that universal jail time is not exactly succeeding. Nathan doesn’t think that Maxie would have told on them. She hates the Invader. Maxie explains it is the sub basement of tabloids. Nathan thinks that if she is on the hook for fraud then they are all on the hook. Nathan thinks that they cannot dodge Quinn forever. Amy opens the door and it is Quinn. She tells them dinner is over and so are they.

Michael explains that the twins don’t even know who the real Jason is. They need to figure that out before they start to worry about ELQ. Ned doesn’t want Michael to be naïve. ELQ should always be the first thought. Monica tells Olivia she is not going to wear the hat. Olivia made one for everyone. Monica explains that no one is even going to be here. Monica wants to know what that has to do anything. Monica says that no one is going to even be here for Thanksgiving. She and Ned are going to Lulu and Dante’s, Dillon is on a photo shoot, Tracy and Luke are in Amsterdam, and she is catching a plane in an hour for a spa treatment in New Mexico. Olivia doesn’t think that it makes a difference where she is eating. Monica will be thankful she is not wearing the hat and that all of this will be done and gone when she gets back. Ned wants to interrupt this for a moment. Ned wants to discuss ELQ. Monica thought they were having a banner year. Ned thinks things are looking up. They have big deals in the pipeline. That is all in doubt if there are two Jason’s. Monica tells him that one is Andrew. Ned explains that another son affects the will that Edward left. Michael doesn’t care if they took a hit. Ned knows that the Jason who left in 2012 could care less. The Jason who returned in 2015 though bailed the company out, using money that may not have have his own. That might have put them into chaos.

Sonny can save Jason six from his enemies but he cannot save him from Carly. Cassandra finds Sonny. She was looking for him. Sonny wonders if they have met. Cassandra is a big fan. Sonny assumes she likes coffee. Cassandra starts her day with his coffee. Cassandra traveled here for medical advice. Since arriving she hit upon a business opportunity. Valentin walks over. He is a friend. Sonny explains any friend of Valentin is no friend of his.

Chet just came here to clear his head. He assumes that Amy is better off without him in her face. Finn thinks that is her pride talking. He knows that it is like to put drugs in the middle of someone. Chet didn’t mean to go down this path. He didn’t even realize it it at first. He was only on it for the pain. Finn thinks it helps to have help.

Quinn thinks they lied to her. They presented themselves as Man landers and representation. Nathan guesses they misled her but they meant no harm. Quinn explains her sails have stalled and the Black Friday sales will hurt. Quinn’s company is hurting because of this. Maxie guesses at least publishing is on the upswing. Nathan will make it right. Quinn wants them to go public and then pay. She means through the nose.

Monica thinks the more she looks around the more ridicules it looks. Jason six walks in. He got her text that she is going away. Monica will only be gone for a few days. She is going to a spa in New Mexico. She could use a little Harmony in her life so she wanted to give it a try. Monica is not good at lying. She is running away. The holidays are to difficult. There are so many missing faces. Emily, Alan, Lila, Edward. AJ. There was so much life in this house even if it was full of bickering and barking. Now Ned and Olivia will be at Dante and Lulu’s, while Michael will be at Sonny and Carly’s. She is sure that Jason six will be as well. Jason six offers to let her join them. Monica explains that Sonny and Carly and her only have two things in common. Him and Michael. The less they see of each other the easier it is to keep the peace. She is so glad to see him. Jason six is thankful to be here. They hug.

Anna tells them all the turkey is doing great. She wonders when she needs to heat up the tamales. Robin wants Anna to fill in the blanks about Finn. She has been less than informative. Anna wonders why they were texting him. Anna thinks it is just a relationship in the very early stages. Mac thinks that Finn is a great guy. Felicia thought that he didn’t like him. Mac does now. Mac thinks that Finn is a good guy and that is all that matters. Robin wonders if Anna adores Finn back.

Valentin assumes her run in with Sonny was no coincidence. Cassandra thought it was first contact. Cassandra knows he controls PC’s waterfront. It is to bad that Valentin made an enemy of the man. Valentin doesn’t think it matters. Sonny doesn’t touch drugs. He doesn’t take kindly. Cassandra is going to need him to change his tune for him.

Finn tells Sonny that he just went a couple rounds with a former patient. He guesses he held his own. He is doing ok. Sonny asks if he has somewhere he has to go. Finn assumes he thinks that he will get the blues. Finn does have someplace he can go. Sonny thinks the invitation still stands. Finn thinks there is one thing he can do for him. Finn wonders what he knows about the new drug.

Maxie opens the door for Chet. She guesses he can be here but he cannot get in the way. Maxie explains they are getting publicly shammed. Amy suggests he go back to her house and watch the pre-game. She will be there soon. Quinn says they are preparing to live stream a public apology. Nathan says that it is the only way to stop any lawsuits. Quinn wonders who Chet is. Chet is Amy’s brother. Quinn thinks that no one is going to sue Amy or Nathan because after they are done paying back everyone they will have nothing less to be sued for. Not even their good names.

Jason six finds an old family photo. Michael walks in. Jason six smiles. Michael looks shocked. Jason six thinks it is so good to see him.

Valentin thinks that they would be over before they started if Sonny got involved. He is supposed to be involved in the North American expansion. Cassandra has invested to much to let some mobster with obscure morals stop hew now. Valentin hasn’t begun to finish the distribution research. Cassandra has it all settled. Valentin would like to see the drug. Cassandra is looking for someone with research skills to bring it online.

Sonny wants to know why Finn thinks he has anything to do with drugs. Finn isn’t implying that. He is just trying to figure out how people pass on the drugs. Finn hopes that he is not the closest he has come to drug addiction. Finn explains so many people are dying from this drugs. Sonny thinks this is bigger than one person. It is made overseas. Finn needs to top having people dying. Sonny thinks that someone will come and fill the gap. He needs to stick to what he does best and do research. This is way above his pay grade. It is above his own.

Anna likes Finn just fine. Felicia doesn’t think Anna needs to make any declarations tonight. Anna hears Noah and wants to go check on him. Robin suggests that Felicia go instead. Felicia suggests that Mac give her a hand. Robin wants to hear the truth about her and Finn.

Quinn explains they are live. Amy wonders if he wants to start this. Nathan has no idea how to start this. Quinn tells them to just get on with it. Amy explains she is the writer of Ask Man Landers. The blog and the book. Obviously it is not a surprise. She wants them to know this wasn’t a trick or big scam. The whole situation got out of control. When a book deal arose she asked her friend Nathan to be the face of Man landers. She didn’t think people would buy the book if they knew it wasn’t written by someone like him. Someone they would want to be. The publishing company should be mad at her. Nathan thinks him as well. He made the choice to say it came from him. Chet walks over. He doesn’t think any of this would have happened if it were not for him.

Michael didn’t know he was here. He forgot his phone. Jason six came to see Monica and him. Carly wants him at Thanksgiving. Michael thinks he has to be there. It would break her heart if he weren’t. Michael knows how glad they are to have him back. He was scared to have to explain to him. He offered Jason a job at ELQ. He told him it be great to have him. He went in a different direction. He thought that Jason working there made no sense but it did to him. Jason has changed so much. He wouldn’t have asked Jason to join if he hadn’t changed. A part of him knew that he wasn’t really Jason. He knew he couldn’t come to see him. He was to guilty. So he made the first move just to make it easy on him. He takes care of him like he always does. That is who he is and he should have known it. Michael is sorry. Jason six says it is fine.

Robin knows when Anna is holding something back. Anna explains they are just keeping it casual. She doesn’t want anyone to get attached. Robin knows that Mac and Felicia just want the best for her. That is all that matters and she hopes it does. Someone rings the bell. She wonders who that could be.

Valentin suggests they discuss their search for a chemist. He wonders if she has some suggestions. Cassandra has a few otherwise they will go back and look later. Cassandra gets a call. She thinks they are going to do marvelous things together.

Anna tells Finn she wasn’t expecting to see him here today. Finn couldn’t stay away. Finn thinks it is nice to see Robin after all those texts. Robin thinks it is nice of him to celebrate the holiday with them. Robin is going to check on Noah. Anna wonders what he is doing here. Finn thought she was expecting him. Anna tried to tell them. Every time she tries to get to it, they keep rooting for them. Finn is willing to fake date her as long as it takes. Anna reminds Finn she really doesn’t need him to help her anymore. Finn asks if that is because she has Valentin now. She thinks that he is going to have her back. Finn cannot just sit on his hands while these drugs get around. Anna gets a call from Valentin. He just had an enlightening conversation with his boss. It is worse than they think.

Amy begs Chet not to say anything. Nathan wants him to speak. Quinn says they are live. He cannot just come in here. Maxie informs her she wanted the truth to come out so she will shut up and get it. Chet explains he is a US army vet and Amy’s older brother. Is army benefits were not enough to pay for his medical expenses. Amy stepped in and wrote the book to pay for her care. Nathan stepped in to be the face. He hasn’t always been deserving of what Amy and Nathan did. He is deeply grateful. It wasn’t flawed. It was love and friendship and sacrifice. Amy never took credit for her work which was pretty amazing.

Monica reminds Olivia that no one will be here. Olivia wonders why she cares if the decorations are up. She wants her to celebrate something for once. Monica gets a text. Her car is here. Michael and Jason six will walk her to the car. Monica wishes Ned and Olivia a happy Thanksgiving. She needs Olivia to do her a favor and not get the Christmas tree until she gets back. Olivia wishes her a happy Thanksgiving. She leaves. Olivia thinks this is going to qualify as the strangest Thanksgiving ever. Ned could tell that the man was definitely Jason. In the meantime the other one is going to hold on to the name with a death grip. He predicts this is going to get ugly.

Amy is so proud of Chet. Chet thinks it is about time. Quinn says they will be hearing from her lawyers. Maxie tells her to beat it bitch. Quinn wants to know how she is a bitch when they committed fraud. Quinn thinks it has been one hell of a thanksgiving. Nathan suggests she go somewhere else. Quinn gets an alert. She is getting real time updates and the pre-sales for the paperback are getting higher. Maxie assumes it is because of Chet.

Valentin better get going. He is expected for Thanksgiving dinner with Nina. Cassandra guesses she shouldn’t be late. Valentin tells her she is not invited. She threatened his family.

Finn wonders what happened on the phone. He knows most of it anyway. Anna says that Cassandra is working on a new drug all together. She is pretty close. She just needs a perfected formula. Anna needs to put an end to this once and for all. Finn suggests there is a way to stop her before getting to her next victim. They will give her exactly what she wants.

Ned has no intentions of letting Alan’s sons bring ELQ down. Ned thinks it is his job is to deal with hypotheticals. Olivia wonders if it is time he was CEO again.

Sonny is in the boxing ring. He starts to punch when Michael comes in with Jason six. They play around.

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