GH Update Monday 10/14/19

General Hospital Update Monday 10/14/19


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Valentin opens a safe that has money and different passports. Obrecht asks what he is doing. Valentin explains that he is making his preparations to Greece. He thinks that this is her fault for talking about privileged information in a public restroom. Obrecht thinks that this is because of his lies. They are living the consequences now. Obrecht thinks that her heart will be her own in GH with James. Obrecht asks the truth. Did her child really miscarry or is her niece or nephew still alive.

Maxie finds Nina in her office. She didn’t expect to see her here. Especially, with a bottle. Nina admits that it is a gift from someone who thought she could use it. Maxie doesn’t have any judgement. Especially after what she has been through. She wonders what she has done.

Peter gives a woman a bag of money. They shouldn’t have any problems.

The henchmen has nothing else to say. Chase is going to need to know a lot more information to prove that Sam did this.

Sam asks Carly how Donna is doing. Carly gets to bring her home very soon. Sonny tells Sam that it is good to see them both here. Sonny just got word from Robert, the WSB knows what happened now.

Kim runs into Elizabeth. She was just having a meeting with her former department head about a temporary reinstatement. Elizabeth thinks that the hospital would be fortunate. Kim thinks they haven’t had a chance to talk… She wonders if she thinks she is doing the right thing by having Franco committed.

Julian shows up at Franco’s room. He thinks that it is a little late for a surprise visit. Julian isn’t so sure.

Nina was with Jax last night. He was just there when she needed him. He provided a comforting shoulder. Maxie wishes that she would have come to her. Nina just needed somewhere else last night. She is trying to be ok. Maxie guesses that you just have to fake it until you make it. Nina opened her heart to a fake daughter. She loved her and she let Valentin back into her life. Maxie says that she doesn’t have to see Valentin anymore. Nina already saw him today. Maxie asks if she believes that he is telling the truth about not knowing that Sasha wasn’t her daughter.

Valentin is traveling light. He thinks that if they need anything else he will get it in Greece. Obrecht needs to know if she has more family out there. Valentin explains that according to Madelyn she never miscarried. He tried to track the child but came up with nothing. He cannot prove that she exists.

Franco thinks that this is awkward. Julian isn’t here for a heart to heart. He would punch him if he wasn’t in a funny farm. Franco cannot take back what happened. He does regret that he was hurt. Franco knows that these were extraordinary circumstances. Julian thinks the love story he has in his head is pure fantasy. The reality is that he didn’t even know Kim then.

Elizabeth did what she had to do in order to protect Franco from himself. Kim doesn’t think that he is mentally ill. Kim thinks that Drew has the right to make medical choices. Elizabeth thought that they were good friends. Her compassion for her isn’t going to stop her from fighting for Franco. Kim wonders who she would even fight. Shiloh is gone and Cabot is no longer here. Elizabeth is going to have to talk with the lawyer. Kim admits she put Franco in touch with Martin.

Sonny suggests that Jason should call someone in the WSB. Sam would rather hear from him. Sonny explains that Drew’s plane went down and the pilot went into the water. Sonny thinks that if it was a different cause then they would have found something. Sonny explains that they are officially declaring Drew dead. Sam doesn’t think it is nothing she didn’t already know. It just makes it final.

Jordan tells the agent that it is her case still. A lawyer tells them that the interview is over and her client has nothing else to say.

Nina explains that Valentin claims that he was just as in the dark about Sasha as they both were. Maxie doesn’t think that that is what Lulu says. Nina knows but Lulu also hates Valentin. Maxie thinks what she remembers might not actually be what she really heard. Maxie thinks that Obrecht was holding something over Valentin. It makes sense that it would be Sasha. Nina heard what Obrecht was holding over his head. Nina is aware of what Obrecht was holding as leverage but it had nothing to do with that. Maxie doesn’t think that he is innocent just because there is no evidence. Maxie asks if she really thinks that he is telling the truth.

Obrecht asks if he really just gave up over a dead end. Valentin spent a lot of money looking for that child. Madelyn was using him to get to Nina to watch her crash and burn. When he realized that his search was crazy he realized she was already dead.

Peter thanks Andre for meeting with him. He was there supervising when he did the original memory transfer. He doesn’t know what they have to talk about. Peter just wanted to clarify that he was forced by his father. He actually wanted to talk about Anna. Andre is not privileged to WSB information or its agents. Andre is shocked that he would refer to her as her mother. Peter knows that Andre is staying in PC a bit longer. He does wonder how he sees this playing out. He asks if he can really make Franco Franco again.

Jason wants Sam to take a minute. Sam was just really hoping that Drew would find his way back for Scout. Sam thinks that this is hitting her so hard right now. Jason knows that they were married and Scout’s father. Sam thinks he was a good man and a good father. She guesses that Drew is with Oscar now. She doesn’t know what she will tell Scout.

Jordan doesn’t remember reading about a lawyer. Roz is his lawyer thought. Roz needs them all to leave so she can talk with her client. Roz wants no names. She just needs to know what he told them. He told them that Sam is the one who hired him. She needs to get the rest of his story straight now.

Franco claims to have known Kim for a lot longer. Julian was in a relationship with Kim for almost two years and he was with her for only a couple of months. He doesn’t know the real Kim. He didn’t watch as her only child died. Kim has been through hell and deserves a lot better than to drag her into a past that never was. Franco thinks he just wants to get back together with Kim.

Kim thinks Franco deserves a good lawyer. Elizabeth thinks he could have a public defender. Kim admits to paying for the lawyer. He has the right to make his own medical choices. Elizabeth remembers her denying Oscar that right.

Peter knows that this is a risky procedure. There is no data or case studies. It is impossible to determine if this will succeed. Drew had a memory transfer not a restore. If Franco’s memories can be restored then. It would mean wiping the Drew memories. It would be a question of which personality is stronger.

Roz tells Jordan that they are ready to make a deal. He claims that Sam wanted a job done a few weeks back. She wanted to make sure that Shiloh never wanted the man back. Sam wanted Shiloh free to take him out. Jordan tells the FBI agent that there is no proof that any of that happened. They cannot offer a deal based on something that could be fabrication. Her statement is under scrutiny.

Sam guesses the plain went down due to weather. Jason doesn’t think that it is a coincidence that Andre was hurt the same night. Sam gets a phone call. Jordan tells Sam that she needs to get here right away.

Carly tells Sonny that it is not fair that Scout is going to be without her father. Sam asks if Donna is awake so she can hold her little girl.

Valentin wanted to drop the thing altogether when Nina started her own search. She would have been crushed. Valentin provided a suitable daughter. Not a psycho or conman. Not someone who would take advantage. Valentin thinks that there was no way to prove anything. Valentin thought that he was helping out. Obrecht knows he was educated at Oxford. Obrecht doesn’t think because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

Nina wonders if she should call the police on Sasha. She guesses that it be hard to explain what she was doing. Maxie wants to take another look at Valentin. Maxie thinks that Valentin did bad things. She has been there herself. The only way to heal is to own her mistakes. Nina thinks that there is so much more she doesn’t know. Maxie doesn’t but she has a feeling that Nina knows the truth.

Jason asks Jordan what this is about. Jordan thinks that they should be ready in a minute. Jason sees the henchmen. Sam asks what is wrong.

Obrecht asks if Valentin is happy to be rid of her. Valentin will miss her to some degree. Obrecht has grown to respect him as well. Obrecht thinks that this is a fifty percent chance that Nina would have taken him back otherwise. Valentin thinks that running back to Switzerland is a bad idea. Obrecht thinks if she gives Nina and Maxie enough time to miss her then she might get that second chance. Obrecht wishes him luck as well. Where Nina is concerned he will need it.

Peter asks what the other outcomes are. Andre explains that the subject could remember even more of Drew’s life. Peter just knows that this is all of Faison’s fault. He never would have been down on the gulf and Jason wouldn’t have lost five years. Peter wishes that everything that Faison did could be undone. Andre will drink to that. Peter insists on him staying for another drink. Julian is here to plead Kim’s case. She is a mother who lost her child. She is grieving so much she doesn’t know what she is doing. He thinks that is all he is. He claims to love her. He needs to stop enabling her. He guesses that is all he has to say.

Elizabeth shouldn’t have brought up Oscar that way. Kim thinks that this is his life. Elizabeth is trying to give Kim the benefit of the doubt. Kim was wrong in the past. Maybe she could learn from that story. She might not have the chance to patch things up. Also Scott summoned her and wants her on the stand. Elizabeth thinks she needs to figure out right and wrong.

Sam asks what is going on. Jason isn’t sure. There are a lot of loose ends. Sam thinks that they will go over the statement again. She will be fine. Jason calls Andre to talk with him.

Carly says hello to Donna. She is so proud of her. Sonny thinks that she is a brave lady like the first Donna. Carly thinks she is so strong. Carly will get to bring her home soon.

Jason asks if Andre recognizes the man in the picture. Andre says that is the man who stabbed him.

The FBI agent is placing Sam under arrest. He just got off the phone with federal prosecutors. He is taking her to pentonville until trial.

Elizabeth gets a call from Scott.

Kim says hi to Franco. She just spoke to Martin. There is news about the hearing. They have a date.

Elizabeth says the hearing will start next week.

Maxie tells Peter that Valentin claims that he has nothing to do with Sasha. Maxie wishes that Nina could see the liar staring her straight in the face.

Valentin arranges for the Greece house to be opened up. Nina walks in. She looks at him.

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