GH Update Monday 10/15/18

General Hospital Update Monday 10/15/18


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Laura lights a candle at the dining room table as Ryan walks downstairs. Laura asks how he is feeling. Ryan claims he finally concurred the bug he was dealing with. Laura is glad. She turns a song on. Laura wonders if he recognizes it. Ryan claims he does. Laura thinks their marriage was meant to be. Laura thought they could begin their second honeymoon with the dance they missed. She thinks it is better late than never. Laura wonders if it is already to late. She asks what he has done with her husband.

Sam walks downstairs and Elizabeth is at the door. She asks if she can come in.

Franco finds Drew at the docks. He likes these spots. Franco wanted to draw a picture. Drew will leave him to it. Franco can tell he can use a friend and that is what he is.

Jason hands Sonny the information that Spinelli found on Marino. DA Dawson’s father was no innocent victim.

The officer tells Nelle that it is time to get this trial over with. Brad walks over with Wiley in his arms and Nelle recognizes them. Brad turns around and asks if that is… She says hi to the baby. Carly and Michael look confused.

Laura doesn’t think that Ryan is the man she married. Ryan wonders what she means. He walks over to the table and picks up a knife. Laura thinks something is wrong. Ryan admits he froze when he saw all the trouble she went to because he cannot stay. He was looking forward to celebrating but he is duty bound to check on a patient. Laura loves his dedication to his patients. She loves him for that. She wonders what time he will be back. Ryan is not sure but it will be late. He promises to make it up to her. He kisses her and walks towards the door. Lulu says hi to Kevin as he walks out the door. Charlotte runs into Laura’s arms. Laura thinks she is taller and beautiful.

Elizabeth is sorry for coming by. Sam admits she was just going to binge watch some TV. Elizabeth just wanted to discuss a few things and didn’t want there to be any miscommunication. She knows they have had enough of those in their past. Sam hates this and wants to know what she came for. Elizabeth explains this is about Drew.

Franco knows this is where they resurfaced the night that they escaped Jim. He thought he was going to die. Franco assumes that Drew would have missed him if he had died. Drew thinks so but he just wishes that his son would have a chance to live as well.

Jason explains that Spinelli is still looking into things and it is going to take a little bit because the files back then have not been digitized. Jason explains that Margaux is not telling the truth about her father. Sonny knows that Marino loved being Scully’s right hand man. Jason thinks that this case would have gone to the supreme court. Scully co-signed for a beach house in he Hampton’s. Sonny thinks that Margaux’s whole crusade is built on a lie.

Brad tells Nelle that his name is Wiley. Nelle can hardly recognize him. He is growing so much. Carly thought this was the first time she has seen him.

Laura cannot get over how grown up Charlotte is getting. Laura brought something back from Paris for Charlotte to add to her collection. Charlotte opens the box and there is a doll. Lulu tells her to say thank you. Charlotte says that she is to old for dolls. Laura explains that she has another gift for her that is probably more sophisticated for her granddaughter. Charlotte sees a book. She wants to read it right away. Charlotte thanks her. Laura tells Lulu that it is just a doll. Lulu thinks that Charlotte is growing up so fast and Dante is missing all of it. When she needs her husband most, Dante misses all of it. Laura knows the feeling.

Ryan walks into his padded cell at Ferncliff. Kevin is sitting on the bed. Kevin tried to help Ryan. He knows that he is the one who belongs here and not him. Kevin thinks that as a wise man once told him… That was Kevin. He needs to admit he has a problem.

Elizabeth knows that Sam is aware of Oscar’s illness. Sam explains that Drew came to see her when he found out that Oscar had cancer. He wanted to talk with someone that he could trust. He needed someone he could trust. Elizabeth thinks that things are going to get more difficult. Elizabeth. Sam assumes that is why Drew showed up at Morgan’s memorial. Elizabeth guesses that was where Drew was.

Drew remembers that Oscar was just some random teen that Joss knew. He had no idea that he was his son. Franco knows he calls him dad now. Drew knows he does. They just started to get to know each other. Drew knows he just started hearing new words for his disease. Franco is sure that he would change places with Oscar if he could. Drew knows that it bothers Oscar that he cannot tell him how he handled high school and his first girlfriend. He wants to give him a real sense of history and family. Franco knows that Oscar needs him right now. Drew wonders what if he tells him that he can get the history of his life back so that his son can help him.

Nelle explains that Brad posted a picture online. She saw it in jail. Nelle wants to hold the baby. Brad says no. He had no idea her trial was today. Michael asks what he is doing here. Brad is picking up a passport application for Wiley. He is sorry that things ended this way for Nelle. Nelle guesses they cannot have a happy ending. Carly knows that when Nelle walks into the courtroom, her lawyer will dictate her every move. Whatever she has to tell Michael she better say now.

Elizabeth guesses she is not surprised. Sam doesn’t think it her business. Elizabeth doesn’t want to tell her what to say or do. Elizabeth knows that other people tend to get trampled around her and Jason. Sam thinks that Elizabeth is here to tell her stay away from Jason for Drew’s sake.

Drew wonders what Franco would do. Franco doesn’t think it is worth it if the risks are high. Franco assumes there would be a catch. Drew would have to give up information about Jason and Sonny that would put them away for a long time. He asks if Franco could do that. Sonny thinks that Marino might have wanted a way out and he got wacked. Scully told him that if he wanted to prove himself then he had to handle it. Jason wonders why Scully wanted him to pull the trigger.

Nelle knows how much this will mean to all of them, especially Michael. Nelle believes he still cares. Nelle thinks it should matter to them that she is not going to be found guilty. Nelle will accept the charges and will not be found guilty. She has spared them all them all.

Lulu explains all they ever do on the phone is argue. Her boss walked in on her last phone call. Peter walked in at the tale end of their conversation. Laura doesn’t really blame Dante for being concerned. Lulu thinks that Peter has encouraged her every step of the way. Laura hopes that Dante will come around soon then. Lulu is trying to convince him but there is no way to get him to talk it out. Dante and Chase were just starting to work to well together and then he gets a call. Dante didn’t leave because they were having problems. Dante is devastated over Nathan’s death and he needed to escape. Lulu just cannot believe that Dante left her with all this. She wonders how she will help him with his grief when he is not here. She thinks that he purposely has stayed away.

Kevin doesn’t think that Ryan needs to do this. Ryan is living his life. Kevin thinks it is his life. Ryan wonders if Kevin has a favorite suit that he likes to wear when he testifies. Kevin could still help Ryan if he would let him. Ryan will give him this. He is committed. Ryan asks if he saw what he did there. Ryan is going to prescribe him a new drug regiment. He found out that he had a mental breakdown after his death. Ryan thinks one of them has to stay here and it will not be Ryan.

Elizabeth thinks it be easier for Drew if he didn’t have to watch them get back together. Elizabeth doesn’t think they have to agree on each other’s choices in men but they need to make things easier for Drew. She asks if they can do that.

Franco thinks that is an awfully specific choice. Franco thinks that him and Jason are good now at least he thinks. He helped him break Carly out of Ferncliff. It was Jason who got Carly out but he couldn’t have done it without him. Drew assumes that he would say no. Drew thinks that it is his life and he doesn’t get a vote. Drew knows the family would be affected as well. Franco knows he is not mentioning Sam.

Sonny thought this was a way to prove himself. He didn’t realize until later that this could be a trap. He wanted to use this as a way to keep him at his side. Jason thinks you need a good lawyer. Jason thinks that Marino was up to these things. Jason wonders how Scully benefited to kill Marino. Jason asks what was special about him. Sonny suggests he was in to deep. Jason thinks that he risked using Sonny.

Carly guesses no trial. Nelle accepts the charges but she is not saying she is guilty. Michael thinks she already did. Chase reminds her that the entire car ride was recorded. There is enough evidence. Carly regrets that she will not be there to hear the judge give her, her sentence. Carly hopes she never has to see her face again. Michael would have been asked the court to be nice to her but he doesn’t even have to be here. Nelle knows they will always be connected. More than they know. Chase tells Nelle it is time to learn her fate.

Charlotte walks back into the room. Laura asks if Charlotte liked the book. Charlotte did. Lulu thinks they should go pick up Rocco and figure out dinner. Lulu will be counting on Laura. Laura wants them to count on each other. Charlotte thanks her for the book. Laura tells her she is welcome. Charlotte takes he doll.

Kevin doesn’t think they are anything alike. He will never be able to disguise himself as him. he has patients and friends and even Laura. Ryan explains that Laura is back and they are getting along famously. She is his wife in every sense.

Sam can see that Elizabeth is trying. She assumes this was because of Franco. Elizabeth points out that Franco has been a good friend to Drew. They actually talk. Elizabeth thinks that Drew needs them all. There is nothing worse than losing a child. Sam will be there for Drew but he made it clear he didn’t want her.

Drew knows that Sam would be hurt if he turned Jason in. There is also Jake, Danny, and Monica though. Franco knows he would get his memories back. Drew doesn’t care about being a hero to Oscar. He wans to be there for Oscar. Drew wants him to have his life extended. Franco thinks it is silly to have a conversation like this. It is all hypothetical.

Jason thinks that there is something they are not seeing. Carly walks in. She explains that Nelle skipped the trial completely. Michael guesses she pleaded no contest. Carly was all set to testify and even looked forward to it. Sonny wonders if Michael is alright. Michael is just wondering how he and Nelle will always be connected.

Chase thinks that her clever lawyer wasn’t so clever. Nelle asks how he has no passion for her. Chase is glad that justice was served. Nelle thinks that it says something that he has not moved on from her. He will never meet anyone like her. Chase wants her to promise. Brad sees that Nelle is still here. Brad says goodbye. Nelle needs a moment with her only remaining friend and his baby.

Carly didn’t get to tell the court about Nelle but she is off to prison. Carly admits that Nelle got what she wanted. She almost broke her. Carly thinks it took to long and it cost to much. Carly is glad that Nelle is forever out of their lives.

Sonny thinks that Nelle is finally out of her skin. Michael was just hoping that they would be able to move on.

Nelle asks if he got the passport for Wiley. Nelle wonders if he and Lucas are going somewhere. Brad just wanted to have options. Nelle thinks she will be going away for a while. Brad will miss her. Nelle knows he will have Wiley and Lucas. There is nothing stronger than a bond between a parent and child. Nelle thinks if she plays her cards right then the judge might grant her an early release for good behavior. Brad kisses Wiley as Nelle walks off.

Kevin knows that Laura will not be fooled. Ryan thinks that Laura is so happy to be back after all this time. He will take care of Laura one way or another. Kevin demands that Ryan get back here as he leaves.

Laura starts to clean up dinner as someone knocks on the door. Someone is holding flowers.

Elizabeth finds Franco at the docks. He was trying to help Drew. Elizabeth was trying to do the same thing. She is not sure if it helped. Franco isn’t either.

Sam goes to open her door. It is Drew.

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