GH Update Monday 2/18/19

General Hospital Update Monday 2/18/19


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

Curtis asks if there is anyone waiting for Lulu and Spencer. Lulu says that Olivia has Rocco and Charlotte is with Valentin and Nina. Spencer says that Dante is still MIA. Curtis thinks he should give them a sweep to make sure the place is secure. Lulu thinks that since Franco is in jail they are safe.

Jordan tells Franco is going to plead guilty to murder tomorrow. Franco cannot do this. Jordan needs him to help. This is the only way to draw the real killer out of hiding.

Spencer thinks that if Lulu says that Franco attacked her then there is nothing to worry about. Curtis opens the door and they walk in. Nina and Charlotte jump out with balloons and yell surprise.

Michael runs into Alexis at the Floating Rib. She wonders where his Valentin is. Michael says she is running late.

Kim thanks Julian for meeting her here. Julian is glad they get to have time together even if it means going to a rival bar.

Chase wonders if Willow is ok with being here. Willow is fine. Chase thinks that what she did for her child was the most unselfish thing ever.

Lucas and Brad are on a date as well. Lucas thinks that they need to be proud of Wiley and set a good example. Show him what it is like to be in a relationship with someone who cares about him.

Ryan shows up at Ferncliff. Laura is hiding from behind and follows him in secret. A nurse asks if he can help her.

Ryan walks into Kevin’s room and asks who is there. Ryan wonders if he cannot see for himself who is there. Ryan tells Kevin that he lied to him.

Alexis admits that her Valentin was supposed to be Diane but she is late so she will go and give her a call. She tells Michael it was nice to see him. Kim walks over and says hi. She asks if she can talk with her for a second. She would like to set the record straight.

Chase says hello to Willow. Willow admits she had a long day at school. Chase wonders if she has an issue with Brad. He thinks that Brad makes her feel uncomfortable.

Lucas just got a text from Bobbie with a picture of Wiley. She thinks they should enjoy themselves a little longer. Michael says hi to them. He is waiting for his date to arrive.

Julian tells Brad that he and Willow happen to be around each other a lot. Brad thinks that him and Willow are on the same page. Julian assumes that means he told her that her child died and he replaced him with a different baby.

Nina is sorry if her and Charlotte scared her. Spencer thinks they shattered the windows. Lulu thinks it is ok. She was just shocked. Charlotte was just trying to do something nice. Lulu missed her. Spencer thinks he should get going. Lulu wants him to stay and spend time with his cousin. Spencer already called for the car. Lulu thinks that it is important to spend time with family.

Laura was hoping to make a visit. She has the option to come any time she wants. The nurse explains that she cannot take a tour.

Ryan tells Kevin that his credentials in hypnosis helped him get what he wanted. He thinks he had no room to judge after he lied about having a prenup. He might not have caught it if it had not been for Ava. She didn’t think a prenup was Laura’s marital style. Fortunately, he mentioned it already and she is suspicious. Which he supposes was his intention. He needs to deal with both him and Laura now. He is up first.

Charlotte wonders if Lulu likes the welcome home sign. Lulu thinks it is beautiful. She asks Spencer if he agrees. Spencer says it is very charming and very DIY. Charlotte tried her best to keep it a secret from her. Charlotte thinks that some secrets pay off but most get you in big trouble. Spencer needs to speak with Laura. Charlotte wonders what about. Charlotte wishes that Dante could be here. Charlotte informs them all that Valentin and Nina are getting married again.

Laura is happy to speak with whomever but they need to do it now because time is of the essence.

Ryan thinks that Ava made sense in saying that a prenup wouldn’t make sense. Kevin guesses that he is getting close with Ava. Kevin thinks that he still thinks he is the smartest person in the room. Ryan thinks that Laura refuses to discuss it. Kevin can prove the prenup was real.

Franco thinks the killer is going to bolt out of town. Jordan thinks he will be jealous. He knows that the public is fascinated by serial killers. He will be enjoying the fruits of his labor. Franco is not going to do that to Kiki. Jordan thinks it will cause the killer to lash out. He will not get burned. Franco doesn’t think she is thinking about how this will hurt the people who believe in him. It will destroy Elizabeth.

Lucas says that he dabbled in online dating. There is no shame with it. He doesn’t think that he has time to deal with dates. A girl named Zoe shows up. She thinks he is even better looking in person. Michael is glad that they look like their profiles.

Willow doesn’t think that Brad makes her uncomfortable. Willow thinks it is to bad that they are late for karaoke. Willow asks about the Nurses Ball. Chase was actually in it on accident last year. Willow wonders why he moved here. Chase admits there was an opening on the PCPD. Willow figured that much but she wonders what got him to come to PC. Chase was following up on an old case from earlier in his career. He asks why she chose PC. Willow was running away from a toxic situation. There was no hope of fixing it.

Brad wants to keep Willow’s child out of this he thinks that he chose to engage with her. Brad thinks that Willow wants to be in Wileys life but wants to keep her distance. She doesn’t even want him to tell Lucas about her.

Alexis knows that she and Julian are back together. Kim feels even worse about when she thought they had been together. She hopes they are ok. She thanks her for hearing her out. Her therapist shows up.

Lulu wonders if she is really doing this again. Curtis asks why she would accept this. Nina thinks they might not want to discuss it here. Curtis suggests the kitchen. Lulu agrees. She asks what the heck is going on. Curtis wants to know how she could get back with him. Nina thinks that he brought her daughter back. Curtis doesn’t think that is a reason to marry him.

Kevin thinks the best idea for Ryan is to divorce Laura so she is safe. Ryan thinks he is bluffing. Kevin says it is in his office. Ryan has made himself comfortable. He hasn’t seen it. Ryan knows that there is no safe in his office. Kevin asks if he wants the combination or not. He wants Laura away from him. He thinks that he knows where to find him. Laura walks down the hall outside.

Kim wonders if Lucas is having date night round two. Kim remembers them sprinting out of the Metro Court. Lucas couldn’t leave his son. Kim thinks he should enjoy himself when he can She would love to talk about her son as much as possible.

Willow would rather not discuss the baby’s father. She asks about his performance. Willow assumes that there is a video somewhere out there. Willow finds it.

Julian asks what good would happen to Lucas finding out about Willow. Brad hates keeping secrets from him. Julian thinks that this could quickly fall apart. Julian thinks he is the one who replaced Willow’s baby with a homeless woman. He asks what happens if the mother ever wants her baby back.

Michael would like to get them some drinks. He thinks her volunteer work was of interest. Zoe admits that she lied about that.

Alexis was just leaving. She explains that it is because of him. Julian. He guesses that if she is leaving for that then he understands but he can leave otherwise.

Charlotte thinks that he is hiding a secret Spencer only delayed the election. He is prepared to deal with consequences.

Lulu is with Curtis. She cannot cloud her judgement. Nina said yes for Charlotte’s sake. Lulu doesn’t trust Valentin. Nina thinks he has been so kind to her. Nina thinks she made a mistake recently. She doesn’t think that Franco is the guy.

Franco thinks that it would make a lot of pain. Jordan thinks that he would be able to bring Kiki/s killer to justice. That should be worth being able to not be wrongly accused. Franco is not making choices until he gets import from Elizabeth. Jordan tells him that this has to stay between them.

Laura hides from Ryan as he walks out of a room. Laura walks back out and notices the patient but his head is turned from her.

Willow thought he was so good. She asks if he is performing again this year. Chase will be right back.

Michael has two little sisters. He just became a Godfather. His dads made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He tries to get to her talk but she is on her phone. Michael thinks that if there is some place she would rather be. Zoe should get going she has another date. Zoe has one last one. He is her third. Michael is not sure if he should be impressed or offended. She is trying to weed through the weird ones. Zoe thinks that Michael is her favorite so far. She thinks he should call her later. She thinks next time she can give him a full evening.

Brad doesn’t think that woman would be allowed near Wiley. Lucas reclaims his husband. Kim tells them to have a wonderful night. Kim needs to get going one of her patients just went into labor. She will make it up to him. Julian thinks they can have a romance next time they are free. Alexis doesn’t think he has to leave They survived the awkwardness of the last encounter. Zoe says hi to Neal. She thinks he looks a lot younger in his picture. He goes to get a drink. Julian thinks that her new guy looks interesting. Alexis is seeing him. It is not what he thinks.

Franco doesn’t think that Elizabeth would tell anyone. Franco needs Elizabeth to not do this. Jordan thinks he will be convicted and sent to jail the rest of his life.

Lulu saw Franco. He tried to kill him. Nina knows he did something horrible to her before. She doesn’t think he was capable of that. Lulu thinks he has regressed. Lulu is not sure why she is trying to prove herself. She is going to marry a killer. Nina doesn’t think that self-defense is murder.

Charlotte wonders how long he would handle jail. Charlotte thinks he broke the law. Laura will have no choice but to turn him in.

Laura sees Kevin’s face.

Michael asks if Willow scared Chase away. Willow asked him about the Nurses Ball and he fled. Michael had a five minute date. She was only interested in her phone. Willow thinks it is hard to find people to connect with. Especially, with people like them. Chase walks back in. he asks. How his date is going. He offers to let Michael have a drink with them Chase gives Willow a gift. It is a pair of leather gloves. Willow thinks they are beautiful. She loves them. The two kiss one another.

Julian guesses that is her new shrink. Alexis says they are talking about him. It is more the future that concerns her.

Jordan has more than enough evidence. It is possible he reverted to type and went after them. Franco would never hurt Kiki. Jordan doesn’t think that registered with the DA. Margaux will look like a hero for the other crimes he committed. Jordan doesn’t believe he is responsible for the other deaths. He can get out of this or he can plead not guilty and his past crimes will be held against him. It is late. She tells him to take the night and think it over. She is sorry that this is where they are but she is his only way out of this mess.

Lulu doesn’t remember every detail but there is no doubt that Franco was the one who tried to kill her. The only other thing she remembers was how focused she was on with her research on Ryan.

Spencer asks if Laura is coming. Lulu hasn’t heard anything. She must have gotten side tracked.

Laura doesn’t think this can be true. Laura knocks on Kevin’s door. Kevin hears her. Laura passes out. Ryan is holding a needle over her.

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