GH Update Monday 5/14/18

General Hospital Update Monday 5/14/18


Written by Anthony

Jason gets out of the hole. He says that there is no body. Sonny thinks that there is a body. Jason promises that there is no body down there.

Jordan walks over to Anna at the Floating Rib. Jordan asks Anna what she thinks of the redesign. Anna likes it. Mac and Felicia told her about wanting to take it back to the roadhouse roots. She has to appreciate that. Jordan wouldn’t have guessed that about her. Jordan thinks that Curtis will love this place. Anna is texting someone. She tells Jordan sorry. Jordan wonders if she is expecting to hear from someone.

Peter gets a message from Anna telling him not to trust Valentin. Valentin walks in and asks if he was expecting him. Peter was expecting a call. He thinks this meeting is even better. Valentin thinks they have an important matter to discuss.

Dante tells Michael that he is glad that they opened the Floating Rib back up he has been craving ribs. Michael doesn’t think he had to invite him out just for the baby shower. Dante doesn’t think that the ladies should have all the fun.

Brad tries to guess what is in the baby bag. He takes it out and it is teething spoon. In the other room Carly screams at Nelle that she cannot do this. Nelle pushes herself down the stairs and Carly runs down to help her. Monica and the others walk in and she asks what Carly did as Nelle is passed out on the floor.

Anna is so sorry. She is no better than a teenager. Jordan thinks that adults are just as bad, they just don’t own up to it. She wonders if there are any updates on Henrik. Anna says that she was just looking into leads. Jordan doesn’t have much to report on her end. She told Curtis that she might have cancer and then she found out she doesn’t have cancer. Anna is so glad she is healthy. Anna could take the opportunity to lecture her on this front of letting your friends know when you might be sick but she would be a hypocrite in that case. Jordan doesn’t think that marriage was actually on Curtis’ mind when he proposed. Anna suggests that he could have. Anna thinks that it is like living your life like it is in your final phase. Jordan thinks that truthfully she doesn’t think she is ready for marriage. Anna spots Finn.

Peter assumes that Valentin has bad news. Valentin was able to convince Anna to stop searching for Henrik. Peter hopes he is right. The best case if she found out would be him in jail and the worst would be Jason.

Jason knows he did this by himself so there is no way he would have been able to dig a hole deeper than this before dawn. Sonny is not wrong about the location. That whole night is stuck in his mind. Jason knows that this was his first job. He probably would have left the gun himself. Sonny thinks that the gun has to be here. Jason really does think that the gun and body have already been moved.

Chase walks over to Dante and Michael. Chase is starting to have second guesses about the number that they are doing at the Nurses Ball. He thinks they should be practicing together. Dante doesn’t think it is a big deal. It is just for charity. You don’t have to be good just do good. Chase thanks him for encouraging him. Michael wants to know what he is doing for that guy. Dante never said he was a saint.

Carly says that she just fell. Monica tells someone to call an ambulance. Bobbie hands Monica her bag. Carly tells Nelle she will be ok. Monica tells Bobbie to get her out of here. Joss wonders what happened. Carly says she had a blanket and she grabbed it back. Ava remembers the blanket in her mind and asking how far Nelle will take things for the day. Carly explains she had a baby blanket that looked like Morgan’s and then she just fell.

Valentin admits that Jason will continue to be a threat if he stays in PC. Peter thinks that he has done a lot to maintain his cover. Valentin knows Jason hasn’t found anything in Switzerland. Peter thinks that Anna might be telling him what he wants to hear. Peter admits that there has been a new development on his end that he needs to know.

Anna knows she is the worst friend. Jordan wants her to buy the first round and they will call it even. Jordan thinks that there is more going on with her and Finn. Anna doesn’t think that her and Finn are meant to be. Jordan thinks that they need to live their life like it is their final days. Jordan suggests that she go and order some drinks. Anna will not abandon her here. Jordan can check her own phone and wait for a glass of something to drink. Anna decides to walk over but Alexis is there. Jordan spots Chase. Chase wants to make her proud. He will see her later. Jordan tells herself that she doesn’t want to know.

Joss asks what happens if Nelle is seriously hurt. Bobbie doesn’t think that they know what will happen. Ava is going to check on Leo and Avery. Brad is going to ride in the ambulance with Nelle. Joss is going with him. Monica wants Nelle to hang tight.

Michael had custody of a baby once and helped raise Teddy. Dante knows that those were roles he chose to take on. Michael is still excited to become a father. Michael thinks that he and Nelle have found common ground. He feels they might make a good team when it comes to raising the child.

Ava promises Olivia that Leo and Avery are fine. She needs Olivia to watch Avery for her for a little bit. She needs to make sure that Nelle is alright. Olivia tells her to go. Ava just prays her and the baby are alright. Carly knows she has to call Michael. Bobbie says that they can meet them at the hospital. Monica wants to know what this was. She has been trying to get Nelle out of Michael’s life. Monica thinks that she has been out of control all afternoon. She almost lost a baby herself twenty years ago. Monica is calling the police.

Jason has Spinelli check public records and there was no mention of a body being found here. So whoever moved it didn’t report it. Sonny suggests that someone is using it as leverage. Jason thinks they need to get moving.

Valentin wants to know what is so important. Peter just had an interesting talk with Sam. She wants to stay on at Aurora. She is determined to stick around. He will be right here in her backyard. Valentin wants him to watch what he says and don’t trust anyone. Peter assumes he means everyone but him.

Anna walks to the bar. She tells Finn and Alexis she is just getting drinks. Finn thinks the place gets great. Anna thinks that Mac and Felicia did a good job. Chase bumps into Finn and he promises that he is not following him. Alexis takes Anna to another part of the bar.

Dante tells Michael that Nelle seemed enthusiastic to be co-parenting with him. Chase walks over and tells Dante that a call was just made to the Quartermaine house. Michael gets a call from Joss. Joss tells Michael he needs to come to GH right now. Nelle is hurt.

Brad tells Lucas that Nelle fell down the stairs about twenty minutes ago and has not regained consciousness. Joss notices that Nelle is starting to wake up. Nelle asks if the baby will be ok.

Jordan wants to be kept updated. She walks over to Finn. She wonders if he is alright. Finn knows she and Anna are close. Jordan meant Chase. Since he is talking about Anna then she is all ears.

Alexis orders a sparkling water. Anna orders her drinks but Alexis pays. Anna wonders what is going on with Finn and Chase. Alexis doesn’t think it is her job to tell Finn what kind of relationship he should have with his brother. Alexis is shocked that Finn didn’t tell her about this.

Peter admits the walls are coming in on him. He is grateful for his help on diverting Nina and Anna. He wonders what he did to deserve Valentin’s help. Valentin thinks they have similar problems with their families. Peter has always been thankful for his support, but he has gotten more out of this friendship than Valentin ever has.

Carly should be at the hospital with Michael. Bobbie thinks that this will only escalate. Monica goes to open the door. Chase goes into the next room. He heard there was an assault on the property. Chase asks if anyone else saw the fall. Bobbie says that Carly was with her and says that Nelle lost her balance. Monica thinks that no one really knows what happened. Carly and Nelle hate each other and lately Carly has been making Nelle’s life very difficult. Carly would never have pushed her. Bobbie says no one else say the fall. Olivia guesses that she saw Nelle first. Chase wonders if Olivia can backup Monica’s claims that Carly was badgering Nelle.

Joss wants to know if the baby will be fine. Michael runs in and asks if she is ok. Lucas says that the baby’s heart keeps beating normally. Joss says they don’t know what happened yet. Michael wants to know if someone did this to her. Nelle claims that Carly pushed her.

Jason wonders if Sonny really thinks it is possible if Mike knows something about Croton. Sonny isn’t sure but he is going to ask him about it. Sonny thanks Jason. Jason doesn’t think he has to thank him. Sonny knows that he dropped everything and came with him. Jason always has his back. Sonny knows.

Valentin wants to know what this is. They are just friends. Peter knows that he has been here for him his entire life. Valentin never thought he would have a child of his own but he was fortunate to mentor him. He got to see him turn into a strong and successful young man. Peter doesn’t want to leave PC. Valentin asks if Peter has something else on his mind. Peter claims that is it. He will find a way to deal with Sam. Valentin will be in touch. Peter gets back on his laptop and responds to the message that Anna left him.

Finn asks where he would start with Anna. Jordan suggests the beginning. Anna walks over and gives Jordan a drink. Jordan tells Anna that she should take all the time that he needs. Anna is shocked he has a brother. Finn guesses it never came up. Finn suggests they both have their secrets. Finn hopes that Anna has a great night. Anna gets an email. Peter wants her to prove that she is his mother.

Michael thinks that Nelle is confused. She would never hurt her or the bay. Nelle thinks that she is so angry. Ava walks in. She admits that she gave the baby a mobile with penguins on it. She kept saying it was a set up and the next thing they knew Nelle was at the bottom of the staircase. Dante asks if Nelle is saying that Carly pushed her. Nelle thinks that she wanted her to fall. Lucas tells them all to leave but Michael can stay.

Joss tells Dante that this is so crazy. She wonders what happens if Nelle and the baby are not ok.

Olivia thinks a lot was going on at the party. Chase asks if she would be willing to give that statement on public record. Olivia admits that Carly accused Nelle of using Morgan to anger Carly. That was a long time before anyone fell down the stairs. Chase asks if Carly can tell him what happened. Carly explains that Nelle intentionally made a blanket that looked identical to the one Morgan had as a baby. She grabbed the blanket and Nelle grabbed it back losing balance. She fell down the stairs. Anyone claiming to have knowledge other than that doesn’t know what they are speaking about. Chase goes to look at the staircase. Olivia didn’t mean to throw her under the bus. Monica doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Olivia doubts that Carly would do anything to hurt the child. Monica thinks that things happen in the heat of the moment. Carly needs to go and see Michael. Chase wants to know where the blanket is. Carly assumes that it was at the top of the stairs. Chase didn’t see a blanket.

Anna reads the email. Jordan gestures for her to come over. Anna writes something back. She walks over to Jordan.

Peter gets an email. It tells him his birthday. Peter says mother and has an evil look.

Jason could have Spinelli do another search. It is possible he missed something. Sonny hates defending Spinelli but he doesn’t miss a beat. He will let him know what he comes up with. Jason doubts anyone has dug in that field for years. If it was moved it was a while ago. He doesn’t think anyone will use it against him. Sonny hopes so. Sonny gets out his phone and tries to call Carly.

Bobbie is shocked he didn’t find a baby blanket. Chase looked everywhere. Carly didn’t make this up. Nelle made a blanket that looked exactly like the one that Morgan had as a baby. She found Nelle in the nursery pretending to cry. Nelle has been tormenting her for months. The calls, the note, he night at her house was all Nelle. She cannot believe that they don’t believe her. They all know she would do anything to get Michael. Carly is going to the hospital where Michael needs her. Monica begs Chase to stop her. Chase cannot hold her until he speaks with Nelle. Carly walks to the door and Dante is standing there.

Michael promises to make things right. Everything, will be alright. Their baby is strong and hanging in there. Michael will not go anywhere.

Carly asks Dante what he is doing here. Dante just came from the hospital. Lucas is running tests right now. Dante heard that she said she pushed her. Dante is sorry but he has to place her under arrest.

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