GH Update Friday 9/28/18

General Hospital Update Friday 9/28/18


Written by Anthony
Pictures by Suzanne

At a clothing drive, Joss and Oscar are volunteering. Cam walks in and remembers Franco on the phone telling Drew he is sorry. Joss tells Oscar to stop kissing him right now. Cam tells her she better get it while she can because Oscar doesn’t have much longer.

Drew shows up at Elizabeth’s. Franco wonders if he wants to watch football. Drew tells him that only high schools play on Friday nights. Franco guesses that there is baseball. He loves baseball or they could just talk. Drew assumes he knows about Oscar. Franco has booze or they could hug. Drew will take the booze.

Elizabeth shows up at Kim’s office. She wonders how her prized fighter was. Kim says he will survive. She wonders how Cam is. Elizabeth thinks well enough to sort clothes at the clothing drive. Kim assumes at the community center. Kim says that Oscar is doing the same assignment. Elizabeth wonders what could go wrong.

Sam thanks Spinelli on the phone. She did see Jason but they are not having this conversation. She hangs up. Margaux sits down next to her. Sam wonders if it was a long day. Margaux thinks it is getting longer. The DA’s job is never done.

Chase hands Jordan the DNA results for the body. She asks what he is still doing here. She thought he was having dinner with Finn and Anna.

At the Metro Court, Finn and Anna are sitting down. Finn thinks if she wants to get out of here and go somewhere else they can. Anna promises that Chase will be here. So, will he.

Jason talked to their guy at the forensics lab. Sonny took care of the guy back then. He didn’t ask any questions that he didn’t want to know. There is only one thing that even connects him to him. Jason knows it is the gun.

Joss wonders what he is talking about. Cam knows that if Oscar’s mom reports the fight then they might be suspended. Joss doesn’t think that is happening. Joss wonders how the cut is. Cam thinks it is fine. Oscar thinks it might be an improvement. Cam feels he landed a lucky shot. That is all. Oscar thought they were cool. Cam doesn’t mean him any harm. Oscar knows only when he is kissing his girlfriend.

Elizabeth didn’t tell Cam that Oscar was sick but she did tell someone else.

Franco wishes he had something stronger but Elizabeth must be hiding the booze from Cam. Drew thinks that Cam is a teenager and his problems will not be solved over night. Franco doesn’t think they have to actually talk. Drew knows that saying things out loud makes it closer. Drew doesn’t know what he will do with Oscar now.

Finn thinks sobriety really puts a damper on family gatherings. Chase is the one who wanted to do dinner. Anna asks what he wants to order. Finn wants the awkward pauses with the brother that he hardly knows. Anna will have the chicken. She asks if he is capable of having human emotions. Finn thinks that his brother treats him like a hero. It is uncomfortable. Finn’s father shows up.

Jordan thinks that Chase is late for his dinner. Chase thinks the case is breaking. Jordan reminds him that this is a decades old case. She knows he wanted to have dinner with Finn. She thinks he should go and have it. Chase is worried things will not go well. Jordan is looking forward to getting to know Vincent Morino.

Jason wants to look through the ties of Vincent to see how they can plant it on him. Sonny knows that Mike moved the body. If the cops can prove that he did that then he goes to prison the rest of his life. Nothing stopped the police before. Sonny knows the innocent get in trouble all the time.

Sam explains to Margaux that she tries to limit herself at the bar because of her children. Margaux knows that her sister works for her father now. Sam asks why that matters. Margaux just knows that there is no love lost between Sonny and Julian. Margaux has a lot of questions for all of them. Which includes her ex. She knows she should be more specific. Her ex, Jason. Not Drew.

His father thinks it is good to see Finn. Finn notices he is in PC. Finn wants to know why he is here. Gregory tells him he is allowed to leave the state. Anna asks if Finn is adopted. Gregory wonders if he is waiting for someone. Chase walks in and hugs Gregory.

Sam knows that everyone wants to talk to Jason about something. She can take a number. Margaux has something against anyone who makes a life of organized crime. Margaux knows that Drew is capable of doing something positive. Sam suggests that she ask those questions to Jason and not her. Sam leaves. Margaux gets a call from Jordan. Jordan has something she will want to see.

Sonny knows they need to find the gun. Jason suggests that the gun could be gone. Jason knows that he wouldn’t leave the gun with the body. Sonny needs confirmation from his dad. Sonny knows that this is his father that is involved. The thought of his father going down breaks his heart.

Joss tells Oscar that the kiss is over. She tells them both they are volunteering. Cam will go work elsewhere. Joss wonders if Cam is acting weird. Oscar thinks that must be normal for him. He does seem off though.

Kim asks why she told Franco that Oscar has cancer. Elizabeth promises that he will not find out. Elizabeth said that he figured out something was going on. They can trust Franco. Kim thinks that she has been given no other choice.

Drew has a meeting with a doctor tonight. Listening is good. It helps him organize his thoughts into what he will do next. Drew explains that Oscar is sick. Kim doesn’t want his time he has left to be clouded. They agreed not to tell him until after his birthday, but he feels like any delay is not fair. He is not sure if he has any right to tell him. It hasn’t even been a year. Drew wants to know how he tells the kid he might be dying.

Chase wonders if his mom is here. Gregory explains she couldn’t make it. Gregory wonders if he could do a ride along. Finn thinks there is nothing better than the present. Chase had no idea he was coming. Gregory promises that is true. He wanted to surprise him both. He didn’t know that he was here. Finn asks if he flew all the way here to surprise them. Anna doesn’t think that it is that shocking. Gregory explains this isn’t entirely a social visit.

Margaux asks Jordan what she has. Jordan explains that he is connected to the Scully organization. Margaux knows that connects him to the previous murder weapon. Jordan guesses this guy was Scully’s criminal defense lawyer. His name was Vincent Marino. She wonders if the name rings a bell.

Sam shows up at Sonny’s house. Sam says hi to Jason. Sam explains that this involves them both. She had a run in with DA Dawson. She made it clear that she is after both of them.

Drew doesn’t mean to put him on the spot. Franco knows this is a big deal. He doesn’t want to put him on the spot. They both have a unique perspective of ignorance. He thinks Drew’s life would be better if he didn’t know about Jason. He also knows that if it were not for Jim he would be better. Franco suggests that if he were in Oscar’s position, he wonders if he would want to know the truth.

Kim explains until a few days ago no one knew about Oscar. Now the numbers keep growing. Elizabeth suggests that she and Drew could tell him. Kim knows what she is doing. Elizabeth thinks that she is in less control than before. She thinks that she doesn’t have to carry this around anymore. She has friends to share it with if she will let them.

Oscar brings a box. Cam wants to help him. He was just in he hospital. They yank at the box until it falls to the ground. Joss says that there are more boxes. He can get them. Joss and Cam will take care of this. Joss wonders if Cam is alright at home. She wonders if there is more family drama. Cam thinks that everything is fine. Joss thinks that he is acting really weird. Cam thinks it is Oscar who is acting weird. Joss doesn’t think he is. Cam thinks that he is lying then.

Franco wonders what Drew would do if he was low on time. Drew would grab Oscar and Scout and see the world. He would spend every moment with his family. He would make right with Sam. Drew knows that Oscar wants to climb a mountain. Franco suggests he could do that. Drew knows that Oscar is just a kid. He could be sent in a spiral. Franco knows the kid is half his. He has never let anything overwhelm him.

Kim thinks that she will reach out if she feels the need. Kim needs Elizabeth to keep this secret so that Oscar can have a normal life. She is willing to pay the price for him being mad. She promised herself that she would make sure Oscar has a normal life and she would do it again in a heartbeat.

Joss thinks the only one lying was her when it comes to the shop lifting. She knows that Oscar is not perfect, it wasn’t right for him to pick a fight. She wants this to be over. Joss asks what is wrong. Cam was hit with a sucker punch.

Sam knows that Margaux has her eyes on Sonny. She asks what actually happened at Charlies. Sam just wants them to watch their backs. Margaux is not fooling around. They aren’t the only ones who will pay the price.

Margaux wants to review what they know. Jordan and Margaux look over the facts. Margaux knows that Sonny tried to buy the pub and he worked for Joe Scully. Margaux knows that Sonny’s father was there the day of the explosion.

Gregory might be sick but he should be fine. It is nothing to worry about. Anna knows it is very easy to ignore early symptoms. Gregory knows that his wife made him promise to check out the details with Finn. Finn points out that it is unethical. Finn thinks it might color their treatment. Chase asks if things are so bad that he might do something bad. Chase asks if he will help their father or not.

Oscar wonders if everything is alright with Cam. Joss isn’t sure. She is going to go check to see if they want the kids clothes in separate boxes. Oscar tells Cam that Joss is his girlfriend. He wants to pretend they get along. Cam doesn’t deal with liars.

Drew walks into Kim’s office. Kim sees he is early. Drew wanted to talk if she is not busy. Kim thinks that it is good. Terry sent this over for them to look at. Kim thinks that they need to get a sense of the odds they have for treating the cancer. Terry wanted them to be realistic. Drew understands that and he will be realistic. He needs something from Kim.

Margaux sees arrests back from the sixties for Mike. Margaux suggests that Mike took a loan out from Scully for gambling. Jordan doesn’t know how that would work out. Jordan suggests that Scully wanted someone that he was not connected to. He needed someone he could trust. Jordan doesn’t think this gets them closer to the truth. Jordan knows he has Alzheimer’s. Jordan doesn’t think it is good to take advantage of an old man. Any statement they get from him is not going to work. Margaux will get the statement.

Sonny thinks that Margaux is coming after him. He appreciates her for telling her. Sonny has a blocked number. He can guess who that is. Jordan tells him that they have some questions for him. Sonny will be there shortly. Margaux thinks they look forward to seeing him. Jason is coming with him. Sonny wants him to hold the fort and he will be back. Sonny knows better than to give anything up.

Gregory meant to speak with him in private. Chase knows that Finn will help him and because his mother wants him to do it. Anna suggests that it might be a good idea to revisit this subject tomorrow. Finn thinks they can make the arrangements. Gregory thanks him.

Sam asks if Jason can do something for her. She needs him to make plans with Danny. She needs him to spend as much time as he can with him. Jason will squeeze in as much time. Jason wonders if she wants to talk about it. Sam says no. Jason is here if she wants to. Sam thanks him. Jason promises this pub thing has nothing to do with him. Sam asks if Jason can do her one more favor. She knows things are difficult between him and Drew but if there is a way to make peace, she needs him to try. Jason asks what she is trying to tell him.

Drew feels it is wrong to lie to Oscar. Drew made a mistake agreeing to this. Drew thinks that this is Oscar’s life. Oscar needs to know he has Cancer. He will tell Oscar alone if he has to.

Oscar asks why he is being an ass. Cam thinks he is being unfair to Joss. He is lying to him. Oscar doesn’t know what he is talking about. Cam wants him to tell her that he has cancer.

Jordan asks Sonny to sit down. Sonny wonders if he is going to be there that long. Jordan asks if the name Vincent Marino is familiar. Sonny says the name means nothing to him. Margaux tells him that Vincent was her father.

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