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Top Ten Reasons Sonny shouldn't Break up With Kate
by Suzanne 5/19/12

10.  She needs help (and he has been there)!

 9.  She still loves him, even though he's gotten her shot a few times...

 8.  She can give him good alibis...

 7.  She makes his other girlfriends and wives look sane in comparison.

 6.   They share a lot of past history.

 5.  She keeps Jason on his toes.

 4.  She could really mess with Johnny now that they know he took advantage of her...

 3.  She'll be understanding if he goes off his meds again...

 2.  It really would piss off Carly.

 1.  Four words: Shady Brook Family Discount!

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Page updated 8/5/12

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