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General Hospital Top Ten Lists!

Wanda’s General Hospital Top Ten

Laura is back and it is on.

10. Nicholas in all his angry glory -- Oh my, it was so great to see Nicholas have some emotion besides the I-don’t-have-a-clue thing he had going on lately. I just want to smash a light bulb over his head, so that he can see Colleen is a fruitcake without a home during the holidays. Him getting angry and emotional was a welcomed change.

9. Epiphany -- She is hilarious. First she “doesn’t want to know” about Liz’s paternity results then she blasts Alexis for ignoring her fever. I love this woman.

8. Patrick’s Robin support -- All along Patrick has thought the drug for Laura was a waste and that it wouldn’t work, but yesterday when it seemed like it didn’t and Robin was beating herself up over it, he support her anyway. He told her that “It might still work” even though he didn’t agree with her in the first place. Some might see this as patronizing, but it is Patrick’s way of supporting and being there for Robin. How sweet was that.

7. Carly helping Alexis -- Carly yelling at Alexis aside, there were moments when it was actually nice to see Carly helping her to the hospital and making sure that she is taken care of.

6. The Spencer plus one clan -- Seeing all of Laura’s family together was a nice touch.

5. Laura and her children -- The pain that Lulu, Nicholas, and Lucky brought to Laura showed how much they needed and missed their mother. Laura’s initial response also showed how much her children mean to her.

4. Ric is losing it -- Ric is losing his mind, and I am loving it. Ric is on a warpath, and it totally doesn’t make sense but then again, nothing ever does when Ric gets crazy. One would think that he would be remorseful after realizing that his wife knew he slept with her daughter. Not Ric; he goes into destruction mode. Now he is plotting to take Molly and the District Attorney job away from Alexis all while she is fighting cancer. Never mind what he has in store for Sonny and Jason. Oh, Ric is a bad bad man.

3. Mayor Floyd -- It is always nice (or not so nice) to see him on screen. The look of intrigued disgust on his face when Ric was planning to undermine Alexis, a woman dying of cancer, was indeed priceless. Like the true politician that he is, he makes a deal while trying to keep his hands clean.

2. Sonny telling it like it is -- Well, if anyone should know, it is Sonny. He’s done enough dirt on the show to create a couple of new characters. So, when he told Sam that whatever Alexis did doesn’t compare with her sleeping with Ric, I could almost forget the Emily episode. Sonny telling Sam like it is was great.

1. Luke and Laura -- Will they ever get old? Luke was begging her to come back to him. And then she does. It was a very sweet moment.

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Page updated 8/9/12

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