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The General Hospital Trivia Quizzes Pages

General Hospital Trivia Quizzes!

Carrie's Quiz

1.  Where did Rebecca move to?

a.  London  b.  Madrid  c.  Paris 

2.  What is the name of Franco’s agent?

a.  Jillian  b.  Julia   c.  Janet 

3.  Who was the victim of a hit-and-run accident?

a.  Dominic  b.  Ronnie  c.  Carly 

4.  Who did Alexis kiss under the mistletoe?

a.  Sonny  b.  Mac   c.  Mayor Floyd 

5.  Who was not in attendance at the Spencers’ Christmas get-together?

a.  Tracy  b.  Ethan   c.  Laura 

6.  Who joined Olivia in eating a pre-Christmas meal with Sonny?

a.  Dominic  b.  Johnny  c.  Michael 

7.  What message did Franco leave for Jason at the hospital?

a.  You win  b.  You lose  c.  You choose 

8.  Where did Rebecca say goodbye to Nikolas?

a.  Wyndemere  b.  Jake’s  c.  Kelly’s 

9.  Who is the new chief-of-staff at General Hospital?

a.  Noah Drake  b.  Steven Webber  c.  Patrick Drake 

10.  What item  did Jason return to Carly?

a.  Jocelyn’s hat  b.  Jocelyn’s blanket  c.  Jocelyn’s rattle 

11.  Who caught Dominic in the PCPD’s computer room?

a.  Mac   b.  Lucky   c.  Alexis 

12.  As Spinelli eavesdropped, Maxie told what character about her one-night stand with Franco?

a.  Lulu    b.  Jason   c.  Sam 

13.  What was Lucky’s wish for Christmas?

a.  That Elizabeth would marry him right away

b.  That Luke would attend the Spencer family get-together

c.  That Laura would return to Port Charles for the holidays 

14.  What did not happen on the Christmas episode?

a.  Jason told Sam that he loved her

b.  Elizabeth confessed to Lucky about her affair with Nikolas

c.  Carly injured herself looking for a present in the attic 




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Page updated 8/2/12

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