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The General Hospital Trivia Quizzes Pages

General Hospital Trivia Quizzes!

Carrie's Quiz

1.  What character did not speak to Franco at the art exhibit?

a.  Luke  b.  Sonny c.  Jason 

2.  Who did Sam, Kristina and Molly try to set Alexis up with on Thanksgiving?

a.  Mayor Floyd  b.  Mac  c.  Mike 

3.  What food item did Diane bring Alexis for Thanksgiving?

a.  Stuffing  b.  Candied yams  c.  Cookies 

4.  Who killed Joey Limbo?

a.  Franco  b.  Sonny  c.  Johnny 

5.  How did Johnny first learn that Dominic is actually Olivia’s son Dante?

a.  Johnny found Dominic’s police badge

b.  Johnny overheard Lulu and Dominic talking

c.  Johnny heard Dominic call Olivia “mom” 

6.  Who sabotaged Carly’s car on Thanksgiving day?

a.  Jax  b.  Michael  c.  Morgan 

7.  Who did Dominic first suspect of sending the photo of Claudia to Jason?

a.  Anthony  b.  Johnny  c.  Joey 

8.  Who did not attend Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine house?

a.  Ethan  b.  Luke   c.  Lucky 

9.  Who was Matt’s date for the Thanksgiving party?

a.  Lulu  b.  Lisa  c.  Rebecca 

10.  What character killed Claudia in self-defense?

a.  Michael b.  Carly c.  Sonny 




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Page updated 8/2/12

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