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The General Hospital Trivia Quizzes Pages

General Hospital Trivia Quizzes!

Carrie's Quiz

1.  What character died at the carnival fundraiser?

a.  Edward   b. Andrea   c. Max

2.  Regarding his wedding to Maxie, what special request did Spinelli ask of Jason?

a.  Sing at the reception   b. Wear a pink tie   c. Dance with Sam

3.  Who found Dante’s police badge in his hospital room?

a.  Sonny   b.  Johnny   c. Lulu

4.  Which character did not participate in the Dunk-a-Hunk contest?

a.  Ethan   b.  Johnny   c.  Patrick   d.  Sonny

5.  Who gave the okay for Edward to receive surgery?

a.  Rebecca   b.  Jason   c.  Monica

6.  Who discovered Kristina’s body under the debris at the carnival?

a.  Claudia   b.  Alexis   c.  Michael

7.  When Johnny got shot at the warehouse, who called 911?

a.  Dante   b.  Jason   c.  Spinelli

8.  Nikolas offered money to Ethan in exchange for what?

a.  To leave town   b. To get Rebecca out of Nik’s life for good   c. Information about Rebecca

9.  Who did Anthony threaten to hurt if Sonny went after Johnny?

a.  Olivia   b.  Claudia   c.  Michael

10.  After being released from the hospital, where did Dante go to recuperate?

a.  At the Jacks home   b.  At the Corinthos home   c.  At the Metro Court

11.  Who did Elizabeth confide in about her feelings for Nikolas?

a.  Lainey   b.  Robin   c.  Olivia

12.  At the Metro Court bar, who overheard Claudia talking about having another baby with Sonny?

a.  Olivia   b.  Carly   c.  Kate 




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Page updated 8/2/12

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