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General Hospital Trivia Quizzes!

How Well Do You Know Ryan Paevey (Nathan)?
     by Gisele

1.  Which of the five senses is Ryan lacking?
    a. vision
    b. touch
    c. smell
    d. hearing
    e. taste

2.  His lifelong best friend is from what country?
     a. Canada
     b. Japan
     c. France
     d. US
     e. Mexico

3.  Which of these does he like to do?
     a. cooking
     b. making jewelry
     c. hiking
     d. photographing nature
     e. all of the above

4.  What's Ryan's real last name?
     a. Vlieger
     b. Smith
     c. Paevey
     d. West
     e. James

5.  What's his present motorcycle's name?
     a. Butch
     b. Harley
     c. Lilith
     d. Sage
     e. Max

6.  What body part did he severely damage in a motorcycle crash?
     a. leg
     b. wrist
     c. back
     d. nose
     e. foot

7.  What's Ryan's astrological sign?
     a. Libra
     b. Leo
     c. Virgo
     d. Aquarius
     e. Taurus

8.  What does Ryan hope to do in his 30s?
     a. hike the Appalachian Trail
     b. learn Swahili
     c. backpack in North Korea
     d. start a family
     e. pose nude again

Click here for answers!

Check out Ryan's website

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Page updated 8/30/16

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