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The General Hospital Trivia Quizzes Pages

General Hospital Trivia Quizzes!

Elizabeth Webber Spencer Quiz
By Carla

  1. Who has Liz not caught Lucky in bed with?
    1. Sarah
    2. Emily
    3. Maxie
    4. None of the above
  1. Why did Liz feel responsible for Luckyís death?
    1. They had had a fight.
    2. She gave him the candle that started the fire.
    3. She broke with him.
    4. She was with Jason.
  1. Who besides Jason has Liz been pregnant by?
    1. Ric
    2. Zander
    3. Jax
    4. All of the above.
  1. What did Liz want to be when she grew up?
    1. Artist
    2. Doctor
    3. Nurse
    4. Lawyer
  1. What is Lizís specialty baked goods?
    1. Cakes
    2. Pies
    3. Brownies
    4. Breads
  1. What happened to cause Liz to miscarry Ricís baby?
    1. A car hit her.
    2. She fell off Jasonís motorcycle.
    3. She fell into the lake.
    4. Faith pushed her down the stairs.
  1. Who is Lizís son Cameron named for?
    1. Lizís father.
    2. Ricís father.
    3. Zanderís father.
    4. Luckyís father.
  1. What did Liz paint for Jason?
    1. Michael
    2. Water
    3. Docks
    4. Wind
  1. What Christmas present did Jason tell Liz to buy for Michael from him?
    1. Toy boat
    2. Globe
    3. Action figure
    4. Gun
  1. What did Jason give to Liz on Valentineís Day that he brought from Italy?
    1. Piece of red glass.
    2. A painting.
    3. A statue.
    4. Nothing.




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Page updated 8/2/12

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