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The General Hospital Trivia Quizzes Pages

General Hospital Trivia Quizzes!

Carrie's Quiz

1 Where did Spinelli propose to Maxie for the second time?

A  Metro Court  B  Building rooftop  C  Jasonís penthouse 

2 Who did Rebecca run to for the $10,000 to give to Ethan?

A  Nikolas  B  Monica  C  Edward 

3 Who got Michael his driverís license?

A  Carly   B  Sonny  C  Jax 

4 Who is Kristinaís friend?

A  Kevin   B  Kiefer  C  Kyle 

5 Who pulled Claudia from the car crash?

A  Sonny  B  Johnny  C  Carly 

6 Who has not been revealed as a possible suspect in Claudiaís accident?

A  Alexis  B  Michael  C  Dominic  D  Kristina 

7 Who walked in on Sonny and Olivia kissing?

A  Johnny  B  Dante  C  Claudia 

8 What couple sang a duet together at Karaoke Night?

A  Nikolas and Rebecca  B  Patrick and Robin  C  Spinelli and Maxie 

9 Who did Claudia call right before her accident?

A  Sonny  B  Ric   C  Johnny 

10 How did Carly first find out about Michaelís arrest?

A  From Jason  B Saw it on TV  C  Read it in the newspaper 

11 Who told Sonny that Claudia was definitely carrying his child?

A  Carly   B  Claudia  C  Johnny 

12 Where did Olivia first witness Dante and Sonny talking together?

A  General Hospital B  The docks  C  Corinthos house 

13 During Karaoke Night, what song did Spinelli sing to Maxie?

A  "You Are So beautiful"  B   "I Want To Know What Love Is"  C  "My Girl"

14 What was Carly searching for in the woods?

A  Her wedding ring  B  Her car keys  C  Morganís St. Christopher medal 

15  Who helped Jason get Michael released from police custody?

A  Robin  B  Alexis  C  Sam 




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Page updated 8/2/12

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