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The General Hospital Trivia Quizzes Pages

General Hospital Trivia Quizzes!

Carrie's Quiz

1.  Where did Jason and Dante go to look for Franco?

A.  San Francisco  B.  Los Angeles  C.  San Diego 

2.  Where did Sonny kiss Claire?

A.  At his house  B.  In his office  C.  On the docks 

3.  What item did Lucky bring Maxie as a peace offering?

A.  Brownies  B.  Cake   C.  Sugar cookies 

4.  Where did Franco visit Sam?

A.  At Jason’s penthouse B.  At her PI office C.  At her home 

5.  How much money did Franco pay Coleman to book Kalup Ishmael?

A.  $10,000  B.  $20,000  C.  $50,000 

6.  Who accompanied Johnny for a ride on his speedboat?

A.  Olivia  B.  Kristina  C.  Brook Lynn 

7.  Which is not true about Franco?

A.  He sent 66 roses to Lulu

B.  He had Kalup sing “Route 66”

C.  He leased a mansion on County Road 66

D.  His mother lives in Woodstock 

8.  Where did Lucky go to track down the car bombing suspect?

A.  Ecuador  B.  Argentina  C.  Chile 

9.  Where did Warren Bauer confront Alexis?

A.  At Kelly’s  B.  At the country club  C.  At the police station 

10.  Who interrupted Sonny and Claire’s dinner at Pozzulo’s?

A.  Carly  B.  Olivia  C.  Johnny 

11.  What is the name of Kristina’s new study partner?

A.  Tyler  B.  Taylor  C.  Tyson 

12.  Who did Maya tell about her ex-boyfriend, the one who died from a GSW?

A.  Ethan  B.  Brook Lynn  C.  Lucky 

13.  Where did Patrick and Lisa have drinks to celebrate his successful operation on Shirley?

A.  Kelly’s  B.  Jake’s  C.  MetroCourt bar 

14.  Why was Jason temporarily sent back to Pentonville?

A.  Dante thought he could capture Franco on his own

B.  Claire wanted to teach him a lesson

C.  Ronnie found him in possession of a gun 

15.  What is Aiden’s middle name?

A.  Stavros  B.  Alexei  C.  Spencer 



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Page updated 8/2/12

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