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The General Hospital Trivia Quizzes Pages

General Hospital Trivia Quizzes!

Quiz # 16
By Mary

1. Who is Carly’s birth mother on GH?

     A,  Bobbie

     B.  Monica

     C.  Skye

     D.  Alexis


2.  What is the name of the city where the soap opera GH is  located?

      A. Dallas

      B. Salem

      C, Port Charles

      D. Genoa City


3.   On General Hospital, what is Monica’s and Alan’s last name?

      A. Spaulding

      B. Chandler

      C. Scorpio

      D. Quartermaine


4. On GH, who did Robert Scorpio work for before coming to Port Charles?

      A.  CIA

      B.  FBI

      C.  FEMA

      D.  WSB


5.  On General Hospital, who is Emily?

      A. Bobbie Spencer’s daughter

      B. Monica’s adopted daughter

      C. Alexis’s daughter

      D. Felicia’s daughter


6.  What is Luke Spencer’s daughter’s name?

      A. Lulu

      B. Carly

      C. Maxie

      D. Georgie


7.  Who was Tony Jones married to?

      A. Carly

      B. Barbara Jean

     C,  Monica

     D.  Skye


8.  What is Robert Scorpio’s first wife’s name?

      A, Anna

      B. Emily

      C. Holly

      D. Robin


9. What is Alan Quartermaine’s father’s name?

     A. Sonny

     B. Robert

     C. Edward

     D. Ric


10.  What was Robert Scorpio’s job soon after he came to Port Charles?

        A. Dog Warden

        B. Police Commissioner

        C. Owner of the Palace Hotel

        D. Unemployed




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Page updated 8/2/12

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