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The General Hospital Trivia Quizzes Pages

General Hospital Trivia Quizzes!

Carrie's Quiz

1. What company bought Nadineís patent?
a. Phoenix b. Equinox c. Horizon

2. What is the name of the woman that resembles Emily?
a. Renee b. Rachel c. Rebecca d. Ramona

3. What is Mattís last name?
a. Hunter b. Hudson c. Hart d. Harmon

4. Who sent Claudia the mysterious DVDs?
a. Anthony b. Ric c. Jerry d. Jason

5. Who was Patrickís best man the first time around?
a. Matt b. Lucky c. Nikolas d. Coleman

6. Which of these characters was not in the GH boardroom during the biotoxin situation?
a. Carly b. Kate c. Jason d. Trevor e. Claudia

7. Who is Robin and Patrickís neighbor?
a. Sonny b. Elizabeth c. Matt d. Carly

8. During the most recent Crimson party, who wore the same dress as Kate?
a. Claudia b. Maxie c. Lulu d. Carly

9. What is the name of Oliviaís son?
a. Drew b. Dante c. Douglas d. David

10. In what city did Laura go to seek treatment for her condition?
a. New York City b. Los Angeles c. Paris d. London

11. Who is Spencer Cassadineís mother?
a. Emily b. Elizabeth c. Nadine d. Courtney

12. What is Spinelliís first name?
a. Darren b. Donny c. Damian

13. Which of these characters does not know that Jake Spencer is Jasonís son?
a. Carly b. Lulu c. Sam d. Claudia

14. Who witnessed Karpovís murder?
a. Claudia b. Jason c. Olivia d. Jax

15. Which of these characters was not in the OR when the biotoxin was released?
a. Epiphany b. Elizabeth c. Leyla d. Monica e. Matt




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Page updated 8/1/12

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