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General Hospital Interviews!

By Suzanne

Q&A with Constance Towers (Helena)

March 17, 2009

Constance Towers

1. Is there anything you can tell us about Helena returning to the show?

Helena's return is always an event because she is definitely up to no good. And her presence means trouble and danger to many. The suspense creates mystery, intrigue and excitement. Thanks to the genius Robert Guza and his writers this return to the canvas is fabulous. Pure joy for me and hopefully for the wonderful fans as well.

2. If this is not covered already in your answer above, where has Helena been all this time? (or if you don't know, give your opinion as to where you think she's been or what she's been doing)

When last seen, Helena was running with the Russian Mafia in St. Petersburg, Russia. She had enlisted their help in her escape with Nikolas' son, Spencer, whom she had kidnapped. After relinquishing the baby, she ran off. Danger in hand avoiding capture. One can only imagine the adventures she has had since then.

3. I keep wondering if Helena is behind Rebecca's appearance. Do you have any theories about that?

We will have to see. I simply trust Bob Guza and the great writers with all storytelling. I'm lucky to be on a show with such amazing writers. Fans also have some brilliant ideas.

4. Why do you think Helena doesn't go after her enemies like Luke, Lucky, and Laura any more? Is she too busy, or have her priorities shifted?

You never know when Helena will live up to the "HELL" in her name, but when she focuses on someone, look out! When Luke has something she wants, she will be back at his door using her psycho-sexual wiles to achieve her goal. Many feel she incapacitated Laura and is responsible for her catatonic, demented state and will wake her up when needed. Nikolas, whom she adores in her own way, is always her primary concern and he is again on this return.

5. Do you ever keep in touch with actors not on GH any more such as Genie Francis, Robert Kelker Kelly, or any of the other actors who have played Cassadines?

I hear from Robert Kelker Kelly now and then. I think the world of him and miss working with him. The same with Stephen Nichols (Stefan). What fun we had. Genie Francis and I share our manicurist so we see one another regularly. She looks fabulous and is fabulous. A very special friend is Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis). We have family dinners whenever possible. I love her and her whole family dearly.

6. Do you watch any current TV shows, and if so, which are your favorite?

Cold Case, The Gilmore Girls.

7. You also mentioned that you and your husband travel a lot. What is your favorite place to visit?

My favorite place to entertain is at home. We have a spectacular Ocean view, a lovely terrace and we love to barbeque.

8. I know that you went to Juilliard and have starred in many musicals. Do you still sing or take lessons?

I still sing concerts and cabaret. My singing teacher lives in New York, so we do my lessons on the speaker phone.

9. Your husband was ambassador to Mexico, and you work with charities that help South and Central American Earthquake victims. So I'm guessing you probably know Spanish. Do you know any other languages?

My husband was U.S. Ambassador under Ronald Reagan. He speaks fluent Spanish. I get along pretty well in Spanish; ok in French, sing in Italian and Gaelic. (Yes, I'm 100% Irish, First Generation American.)

10. In your opinion, what do you think the soaps or networks should do in order to bring the ratings up?

I think listening to the fans. I am amazed whenever I travel or meet fans any where, what superb ideas they have for my character and I bet they could come up with some wonderful plots for not only Helena but many other characters.

11. What is your favorite accessory?

My wedding ring.

12. Is there anyone currently on GH that you wish you could work with more (someone you have not worked with much)?

I would love to work more with Ingo. He is so handsome and heavenly lit. I would also love to work with Maurice Benard as Sonny.

13. What is your "pet peeve"?

Impatience. I believe that all good things come to those who wait.

14. Do you have any favorite product (such as hair, makeup etc.) that you would recommend to your fans?

I recommend a good night's sleep and drinking lots of water. Exercising as well is good for the complexion.

15. What is the one question you wish someone would ask you in an interview?

Over the years I feel that I've been asked everything possible. But maybe, just maybe. What did I have for dinner?

Thanks to Tommy G. for getting us the answers from Ms. Towers!

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