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General Hospital Interviews!

By Suzanne

Q&A with Constance Towers (Helena)

Constance Towers

November 2007

1. How did you get your start in show business?

My sister wanted to be a swimmer, and I wanted to be an opera singer, so my parents moved us to Hollywood to give us a chance at both. When I finally was offered a contract with Columbia, I said no the first time, but not the second time. I am grateful to Harry Cohen for giving me my first break in the business.

2. What have you found most interesting about working in TV?

Doing movies and on stage is much different than television. On stage, you get the immediate decision from the audience. They either clap and applaud or boo you. You learn to think on your feet, and that's why it's the favorite genre or medium for many actors. In movies, you get to take your time, you can film one scene all day and then go home. In television, it's really quick. Especially soaps. You learn to move quickly and you don't get double takes, so you work hard to do your best right then. The fans are also wonderful when you are on television. There is something about the comfort of someone seeing you in their living room every day that gives you a place in their lives that movies and stage work don't accomplish.

3. In your opinion, why do you think Helena is so evil?

Ha! Ha! I never think Helena is evil. But certainly she has done some unforgivable things. I think she is who she is today because of the choices not only that she has made but close loved ones in her life. I think what guides her is love, however. She has an obsessive but loving side to her when it comes to her grandson Nikolas. I think some of the most evil, as you put it, things that Helena has done have been in the name of her love - Nikolas.

4. Please name your two favorite actors or actresses of all time.

My favorite actress of all time is Lillian Gish. She just exuded talent in every one of her roles. She was a master at it. As for my favorite actor, I cannot choose just one. Sorry. Of course, John Wayne, William Holden, Glenn Ford and Yul Brynner would be on the short list.

5. I really enjoyed your role this past summer in "The 4400". Was it fun doing that, and what was the best part for you?

Yes, I loved doing USA's "The 4400." I had not heard of the show, and when I told some friends that I would be on it, they told me, you will love it. I loved how the role was written, and I love how caring the character was. I also loved the paranormal side of the show as well. I would love to do it again. But I guess since my character was killed, it may not happen? (SMILING)

6. Which of the soaps you did was the most interesting, and why?

Each soap I've done has been interesting. And hopefully more will ask me on. GH has been like home; I've been there longer than most. I love working with Tyler, Tony... and Genie was a wonderful talent as well. Nancy (Lee Grahn) is so talented - I enjoyed our scenes together. And I didn't mind being tied up by Jax. Ingo is divine to look at. Capitol was a wonderful show as well. I remain friends with the producer of that show. Clarissa was much different from Helena, that's for sure. But each soap has it's own heartbeat, it's own feel. I enjoyed them all.

7. Do you still keep in touch with any of the actors from your past 3 soap roles (Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, Capitol, and Sunset Beach)?

Yes, I try to keep in touch with as many of my former soap costars as I can. We all live very busy lives, but usually in this industry, you cross paths with people again and again. So I am always open to seeing costars and producers from the past.

8. Do you have any pets?

No, I don't have any pets. My husband and I travel a lot and it would not be fair to a pet to be without it's family that often. My kids and grand kids have them, however. So I enjoy them like any grandmother would. And then they go home.

9. Who or what inspired you to become an actress?

There were so many wonderful actresses in my youth that I admired. So many. I would say every actress and actor had some influence on me and inspired me. Many today inspire me as well. Like Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Hillary Swank. They are inspiring to watch on the screen. Not to mention Tony Geary. He's so much fun.

10. You've been married for about 33 years. What do you think is the secret for a long-lasting marriage?

I think communication, never going to bed upset with each other. Always being willing and able to talk things out. That is the key to any long-term relationship.

Thanks to Tommy G. for getting us the answers from Ms. Towers!

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