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The General Hospital Puzzles Pages

Play Our General Hospital Puzzles and Games!

Word Suggestions

Below are a few suggestions you can use for nouns, verbs, adjective, adverb and occupation for the madlibs.

Noun - A person, place or thing
Sonny, Carly, Blair, Todd, Kendall, JR, speaker, officer, doctor, nurse, mobster, plane, computer, bench, gazebo, docks, fountain, train, penthouse, hospital, tower, church, castle, gun, floppy disc, candle, flower, ice cream, lawnmower, skipping rope, dumb bell, waiter, cards, food, clothes, dignity, whip cream, tree, hair, toothbrush, platform shoes, virus, crystal ball, star, book, dragon, label,  fake moustache, driver's license, CD, wrench, song,

Verb - An action or state of being
jump, skip, swim, sing, kick, soar, spin, dance, twist, wring, murder, fall, fly cuddle, swing, slice, pedal, ride, smile, cut, break, brush, hang, sleep, glide swirl, run, trip, hop, pick, thump, shove, push, pull, turn, drive, walk, kiss stab, sit, type, design, throw, stumble, die, lie, rotate, shiver skate, row, fumble, toss, hurdle, wiggle, bend, fold, cross, bring, tear, shoot

Verb - State of mind/being or feeling

appalled, antagonize, sad, happy, helpless, lifeless, tickle, hurt, anger, angry, excited, overwhelmed, sleepless, giddy,

Adjective - A word describing a noun
green, lumpy, hairy, dirty, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, romantic, wet, lonely, unusual, sparkly, neurotic, burnt, handsome, beautiful, strange, weird, crazy, hot, cold sweaty, smelly, twisted, soft, hard, furry, pliable, psychotic, sharp, dull, bright, big, small, tiny, shiny, dry, ugly, graceful, slow, clumsy, pungent, smart, stupid, brave, cowardly, thick, thin, short, tall, wide, grey, chalky, pale, brilliant, horrible, slutty

Adverb - A word describing a verb
quickly, slowly, clumsily, gracefully, happily, madly, uncontrollably, sneakily, heartily, crazily, curvaceously, whimsically, dismally, gloomily, brightly, creatively, beautifully, dangerously, safely, warmly, coldly, bravely, smugly, graciously, cynically, painfully

Occupation - A way of making money
doctor, lawyer, nurse, clown, stripper, exotic dancer, ambulance chaser, candy striper, town drunk, town idiot, drug dealer, junkie, computer geek, prostitute, hooker, officer, secretary, student, waitress, millionaire, thief, lush, hit man, mobster, felon, criminal, garbage man, bartender, telemarketer, photographer, model, teacher,

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Page updated 7/17/12

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