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The General Hospital Older Polls Page

Older General Hospital Polls!

What do you think of GH now? free polls 
Who is your favorite new GH couple? free polls 
Who would you like to see have more story? free polls 
Who would you like to see return to the show? free polls 
Which should Sam and John McBain be? free polls 
What would you like to see happen with Anna? free polls 
How long have you watched GH
I'm a new viewer
Just a few years
at least 5 years
5-10 years
10-15 years
15-20 years
20-30 years
More than 30 years
What do you want to have happen to Sonny and Jason?
They should go straight and leave the mob life.
I like them just as they are.
They should kill all of their enemies and become more like real mobsters like Tony Soprano.
I don't care as long as there is more balance with other non-mob stories.
They should just die or leave the show.
Who is your favorite couple?
Sonny and Carly
Sonny and Kate
Carly and Jax
Robin and Patrick
Robin and Jax
Patrick and Leyla
Lulu and Spinelli
Lulu and Logan
Maxie and Coop
Jerry and Alexis
Trevor and Kate
Lulu and Johnny
Jason and Elizabeth
Sam and Lucky
Luke and Tracy
Nikolas and Emily
Mac and Felicia
someone else
I don't like any of the couples
Who do you wish most would return, with a real story and a contract?
not sure

By Lilit

Whom should Lulu choose?
LOGAN-Okay yeah I admit it, the guy made some mistakes in the past but he really loves her...
JOHNNY- Johnny really tries hard to protect her if that's not love I don't know what is...
I DON'T KNOW- I don't really know both guys are cute and they seem to really care for Lulu.

Should Lulu and Logan be together?
YES- They look great and their love is just too much for them to walk away from each other.
NO-Come on Logan made a bet on her she deserves better than him not including he's Scott's son
NOT SURE-I don't really know they look great together but then again they're still young maybe they will find other people to be with...

Who should Lulu be with?
someone else
no one else
I don't care

What should happen to Ric?
He and Alexis should get back together.
Sonny or Jason should kill him.
He should leave town.
He should go to jail for a long time.
He should turn over a new leaf and become a really good person.
He and Elizabeth should get back together.
Nothing should happen to him.
I don't care.

Sonny should...
be with Carly.
be with Alexis.
be alone.
be with Jason.
be with someone new.
be killed.

What would make GH better?
Fewer mobsters.
Fewer hospital stories.
More hospital stories.
More mobsters.
More realistic stories.
More action.
More romance.
Bring back fan faves like Brenda, or Anna and Robert.
Focus on the Quartermaines.
Vampires and other "Port Charles" stories.
New writers.
Fire Jill Faren Phelps.
Fire Brian Frons.
All of the above.
None of the above.
Nothing, it is fine the way it is.
Nothing, it should be canceled.


What would you like to see happen to John Durant?
He should be killed off.
He should leave town.
He should change his mind about going after Sonny and be a good father.
Carly should figure out that he's been using her and give her the boot.
He should move to Port Charles permanently, try to be a good father and yet still stay after Sonny, but being honest with Carly.
I really don't care.

Which of these people do you think are really dead and never coming back (choose more than one if you want)?
Mary Bishop
Helena Cassadine
Robert Scorpio
Sage Alcazar
Stavros Cassadine
Lorenzo Alcazar
Lila Quartermaine
Stefan Cassadine
Lily Corinthos
None--No one is ever really dead on the soaps!
All of these people are really dead and never coming back.

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