General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Past and Presence ~ Part 1" Tuesday 10/14/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 10/14/08


"Past and Presence ~ Part 1"

Written By Laurie

Robert is still in a coma.  He “dreams” about a party full of people from his past.  Luke, Sean, and Tiffany are there as are Robin, Anna, and Mac.  The party guests insist Robert is dead but he won’t hear of it.  Kyle arranges for Eric to enter a Stem Cell treatment program at a clinic in Portland.  Eric and Kyle discuss the possibility of a future together.  Claire and Kyle’s relationship is still strained.  Eric talks with Claire about Kyle.  Jagger learns that Stone’s mother has filed for custody.  Saira and Jagger get together, much to Leo’s dismay.  Patrick doubts his competency as a doctor.  Toussaint receives a letter with a photo enclosed.  Robert comes out of his coma.  An explosion erupts in the hospital parking lot just as many of the doctors are outside.

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