General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Truth and Consequences" Tuesday 10/7/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 10/7/08


"Truth and Consequences"

Written By Laurie

Saira confides in Robin about Leo’s infidelity.  Saira gives Leo a chance to confess.  Leo apologizes for his infidelity.  Leo confides in Robin about the situation but Robin is less then sympathetic.  Jagger informs Patrick the “skinhead” he (Patrick) threw out of GH was found dead.  Patrick feels responsible and he struggles with his decision.  Jagger says GH may be a victim of retaliation so he ups the security.  Epiphany feels guilty about the situation.  Monica tells Patrick the hospital board is questioning his competence.  Later, Jagger informs Patrick charges will be filed against him on behalf of the dead “skinhead.”  Kyle and Eric grow closer and Eric’s condition grows worse.  Kyle is still on the outs with Claire.  Leo and Saira disagree about how to treat a cardiac patient.  The patient is later brought into the ER.  Saira feels guilty even though Leo is able to save the patient.  Leo tells Saira he loves her but Saira says what she has with Leo “isn’t love.”  Robin says Robert has pneumonia and “his fever is still dangerously high.”  Later, Robert tells Anna he “can’t win this one” and he’s convinced his “time has run out.”  Robert apologizes to Anna for his past mistakes.  Anna refuses to leave Robert’s side.  Robert lapses into a coma. 

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