General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Love/Hate" Tuesday 9/30/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 9/30/08



Written By Laurie

Robin finds Robert unconscious on the bedroom floor.  Robert is brought to GH and prepared for surgery.  Patrick says Robert has an infection as well as fluid in his lungs.  Robin realizes she can’t cope with Robert’s illness on her own so she calls Anna.   After Robert’s surgery, Patrick says all they can do is wait.  Anna visits with Robert.  Robin says the infection is in Robert’s bloodstream and the situation is dire.  Anna promises that all will be well now that she’s there to help.  Patrick apologizes to Robin for putting “distance” between them.  Eric tries to flirt with Kyle.  Kyle confides in Eric about his issues with Leo.  Eric says Kyle is “hiding behind” everyone else’s problems instead of living his own life.  Jagger brings in a group of injured “white supremacists” into the ER.  Epiphany gets into it with one of them.  Things get out of hand so Jagger steps in and security escorts the troublemakers out.  Epiphany gets upset and leaves.  Toussaint catches up with her at Jake's.  Saira wonders why Leo and Kyle are fighting.  Claire tries to make amends with Kyle.  Kyle presses Leo to tell Saira “the truth about Claire.”  Leo blames Claire for making the first move.  Leo says he’s falling in love with Saira.  Saira tells Leo she’s concerned about Kyle and plans to talk with him.  Leo tells Saira to give Kyle some “space” and offers to talk with Kyle instead.  Saira seems suspicious but she agrees.  Later, Saira asks Claire if she slept with Leo.  Claire admits that she did.

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