General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Brothers & Sisters" Tuesday 9/23/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 9/23/08



Written By Laurie

Claire is still disturbed about her tryst with Leo.  Kyle and Leo get a visit from their mother, Patricia.  Leo feels like he can’t measure up to Kyle in his mother’s eyes.  Robert continues to adjust to his illness and his new living quarters.  Robert wonders if Patrick is “the right man” for Robin.  Patrick reconsiders his position on Robin’s loan to Jagger.  Kyle befriends Eric, a gay patient in need of a new liver.  Kyle talks a reluctant Claire into dinner with his family and Saira.  Kyle punches Leo after Claire comes clean about what happened.   Leo tells Patricia he’s “different” from Kyle and he’s always felt out of place.  Kyle voices his own frustrations about being different.  Jagger and Robin discuss their prior emotional moment.  Robert apologizes for being absent from Robin’s life.  Robert blames himself for Robin’s trust issues.  He advises Robin to “take a risk” and let down her “guard."

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